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Services Provided

  1. 1. VILLIT Stands for VILlage Life and Information Technology. The aim is to provide livelihood opportunities to educated rural youth through Information Technology. At VILLIT SOLUTIONS, we ensure high quality and cost-effective IT solutions through a highly competent and dedicated team of IT specialists. With the support of customized software and man power we are able to bring in the highest level of quality and turnaround time with assurance of 99.95% accuracy. Work which we currently undertake: We are well versed in providing the following services I. Data Entry: We can enter data from scanned images or physical documents making use of the latest software and hardware technology specifically developed for rapid and accurate data entry. We handle Bulk Data Processing. We have skilled and trained professionals in the following areas: • Data entry for medical claims • Data entry for patient records • Data entry of shipping documents • Data entry of Insurance claims • Data entry of questionnaires • Data entry of mailing lists • Data entry for Invoice/receipts/bills • Data entry for logistic data • Data entry for product details • Data entry for yellow pages • Data entry of coupons • Data entry of surveys • Data entry for printed and hand written documents • Data entry of Legal documents • Data entry for credit cards application • Data entry for TAX records • Data entry for online shopping sites • Data entry for white pages • Book Data entry We process: 1. Online Data Entry 2. Offline Data Entry 3. Image Data Entry 4. Catalog Data Entry
  2. 2. 1. Online Data Entry: Some of our online process: • Online data entry of various forms • Online data entry of invoice and receipts • Online data entry of catalogs • Online data capture and collection • Online data entry of legal documents • Online data entry of products • Online data entry from hard copies of documents • Online data entry into new applications and software Some of the sectors where our services are used in regular basis are online shopping portals, banks, shipping companies, insurance companies, financial institutes, real estate businesses and legal firms 2. Offline Data Entry: Some of Our offline process: • Offline data entry of forms • Offline data entry of invoice and receipts • Offline data for health care • Offline data entry of surveys and questioners • Offline data entry of documents 3. Image Data Entry; We offer both online and offline image data entry. Using the state of art technology we offer industries such as banks, insurance companies, financial intuitions, healthcare industries, publishing companies, legal firms, advertising companies the suitable solution for all their image processing. • Data entry of scanned images • Image cropping services • Image storage and retrieval • Image editing services We provide the book data entry which includes data entry for e-books, e-novels, magazines, journals, yellow pages, legal documents and check processing.
  3. 3. 4. Catalog Data Entry: We provide the support services to online stores and websites who display their products online. We Catalog Data Entry team work in close association with Online Stores and e-Commerce websites by taking care of catalog display by creating online catalog, adding new products, updating existing products, maintenance of online stores etc. Our Catalog / Product Data Entry Service for online stores include: • Create Product/catalog library • Adding /updating online catalog Our product data entry team will update your online store with new products on a daily basis. When new products are added the existing products are also closely watched for with regard to the prices and offers available on other sites. This close monitoring of products helps to keep the store high ranking. Areas of Expertise: • Furniture • Home Decor • Construction Equipments • Lighting Products • Medi-Care Products • Electronic / Computer parts • Fashion accessories II. Document Scanning: Scanning documents can be a cost effective alternative to the long-term storage of paper. Scanned images properly indexed can also become an electronic file cabinet accessible via a local area network, intranet or Internet. Send us your physical documents such as address lists, invoices, purchase orders, resumes, business forms, checks, surveys, insurance forms, litigation and case files, lease agreements, import/export documentation, student records or tax forms and we will send back electronic images of the documents via FTP or on a CD.
  4. 4. III. OCR Conversion: Data conversion is a transition service where data in one form is being converted to another form. Every organization maintain there data in a unique format which accomplish their requirements. The data sophistication and storage medium are diversified and has urged the business leaders to take on conversion services. You can find your organization an absolute data conversion service with VILLIT Solutions. Our conversion solution involves a customized process, where in your data are converted to the format that you desire Some of Our Data Conversion services: • Document Conversion. • PDF Conversion. • Book Conversion. • Office deed conversion. • Catalog Conversion. We deliver your transformed data mediums via Internet, FTP's, CD/ DVD-Rom's, and Memory devices. We deliver your converted data at your desktops. Document Conversion We covert both paper as well electronic documents to the preferred document format of the organization. Our conversion services use high quality scanning, and processing devices in order to convert the tangible documents. Our document conversion services ranges from; • Hard document conversion service. • Image document conversion service. • Portable document conversion service. • Web document conversion service. • Office document conversion service. • Document archiving and indexing service. PDF Conversion PDF conversion service is a renowned service, which brings you the best and absolute portable documents. Villit’s PDF conversion is a well equipped document conversion service. We involve latest technologies, high end applications, and trained workforce in developing portable documents. Villit’s PDF conversion is a compatible solution for
  5. 5. converting deeds of any dimensions and any format ranging paper, electronic, images, web-based and few others. Our PDF conversion services involve; • Paper Documents  PDF • Word  PDF Conversion. • Excel  PDF Conversion. • Text  PDF Conversion. • Image  PDF Conversion. • Presentation  PDF Conversion. • Web Documents  PDF Conversion. And etc IV. Form Processing: We capture data from all types of handwritten and typed forms accurately, rapidly and cost-effectively. Some of Our Data Conversion services: • College sports rosters • Membership application forms • Legal forms • Online forms • Questionnaires • Resume processing • E-mail forms • HTML Forms • Account and Tax forms V. Word Processing: We undertake any sort of word processing job. Some of Our Data Conversion services: • Keying of Textual content ( E-Books, publishings etc ) • Proof Reading for Spelling & Grammar • Page Layout and Document Formatting with proper font usage • Special formatting with inclusion of Equations, Graphs, Images and Charts to get desired effect as per customer requirement
  6. 6. VI. IT Services: Our IT Outsourcing Services include: • Website Designing Services • Internet Marketing • Chat Support • Direct Mail response • Help Desk • Inquiry Handling • Order capturing/Processing • Pre- and Post Sales Support • Customized Application Development Apart from these we also provide any customized data processing based on the needs of the clients. Entrusting your customer relationship management to VILLIT Solutions ensures that your customers will receive the highest quality of service in the industry Why we can offer the services at a lower price: At VILLIT SOLUTIONS, our main mission is to provide livelihood opportunities and employment. We are not looking for huge profits beyond the money which we need to sustain the BPO unit and the cost of living in the rural place is comparatively low. Hence we can offer the services at a much lower price than any other company in cities without any compromise in the quality and timeliness. Contact us : Narashiman.K / Ravi K.S +919916819401 / +919900544291 / website: