FuelBand Tracks Your Activity
Chose How Active You Want to Be
Visualize Your Daily Activity
Share the Results with Your Friends
Nike FuelBand
Nike Fuelband review
Nike Fuelband review
Nike Fuelband review
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Nike Fuelband review


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Review of this amazing product to track your sports activities: Nike Fuelband

Published in: Sports, Entertainment & Humor
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  • Vika: Hello Everybody, We are Yuliya,Viktoria, Erika. And tonight we’ll share a new way how to motivate yourself to be active.Video – Can U count? 1min
  • Vika: 2. So, let’s make a count. How many hours do you sit at work? How much time do you spend in the transport every day? How often do you exercise?3. Statistics 10% of premature death worldwide is caused by inactivity. Lack of exercise is as deadly as smoking (World Health Organization study published in Time magazine; July 2012).4. Solution to fight this terrible statistics
  • Erika:Wrist bandMotion sensor + accelerometer -> counts every move (steps, dancing, etc.)Calories, steps, set target = achievement, timeEasy to use: One button, USB, Bluetooth, single charge for 4 days of active useWater resistantAvailablein 3 sizes & 3 designsFits both male/female and any type of person (businessmen, sportsmen, students, etc.)You can’t improve what you can’t measure.Motivation
  • Julja:Decide how active you want to be by setting a daily NikeFuel goal. The band’s LED display lights up from red to green showing your progress throughout the day. 2000 for ordinary users (take stairs, not elevator (8 floors – Everest a year), walk t to the store, etc.)Up to 5000 for active sportsmenIndicators show how close you are to your target
  • Julja:Visualize our daily activity to see when you’re most active – and when you’re not. Nike+ helps you understand your activity patterns to help you do more.Day, week, month, yearGraph shows activity – where, how, and where to improveConsistently getting to greenAs you track business results & KPIs, follow up your daily activity.Display – red, yellow, green when you hit the goal.
  • Erika:Share your activity and achievements through Facebook, Twitter and Path.Compare / join communities, etc.Stay Motivated to Exceed the GoalFrom you wrist, to your phone, to the web.Chain of inspiration_______Facebook lietotājuskaits414'960 (12.2012)No iedzīvotājuskaita - 20%No Internetalietotājuskaita - 28,6%Datuavots: Socialbakers
  • 5. Now we are ready to answer your questions about the products. Vika: (Compatibility with Android, but iPhone – best; You can take or even wash your dog with this band)
  • Erika: 6. Let’s make a small exercise that can be done right in the office every day. Synchro video -> (20sec)ok, we can chose easier solution: stay seated and follow us: try to reach something on the right/left x3 (Real-time exercise)Why wait for nest Monday, New Year or other occasion to start a new active life? Be active now with FuelBand!
  • Nike Fuelband review

    1. 1. FuelBand Tracks Your Activity
    2. 2. Chose How Active You Want to Be
    3. 3. Visualize Your Daily Activity
    4. 4. Share the Results with Your Friends
    5. 5. Nike FuelBand