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Villa Alhambra Board Meeting Minutes 5-4-2011


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Villa Alhambra Board Meeting Minutes 5-4-2011

  1. 1. Minutes of the Meeting of the Villa Alhambra Condominium Association, Inc. Annual Meeting Held: May 4, 2011 at 6:30 p.m.Members Present:President: Magali UrribarriVice-President: Randall GlussSecretary/Treasurer: Maria Victoria Rua 1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:45pm. 2. Election portion of meeting was postponed and will be held in July 2011. David Suarez, who submitted a candidate form, was confirmed that he was not an official owner of the unit he resides in and for this reason; a valid elections would not be held. The candidate information sheets were also not mailed by management along with the Second Notice. This was not done intentionally. Therefore, the board unanimously decided to re-schedule the elections meeting. 3. Items Discussed by the Board: Landscaping Committee: Randall informs all those present that the landscaping project was put on hold. Decision was made by Magali. Magali discusses the reasons why. Planter leaks and unit 112 leak issue. Michelle, a resident accuses Magali of emailing management without board approval to make decisions. Gave the hallway presentation as an example. Vicky then informed all those present that she too voted to hold on the project making the decision a majority vote on the board. Michelle then proceeds to discuss other issues she is not happy with like the townhome locks and the attorney, Marc Halpern jumps in to inform all those present that only discussions on the committee related to landscaping are to be discussed. Beautification Committee: David Suarez made presentation based on all the information he reviewed related to the hallways project and improvements. David created a scope of work that can be utilized in order to obtain three proposals. David disagrees with some of the items on the proposals that were priced out. Example: Carpets. David stated that he is not in agreement with a Special Assessment. Magali and Vicky inform all those present that a Special Assessment would not be passed for the improvements project and that when the proposals were obtained; it was only to have an idea of what it would cost the association.
  2. 2. Other Items: 1. Magali proceeded to mention that David’s candidate information sheet had misleading information on it. David disagreed and clarified to all those present that that is not true. 2. Dr. Gordon, an owner, mentions his interest in the association having a Reserve Account. The attorney, Marc Halpern informed all those present that to have Reserves, all owners must vote in favor of implementing a reserve account. Adjournment: Magali Urribarri motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:25 p.m.Maria Victoria RuaSecretary/Treasurer_________________________________ Date__________________________________________________