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I slc slc-mlc-aditech (2)


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compairing iSLC, SLC & MLC Flash technologies.

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I slc slc-mlc-aditech (2)

  1. 1. Panel PC - Flash - Power supply - Embedded - Industrial PC/Monitor ADITECH ICT PRIVATE LIMITED 111, Commodity Exchange Building, Sector-19, Vashi, Navi Mumbai-400705 Mobile: 9819884527 Tel/Fax: +91 22 27831204 e-mail:, website: Comparing iSLC , SLC and MLC Flash Technologies and Structure Overview The possibility exists today to essentially double the capacity of flash memory within the same die by allowing multiple charges per cell. Increasing capacity in this manner has trade offs that need to be known by developers. This paper is an introduction into Single Level Cell (SLC), iSLC Multi Level Cell (MLC) flash technologies highlighting the basic functions and benefits of each. Comparison iSLC SLC (Single-Level Cell) MLC (Multi-Level Cell) Storage Two bits of data in one memory cell. One bit of data in one memory cell Two bits of data in one memory cell Program / Erase Cycle 30000~50000 times 100,000 3,000 ~ 10,000 Program / Erase time Program: 230 μs/page Erase: 700us /block Program: 230 μs/page Erase: 700us /block Program: 900 μs/page Erase: 2 ms/block Cell array to register 30 μs (max.) 25 μs (max.) 50 μs (max.) Cost-per-bit SLC<iSLC<MLC Higher Lower Density Lower Higher Power Consumption SLC<iSLC<MLC Lower Higher Generally, MLC Flash offers twice the capacity of SLC Flash in the same size device, and it comes at a significantly lower cost-per-bit. Designers, however, do have to make some trade-offs in terms of performance and reliability (SLC Flash is about three times as fast as MLC Flash and offers up to 10 times the endurance). MLC Flash represents nearly 90% of all NAND Flash shipments iSLC Benefits • Cost: 50% or less compare to SLC. • Performance: Similar to SLC. • Lifespan: 10 times better than MLC. • Increase long-term reliability.