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Aditech innodisk-flash disk technology


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Aditech innodisk-flash disk technology

  2. 2. *iCell Technology *EverGreen Architecture *PIN7 VCC *iSMART tool *CF-SATA
  3. 3. HOST iCell Technology innoDisk ID 102 Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash Flash DRAM Buffer HOST Interface iCell technology is able to provide power after host power off. The SSD controller can write all DRAM buffer data to flash. iCell Technology can ensure all data can be written to disk without any data loss. Save all DRAM data Under 60ms iCell Technology
  4. 4. New Unit Write Data Disk Full: Need to Overwrite Data L2 Architecture Data 1 Data 1 Data 2 Data 1 Data 2 Data 3 Data 1 Data 2 Data 3 Data 4 Program: Erase Whole Unit Erase Count +1 Write Data Write Data Write Data SSD Program Unit New Unit Data Write DataProgram: Erase Whole Unit Data Write DataProgram: Erase Whole Unit Data Write DataProgram: Erase Whole Unit New Unit Data Data Data Write Data General SSD Architecture L2 Architecture Data Data Program: Erase Whole Unit Erase Count +1 Erase Count +1 Erase Count +2 Erase Count +3 New Unit Write Data Program: Erase Whole Unit Write Data Program: Erase Whole Unit Disk Full: Need to Overwrite Data General SSD Architecture Data 1 Erase Count +1 Data 2 Data 3 Erase Count +1 Write Data Program: Erase Whole Unit Data 4 Erase Count +1 Write Data Erase Count +1 Program: Erase Whole Unit EverGreen Architecture
  5. 5. New iSmart Tool 1. Support all of SSD/HDD 2. Enhanced for InnoDisk products 3. Temperature & Lifespan Monitoring 4. Performance & alert function 5. Update firmware
  6. 6. • ±6% Current-Limit Accuracy at 1.3 A • Meets USB Current-Limiting Requirements • Backwards Compatible with TPS2550/51 • Adjustable Current Limit, 75 mA–1300 mA (typ) • Constant-Current (TPS2552/53) and Latch-off (TPS2552-1/53-1) Versions • Fast Overcurrent Response - 2-µS (typ) • 85-mΩ High-Side MOSFET (DBV Package) • Reverse Input-Output Voltage Protection • Operating Range: 2.5 V to 6.5 V • 1-µA Maximum Standby Supply Current • Built-in Soft-Start • 15 kV ESD Protection per IEC 61000-4-2 (with External Capacitance) • –40°C to 85°C (AMBIENTTEMPERATURE) R0603 SB GPIO 1_ EX: SB_GPIO1 set as input (for over current flag) FLAG R0402R26 47K R2 47K 7 EN_SATA5V U5 1C5 10uF/6.3V C0805 FAULT 2 3 4 5 6 E N I N GND LIM OUT TI: TPS2553DBV-1 ( )Latch off type 1.3ACurrent Limit at TI: TPS2553DBV-1 SOT-23-6 SB GPIO 1_ R25 1K 1 2 12 12R0402 VCC 5V R0402 R28 20K 12 C6 10uF/6.3V C0805 SATA7P-Male-DIP180 SATA7P-DIP180 HOST_RXP HOST_RXN HOST_TXN HOST_TXP 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 J2 TO DEVICE HOST RX <===> DEVICE TX HOST TX <===> DEVICE RX 7 TXP TXN 4 RXN RXP 1 TXRX Power Pin7 reference Circuit Design for Intel Server Board
  7. 7. Intel Server board support Pin7 list # procs segment Launching Current Board Rev Supports pin7 1S DT Rainbow Pass-EV 1H’13 G62250-103 Yes, but port 4 only EN Freemont Pass shipping G49708-203 No Salmon Pass shipping G30309-201 Yes, but port 1 only Jackson Pass shipping G42643-203 Yes, but port 0 only 2S EN Swiftcurrent Pass shipping G18552-301 No Eagle Pass shipping G18565-204 Yes, but port 0 only Granite Pass shipping G31611-205 Yes, but port 0 only Black Bear Pass shipping G27007-350 Yes, port 1 Lincoln Pass shipping G18580-205 Yes, port 0 EP Canoe Pass shipping E99552-561 No Jefferson Pass shipping G17104-506 Yes, port 1 JFP bridge board shipping G16439-401 Yes Washington Pass shipping G17128-204 Yes, port 1 Grizzly Pass 16 shipping G29051-351 Yes, ports 0 and 1 Grizzly Pass 24 shipping G11481-352 Yes, ports 0 and 1 Iron Pass shipping G20993-303 No Crown Pass shipping G21602-302 No Copper Pass shipping G35870-101 Yes, but port 0 only King Island shipping G29897-301 Yes, port 0 4S EP Lizard Head Pass shipping G30981-502 Yes, ports 0 and 1
  8. 8. Partner Endorsement 3/27/12, Intel announced the Romley server platform that recommends only Innodisk SATADOMs.
  9. 9. CFAST vs. CF vs. CF-SATA Cfast D150Q CF 4000 CF SATA Capacity 2GB~32GB 2GB~16GB 2GB~64GB Interface 7pin SATA signal + 17 power supply 50pin Compact Flash 50pin Compact Flash 4 pin SATA from reserved Transfer rate SATA II UDMA 0-6/PIO 0-4 SATA II Data Transfer Rate Read: 125MB/sec Write: 120MB/sec Read: 40MB/sec Write: 20MB/sec Read: 120MB/sec Write: 95MB/sec Operation Temp. 0℃~70 ℃(Standard) -40℃~+85 ℃(Industrial) Operation Voltage 3.3V 5V 5V Dimension 36.4x42.8x3.6mm(LxWxH) 36.4x42.8x3.3mm(LxWxH) 36.4x42.8x3.3mm(LxWxH)
  10. 10. Model Name CF-SATA Capacity 2GB~32GB Sequential R/W (MB/sec, max.) 120 / 95 Vibration 20G (7~2000Hz) Shock 1500G / 0.5ms Operation temp. (STD / WTD) 0℃~+70℃ -40℃~+85℃ ATA Security Supported SMART Supported Cost • Replace CF • 50pins with SATA interface • Support to 64GB • High-reliability: anti-shock & vibration • Excellent data transfer speed • Static wear-leveling algorithm •Support Thermal Sensor R: 130MB W: 120MB Wear LevelingPIO 0~4 Support MDMA UDMA S.M.A.R.T SATA Signal Pin Pure IDE Mode CF_SATA Protocol 1 DGND DGND 8 DGND AGND 10 DGND TX+ 11 DGND TX– 12 DGND AGND 13 VCC5 VCC5 14 DGND AGND 15 DGND RX- 16 DGND RX+ 17 DGND AGND 38 VCC5 VCC5 40 DGND GPIO (W/T, Security..) CF-SATA
  11. 11. CF-SATA Design in and win Design in: ASUS(華碩), AAEON(研揚), Adlink(凌華), Avalue (安勤), Axiomtek(艾訊), PerfecTron, Lanner(立端), Portwell(瑞傳)….. Verifying & Testing Kontron, B&R, Prosoft, Rohde & Schwarz, MSI(微星), Arbor (磐儀), Fabia(函數)、ubiqconn(攸泰), FIC(大眾), ASTEC (星安科技) …
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