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National Gallery & Science Museum - Sarnafil+


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National Gallery & Science Museum - Sarnafil+

  1. 1. SIKA AT WORK NATIONAL GALLERY AND SCIENCE MUSEUM, LONDON The National Gallery The Science Museum, London
  2. 2. NATIONAL GALLERY AND SCIENCE MUSEUM, LONDON REQUIREMENT The National Gallery and the Science Museum - two of London’s major and iconic visitor attractions built more than 150 years ago – required an extensive programme of roof upgrades and maintenance. It was extremely important to protect the exhibits housed below for future generations to enjoy and to ensure that the buildings’ heritage was respected. For this reason a comprehensive guarantee was required on the roof refurbishment, from a trusted supplier. At both sites, environmental and whole life cost considerations were key in material specification – with a target to reduce energy use. Improved insulation and roof coverings would also need to deliver the added benefit of reducing utility bills for the client. 2 SIKA AT WORK NATIONAL GALLERY AND SCIENCE MUSEUM, LONDON
  3. 3. 3 SIKA AT WORK National Gallery and Science Museum, London SIKA SARNAFIL SOLUTION Both the National Gallery and the Science Museum benefited from an extensive planned roof maintenance programme, using Sika Sarnafil membranes and specialist contractor, Delomac Roofing. Working with the National Gallery since 1995, the roof replacement and thermal upgrading project has seen in excess of 12,000sq m of Sika Sarnafil membranes installed, together with insulation, roof lights and walkways in a series of over 30 completed projects – including the complete Sainsbury Wing in 2008. Working closely with the client and architect, specifications have been delivered using the Sika Sarnafil Partner Supply Chain to ensure watertight and long-lasting protection to the priceless works of art on display. At the Science Museum, ageing and poorly insulated roof coverings were targeted for upgrade and replacement in a series of tender awards, all successfully won by Delomac and Sika Sarnafil. With the impact of rising utility costs, effective thermal upgrades were completed with the roof works, delivering tangible cost savings. The Science Museum’s Flight Gallery houses many historic planes, including a Spitfire, a prototype Harrier and a cut cross section from a Jumbo Jet. Visitors were able to safely enjoy these exhibits without disruption while these important roof works were completed close by. The lightweight membranes and considered planned specifications allowed system overlays with an entirely flame-free cold application, ensuring minimal internal disturbance to visitor experience. NATIONAL GALLERY AND SCIENCE MUSEUM, LONDON
  4. 4. As with all London sites – particularly with huge public visitor numbers, logistical issues were challenging; but the advantage of a unified supply chain with out of hours early deliveries ensured zero risk to arriving footfall. The roof refurbishments on both buildings have been designed and carried out to an exceptionally high standard. Delomac’s effective installation, backed by Sika Sarnafil’s robust guarantees, ensure the wonderful exhibits will be protected and enjoyed for years to come. PROJECT PARTICIPANTS Client: National Gallery and Science Museum, London Contractor: Delomac Roofing Size: circa 12,000m2 NATIONAL GALLERY AND SCIENCE MUSEUM, LONDON AT BOTH SITES, ENVIRONMENTAL AND WHOLE LIFE COST CONSIDERATIONS WERE KEY IN MATERIAL SPECIFICATION – WITH A TARGET TO REDUCE ENERGY USE. IMPROVED INSULATION AND ROOF COVERINGS WOULD ALSO NEED TO DELIVER THE ADDED BENEFIT OF REDUCING UTILITY BILLS FOR THE CLIENT. ©SikaLimited,UK/CaseStudies/Roofing/DR/01.2016 SIKA LIMITED Sika Sarnafil, Watchmead, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL7 1BQ Contact Tel 01707 358500 Fax 01707 329129 Email Our most current General Sales Conditions shall apply. Please consult the Data Sheet prior to any use and processing. FM 12504 EMS 45308 OHS 585274