Jasmine soap


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Jasmine soap

  1. 1. Jasmine Soap - Presentation Transcript<br />Marketing Project Report on Jasmine Soap<br />By:<br />Vinay Lalit Chauhan<br />FYBFM-35<br />K.J.Somaiya<br />Contents:-<br />Company Profile – HUL<br />Distibution Channel - HUL<br />Product Mix – HUL<br />Overview – Lux Soap<br />Marketing Mix<br />SWOT Analysis<br />Competitor Analysis<br />Market Segmentation<br />Recommendation<br />Reference<br />Company Profile - HUL<br />A 52% owned subsidiary of Anglo Dutch giant Unilever.<br />India – 1888<br />India largest FMCG company<br />Touching 2 out of 3 Indian consumer<br />20 distinct categories – Home and personal care products, food and beverages.<br />HLL – HUL<br />100 factories – India – Manufacturing its diverse product range<br />Headquarter: Mumbai<br />Market share – Toilet soap category – 54.3%<br /> <br />Revenue Percentage:<br />Distribution Channel - HUL<br />Distribution Channel - HUL<br />2000+ Suppliers and associates<br />4000 Redistribution stockists<br />Covering 1 million retail outlets<br />Reaching 250 million rural consumers<br />Product Mix- HUL<br />The width of the HUL Product mix:<br />The width of the product mix refers to the number of different product line the company carries<br />E.g:<br />Personal wash<br />Laundry<br />Skin care<br />Oral care<br />Deodorants<br />Colour cosmetics<br />Ayurvedic personal and health care<br />Shampoo<br />Tea<br />Coffee<br />Foods<br />Ice cream<br />Width = 12<br />The lenght of the HUL Product mix:<br />The Lenght of the product mix refers to the total number of items in the product mix.<br />E.g:<br />Personal wash: Lux, Lifebuoy, Liril, Hamam, Breeze, Dove, Pears, Rexona<br />Laundry: Surf excel, Rin, Wheel<br />Skin care: Fair & Lovely, Ponds, Vaseline, Aviance<br />Oral care: Pepsodent, Close up<br />Deodorants: Axe, Rexona<br />Colour cosmetics: Lakme<br />Ayurvedic personal and health care: Ayush<br />Shampoo: Sunsilk, Clinic<br />Tea: Broke bond, Lipton.<br />Coffee: Bru<br />Foods: Kissan, Annapurna, Knorr<br />Ice cream: Kwality walls<br />Width = 30<br />The Depth of the HUL Product mix:<br />The depth of the product mix refers to the number of variants of each product offered in the line<br />E.g: If close up toothpaste comes in three formulation and in three sizes, close up has a depth of 9 (3*3)<br />The Consistency of the HUL Product mix:<br />The consistency of the product mix refers to how closely related the various product lines are in the use, production requirement, distribution channel or in any other manner.<br />HUL Product line are not consistent because of its large width.<br />Overview : Lux Soap<br />1916 – Laundry soap<br />1925 – Bathroom soap<br />India – 1929<br />First brand ambassador: Leela Chitnis (1929)<br />Market share is almost equal to Lifebuoy<br />Marketing Mix:<br />Product:<br />Product Classification:<br />Tangible<br />Non durable good<br />Lux and other soaps fall into the category of convenience good.<br />Product Life Cycle: Maturity Stage<br />Prominent Variants:<br />Lux almond<br />Lux orchid<br />Lux fruit<br />Lux saffron<br />Lux sandalwood<br />Lux rose<br />Lux international<br />Lux chocolate<br />Lux aromatic extracts<br />Lux oil and honey glow etc.<br />Logo: Labelling: Lux trade character or logo is present prominently in the package Female model Displayed graphically – Key ingredients<br />Packaging: Different colors – Different variants( Saffron – Saffron variants & Pink – Rose extracts etc. ) Package size – 100gm, 120gm, 150 gm Launched – Mini Lux – 45gm - Rs 5<br />Price:<br />Competitive prices: Neither high nor low<br />Place:<br />HUL distribution network – key strength (Which helps reach out its product across the length and width of the vast country)<br />2000+ Suppliers & Associates<br />7000 Stockists<br />Direct coverage in over 1 million retail outlets<br />Network:<br />Factory – Company warehouses – Distributor – Market<br />Factory – Wholesaler & Big retailers (Bulk orders) – 30% Sales<br />Promotion:<br />Active since 1929<br />Featured all top actress of their times.<br />Idea: if it is good enough for a film star, it is good<br />for me.<br /> <br />First Male Brand Ambassador:<br />South India: 1970 – Jayalalitha Shriya Sharan<br />Sales Promotion:<br />Lux gold star offer: 22 Carat Gold coin in the Soap – First 10 caller (Extra 30 gm gold)<br />Lux star bano, Aish karo contest: A special promotional pack of lux soap – Scratch card -50 lucky winner got the chance to meet Aishwarya rai.<br />SWOT Analysis<br />Strengths:<br />Strong market research (Door to door sampling – once in a year – Rural and Urban area.)<br />Many variants (Almond oil, Orchid extracts, Milk cream, Fruit extracts, Saffron sandalwood oil and Honey)<br />Strong sales and distribution network backed by HUL<br />Strong brand image<br />Dynamically continuous innovations – New variants and innovative promotions (22 carat gold coin promotion – “Chance Hai”)<br />Strong brand promotion but relatively lower prices – Winning combination.<br />Mass appeal/Market presence across all segments ( 15% of soap market)<br />Weakness:<br />Mainly positioned as beauty soap targeted towards women, lack unisex appeal<br />Some variation like the sunscreen, international variant did not do well in the market<br />Not much popular in rural areas<br />Opportunities:<br />Soap industry is growing by 10% in India<br />Beauty segments compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) is very high<br />Liquid body wash is currently in growth stage – Lux should come out with more variants in this segment<br />Large market share – Strong hold over the market<br />Threats:<br />High internal competition (Pears – Beauty segment)<br />New entrants (Vivel)<br />Maturity stage – threat of slipping down to decline stage – if constant reinvention is not carried out<br />Competitor Analysis<br />Internal Competitor:<br />Lifebuoy: 1895, 18% Market shares<br />External Competitor:<br />Godrej consumers products limited (GCPL):<br />2 nd Largest soap maker after HUL<br />9.2% Market share<br />Brands: Cinthol, Fairglow, Nikhar<br />Wipro:<br />Brand: Santoor (No 1 in AP) and Chandrika<br />ITC:<br />1.75% growth in initial five months<br />Brand: Superia, Fiama di wills and Vivel<br />Sold in six states<br />Market segmentation<br />Market segmentation of Lux<br />Gender: Female<br />Age: 16-35<br />Income: Middle income group (Rs. 15 to 20)<br />Highest selling beauty soap in urban area (Rural area: Lifebuoy)<br />Expensive – Affordable,<br />Target Area: Urban and Sub urban – Upper middle and middle class people<br />Product Positioning of Lux<br />Created Good Position – Buyers mind – Better product attributes, price and quality<br />Offering product in a different way<br />Offering – improved quality of the product – affordable price with high branding – to position the product as a best quality beauty soap in buyers mind.<br />Market share of HUL: 54.3%<br />Market share of LUX: 15%<br />Better Positioning – Market leader of beauty soap<br />Recommendation:<br />Recommendation:<br />Ayurvedic variant<br />Lux kids special soap<br />Target rural area<br />Target male customers<br />References:<br />References:<br />www.capitaline.com<br />www.hul.com<br />www.google.com<br />www.wikipedia.com<br />www.mbaparadise.com<br />www.fmcg.com<br /> <br />Questions???<br />