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Trends Framework


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Published in: Design, Technology
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Trends Framework

  1. 1. TRENDS FRAMEWORK A way to simplify the change in the world Ville Tikka, 2008
  2. 2. Trends can be seen as future tendencies – assumptions about progress, development or evolution of a certain thing.
  3. 3. There are sooooo many ways to define a trend and so many areas where we can identify trends. Trends can mean anything from the new black on the catwalk to the economic recession. This complexity often makes it difficult to understand how the trends link to each other and what is the level that helps to identify relevant opportunities.
  4. 4. Therefore the TRENDS FRAMEWORK:
  5. 5. Megatrends / 10 − 50 years Socio-cultural trends / 5 − 10 years Consumer trends / 2 − 5 years Behavioral trends / Months − 1 year Solutions & products
  6. 6. Megatrends are large social, economic, political, environmental or technological changes. They are the big underlying forces that drive other trends. 10 - 50 years
  7. 7. >>> Impacts of climate change is one of the big megatrends Image: Flickr, wanderingnome
  8. 8. Socio-cultural trends are culturally specific sociological tendencies, which modify the value system, the moral, the ways of thinking and behaving. Socio-cultural trends are way for individuals and society to adapt to megatrends. 5 - 10 years
  9. 9. >>> Environmental & social awakening are increasing because of climate change Image: Flickr, joaofaissal, Societty of Graphic Designers Canada
  10. 10. Consumer trends are changes in consumer lifestyle and broader consumption behavior that socio-cultural trends drive. 2 - 5 years
  11. 11. >>> Urban and educated youth are starting to rethink the consumption Image: Intelligence Group, Cassandra Report, Future Issue 08
  12. 12. Behavioral trends are new practices within consumption or service and technology usage, etc. Months - 1 year
  13. 13. >>> Green practices, such as unpackaged shopping Images:
  14. 14. Solutions & products that enable or support the behaviors – these include design or technology examples of socio- cultural, consumer and behavioral trends.
  15. 15. >>> Reusable shopping bags, etc products
  16. 16. All these trends can be mapped to a simple model, a trends framework, that helps us to understand:
  17. 17. WHY things or change are happening >>> the climate change
  18. 18. WHO are the people driving the change and what are they doing >>> youth rethinking the consumption
  19. 19. HOW are they doing it in practice >>> shopping without packages or with sustainable packages
  20. 20. WHAT solutions they are using to do it >>> reusable shopping bags, biodegradable plastic bags
  21. 21. WHERE are these behaviors taking place >>> urban areas, developed markets − shopping & at home
  22. 22. Therefore the TRENDS FRAMEWORK:
  23. 23. Drivers People Practices Solutions Domains Why? How? What? Where? Who? Solutions, Consumer Megatrends Behavioral Markets & products & trends trends contexts Socio-cultural other trends examples