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Mathura ppt

  2. 2. Let us get a brief as perthe study report The report goes in this manner Focus on the town Mathura. Focus on the locality and the lifestyle of the respondent. Introduction to respondent’s family
  3. 3.  Focus on the media habits. Focus on specific product areas -Cleanliness and health Focus on specific product areas- Personal care Daily routine Focus on specific product areas- Aches and Pains
  4. 4. Objective Introduction of a New Colgate Toothpaste variant in the town of Mathura. The new variant is Colgate Sensi-White which provides instant relief from sensitivity of teeth and gums and also provides whitening to your teeth.
  5. 5. Target Group Toward rural rich and consuming class - We would come up with small tubes of these tooth paste and position toward rural population who buy in smaller lots . For Urban rich and consuming class, we would come up with the products on the basis of functional benefits . (For age group 25 + and SEC A and B)
  7. 7. Focus on the Town We start by asking questions which focus on the town name, the meaning of that name, its cultural and historical significance and what is the town famous for. The analysis we derive about the city of Mathura is that it is the city of temples and home of lord Krishna. It is famous for dahi, pedas and mithai. Mathura is a holy place.
  8. 8. Further focus on the localityand the lifestyle The respondent gives description about the locality she lives in. The lifestyle they live everyday. The problems they face everyday. The basis conclusion is that the city has places which has all the basic facilities compared to other places which are Under-developed.
  9. 9. Introduction to family We get further introduction to family members. We get their names, their age, their current role in the family and their occupation. The family basically feels that all the family members should be educated to grasp opportunities in life. We get information on how family members came together and the family was formed.
  10. 10. Home and family lifestyle We gathered information on the products the family uses. How are these products stored? The products are segregated into the daily use products etc. Who prepares food at home. What are the eating habits of different family members. The main outcome is that family prefers drinking Tata tea. Then we focus on the meal table. Who all are present and what conversation goes on while having a family meal.
  11. 11.  The family gives a description on the products their currently own. The purchase decision depends on the family budget. They give information on the products they aspire for.
  12. 12. Media habits We then focus on the media consumptions habits of the family. TV, Newspapers, magazines, Internet(if applicable) The family sees TV commercials Commercials which are mostly repeated are the products which are mostly purchased.
  13. 13. Focus on specific product areas-Cleanliness and health We focus on the hygiene habits of the family members. How clothes are washed. How frequently they take bath or brush their teeth. We asked what does cleanliness and health mean to them. What are the rituals followed for health. The family basically believes on staying healthy and adopting healthy living habits.
  14. 14.  Then we turn our focus on oral health. The family purchases colgate. The family has shifted to closeup later. Later we focus on body health. The focus then turns to medicines. How are these products stored. Then we shift our focus to clealiness and sanitation management at home.
  15. 15. Focus on specific productareas- Personal care We did a audit of the wardrobe in order to find the personal care products. We asked for the description of these products. What is the emotional hook for the family members in using these products. How did they actually start using these products. What is the consumption pattern of these products.
  16. 16. Daily routine What focused on daily routine of the family members. How did it vary by day. People usually get up early and pray. Mostly people are working.
  17. 17. Focus on specific product areas–Nutrition and Energy We focused on the nutritional needs of the family members. The family prefers Bournvita but its expensive. Any supplements if used by the members. We asked them to list down the branded and unbranded products along with grandma remedies. The rational and the emotional needs towards these products.
  18. 18. Focus on specific productareas- Aches and Pains The rituals followed for curing aches and pains. The medicines which are used. They mostly rely on Dispirin. The believe on prescription by doctors. We asked to describe the curative Vs preventive patters. What are their aspirations regards to them.
  19. 19. Finally we asked them to add any otherinformation they think is relevant.No additional informationwas provided.
  20. 20. Findings from the report It’s the city of temples that’s why people are more inclined towards eating sweets as it is available in plenty. Due to this eating habit, they are more prone to dental problems. As per their oral care habits, to avoid the dental problems, they use manjans after every meal.
  21. 21. Responses received towardsoral care Respondent 1 (As stated by respondent 1 in the study) Close-up Toothpaste / Toothbrush – Oral B “Once I got Neem ka manjan which was very helpful to me” “There is another manjan which comes for Rs.5 – Nirala Dantmanjan”
  22. 22.  “I generally use my finger for cleaning my teeth while other use brush” “Colgate advertises a lot in newspapers. It gives us information on how it kills germs, etc.” Emotional Hook of Respondent 1 with oral care products - “We shifted from Colgate to Close-up. I think it was because we were getting a better deal here”
  23. 23. Respondent 2 (As stated by respondent 2 in the study) Kalyan Dant manjan is used after every meal and it has been very effective..’ “All of us in the family use Colgate and I have been getting it from my canteen for a long time now…”
  24. 24. Analysis of the responsesreceived Respondent 1 He is a frequent switcher and he looks for better deals being offered. He is not brand loyal
  25. 25.  Respondent 2 He is brand loyal towards Colgate. They are really cautious towards oral care.
  26. 26. THANK YOUGaurav M. Advani (25)Sudha Gupta (101)Vikram Singh Khangarot (110)Pankaj Chaturvedi (64)Bina Bhatia (14)Robin Dhan (80)