SSN Instincts 2013 - Brand Identity


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SSN Instincts 2013 - Brand Identity

  1. 1. hello there ;)
  2. 2. sit back & enjoy our ride.. vinay keshav adityawarning: buckle up for safety!
  3. 3. sit back & enjoymovie time! our ride.. casting: / history / what it is / worth & reachtitle: what is / what can be branded / what branding can dobranding? vinay / significance / brand & you keshav youtube: on
  4. 4. i casting: who amkeep guessing...
  5. 5. davidbeckhamenglish footballer
  6. 6. an introduction tobranding
  7. 7. what are brands, anyway?which came first: brand or product?
  8. 8. brands are promises that consumers believe in.brands create consumer trust and emotional attachments.
  9. 9. perception is everythingmany people think that the logo, is thebrand, but, in fact, the logo is just onerepresentation of the brand.branding encompasses both the visual and tangible elements of the brand, as well as theemotional and intangible pieces that create a connection between the brand and the consumer.
  10. 10. perception is everythinginvolved? product what’s position 6p’s promise presentationmany people think that the logo is the persistencebrand, but, in fact, the logo is just one perceptionrepresentation of the brand.
  11. 11. how much does it cost?
  12. 12. big you thanks tothe price ofbranding
  13. 13. bigyouthanks to
  14. 14. how muchprocesscost?branding does it/ decide/ research name face of logo/ position/ define website advertising brand packaging/ identify/ launch company culture mission, vision and values base of/ manage leadership and management brand/ realign back-up operation
  15. 15. 10 traits of theworld’s mostvaluablebrands[ brands analyzed ]/coca-cola /microsoft /ibm / ge /intel /nokia /toyota /mcdonald’s /mercedes-benz /citi/marlboro /hewlett-packard /american-express /bwm /gillette /cisco /honda /samsung
  16. 16. simple, powerful differentiationa great brand holds a unique place in the minds of those who buy from, work for, or invest in the brand, whether financially or emotionally.
  17. 17. a clear and compelling visionbrands are built from the inside out. that means they originate in companies with clearly established mission, vision, and values statements that drive all organization and branding decisions.
  18. 18. a promise consumers want & believepeople get emotionally attached to brands that fill unmet or unaddressed wants and needs consistently and without fail.
  19. 19. a promisedistinctive, reliable, believe consumers want & superior products and servicesgreat brandsemotionally attached to brands that product design,people get deliver great products. they excel in fill unmet or unaddressed wants and known consistently and without fail.production, and packaging; and they’re needs for superb communications.
  20. 20. each great brand puts forth a brand identity that’s simple, strong,memorable, and presented without variation. a strong, memorable brand identity
  21. 21. a distinct and compelling brand message is at the heart of all great brand communications, regardless of the communication format or medium.a single, consistently presented brand message
  22. 22. it’s an experience that positively reinforces the brand message and promise at every single point of consumer amazing brand experience
  23. 23. brand allegiance from the top downfind a great brand, and you’ll find a business that’s headed by a brand champion and staffed by a team of brand fans.
  24. 24. adaptability to changing times strong brands remain strong even as they migrate to new geographic areas, into new consumer groups, and through changing economic times and market conditions.
  25. 25. focus, passion, andpersistencestrong brands remain strong even as theymigrate to new geographic areas, into newconsumer groups, and through changingeconomic times and market conditions.
  26. 26. you the brandpersonal brands reflect personal reputations. they differentiate individuals bycreating awareness of who they are, what they stand for, what they do best, andhow they contribute to the world around them.
  27. 27. // establish yourself as an youexpert in your field. the brand// enhance your visibility andreputation within yourcommunity or industry .// differentiate yourself basedon your unique style andtalents.// gain influence in social orbusiness arenas.// get started using the powerof social media.// want to know more? ask us!
  28. 28. let’s take abreak
  29. 29. let’s take a breaka small journey with webside..
  30. 30. logo doodle
  31. 31. // WebSide doodles logo for I’day// TOI features without permission let’s take a// TOI caught plagiarizing// uproar on social media (twitter & fb)// TOI apologizes on first page (nation wide) break // WebSide featured on TOI nation edition (2x) // viral traffic and branding for WebSide // TOI - India’s largest selling english news daily // readership reach of 77 lakhs people everyday // branding with smile from ~1 crore people // long story short -- make your brand ‘friendly’the viral branding hangovera small journey with webside..
  32. 32. let’s give way for our let’s take a keshav aditya break next speakers
  33. 33. keshav will take you through journey of a brand
  34. 34. thank you :D
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  36. 36. connect with us Photoshop User Group DesignCamp
  37. 37. thank you/ aditya/ keshav team!/ thulasi/ sesha/ arun/ sanupam/ jack/ bharath/ arvind/ team cpug thank you :D
  38. 38. special thanks todr.sunitha nair
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