Hilton Customer Decision Journey


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Hilton Customer Decision Journey

  1. 1. HILTON Hotels & Resorts
  2. 2. Hilton hotels group facilitates the complex decision journey by implementing the following Communication Channels to connect with the target customers Official site, Tablet app, Site search , Reservation, Destination guides & Guest loyalty program SEO, Email newsletter Go Mobile suites for iphone, ipad & android app Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest Weibo &Tudou
  3. 3. Key digital marketing strategies Global site in many different languages SEO, Organic and Paid Search, Traffic Hilton customizes their site experiences under the multilanguage concept which caters for tourists from all over the world. Hilton purchases their own brand keywords and does well on SEO of having a very good rank on many search engines as website traffic and stability are two of the keys to successful marketing.
  4. 4. Email newsletters(Media) , Hilton wants to keep updating their loyal customers with the latest activities, promotions and events of their group by sending them electronic newsletters. Search platform on their website Hilton includes a search platform on their website to make search easier for customers. Video and photo displays Hilton posts videos and photos featuring special events and activities happening at their hotels and resorts.
  5. 5. Suggestions for improvement on Social network channel strategies Hilton hotel has been doing very well on both main social accounts; Twitter and facebook. However, sharing customer’s hotel experiece on platform like Youtube and Vimeo is also worth considering. Hilton can also create a message board for guests to leave their comments on their hotel experience (with a manager to follow up comments. Finally, engaging more on new social network like instagram, pinterest & google+ may help spread the name.
  6. 6. Where does sharing fit into the decision process? • Sharing on social media platforms will generate more communication with the customers both online and on mobile platforms (as suggested on the previous slide). In addition, monitoring and updating information regularly will provoke sharing. • Frequent sharing will increase customer’s awareness, bring to better position on search engine, create quality of the organic search and help increase sale. http://www.constructionmarketingblog.org/social-media-in-construction-2013-infographic/#.Upy3u8TuIrV
  7. 7. Giving the similar strategies and tools, to better compete with OTAs, Hilton has already started including the following: • • • • Newsletter Royalty Program Video presentation Go mobile (iphone, ipad and other smart phones) with hilton application Of course, a continuation to strive for improvements is always needed.
  8. 8. Final conclusion • It is vital for hotels to use various electronic platforms to connect with their customers as the world has become more advanced on communication technology. • It is clear that to increase sales or to spread the hotel image, hotels need to be closely connected with people throughout the world. • As technology keeps on advancing and improving, hotels need to invest on keeping up with new ideas, trends and social media platforms. • There is always room for improvement.
  9. 9. Group members IEMI – CMH MBA 2B - Online Business Taweechurn Duangnet, Nokky Kyreicheva Viktoriia Kwan Chun Wai, Cliff