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Franchising usa media 2013 14 (vb)


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Franchising usa media 2013 14 (vb)

  1. 1. T h e m a g a z i n e f o r f r a n c h i s e e s Franchisingusa T H E M A G A Z I N E F O R F R A N C H I S E E S FranchisingUSA C A N A D I A N T H E M A G A Z I N E F O R F R A N C H I S E E S AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND Franchisor AUSTRALIAN & NEW ZEALAND B U S I N E S S D I R E C T O R Y AUSTRALIA&NZ FRANCHISE BUSINESS FRANCHISE GUIDE SUPPLIER FORUM “Pak Mail became connected to Franchising USA through the International Franchise Association’s website. Since that introduction to Vikki and the team at Franchising USA, Pak Mail has been a feature in their ‘Veterans in Franchising’ edition, as well as advertisers in their publication. This partnership brought tremendous attention to our brand and oveall business as well we’ve seen a direct increase in our veteran franchise prospects. Through this happen-stance introduction to Franchising USA, they have proven a valuable partner in our marketing and sales efforts, as well, Vikki and the entire team at Franchising USA are a top-notch professional group that can be a great partner for any franchise organization.” Christopher Davenport, Franchise Sales & Business Development, Pak Mail Centers of America P u b l i s h e r s o f d i g i t a l a n d p r i n t m e d i a
  2. 2. AboutCGBPublishing CGB Publishing offers solution based media and valuable, timely content on Business Franchise. For nearly 30 years, our successfully driven publications have proven themselves as a global brand and industry leader for readers across the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. OurContent-CredibilityandReliability Wearewellrespectedinthefranchisingindustry.Oureditorialiswrittenbytopexpertsthroughout the franchise network, offering informative and timely content that is franchisee specific. Our Editor selectively commissions writers (bankers, lawyers, financial and business advisors, government authorities, retail and franchising associations) to provide fresh articles that are directed to the interests and concerns of Potential Franchisees and Master Franchisees alike. Real stories every issue such as Franchisee in Action, Franchisor in Depth, and the latest News from the industry also offer compelling perspectives. Franchise specific features every issue on great Franchise Concepts. Plus our ever popular Veterans in Franchising Supplement, introduced in June of 2013. Our entire magazine layout, offers a unique and uncluttered approach in delivering pertinent trade information. We pride ourselves on a consistent and user-friendly format. ConnectingtheFranchisorwiththeFranchisee With a multi-media approach and globally diversified business franchise products, we are a mainstay for the franchisee who seeks reliable, timely and available information 24/7 in downloadable format. Our print and electronic magazine versions, such as the iphone App and tablet, offer flexibility for any advertiser reaching its niche market of Potential Franchisees. Franchising USA magazine hosts its own website for e-subscribers, and is also accessible on over 130 online distribution channels for Potential Franchisees, including the familiar sites such as Apple iTunes, Amazon, and Also occurring at the IFA Franchise Expos, offering another connection with the Franchisor and its Franchisee. USAFranchisingandBeyond CGBPublishingunderstandstheimportanceoffranchisingwithitspowerfulinfluencetorecharge the US economy and empower dedicated Americans looking to start up their own successful business franchise. Today, more Americans are looking for ways to become empowered, educated and informed on this important initiative. CGB Publishing is forging ahead to share its expertise with the franchise industry launching Franchising USA Magazine in digital, online and print as well as Canadian Franchising Magazine in solely a digital/online format. We have been top sellers with Business Franchise UK and Business Franchise Entrepreneur in Canada. Our background spans nearly three decades culminating a team of seasoned experts and endless potential within the magazine industry, with a focus on franchising. We solely concentrate on franchising and are not preoccupied with several industry sectors…We know franchising and we do it well. FranchisorVOL 02 ISSUE 03, 2012 AUSTRALIAN & NEW ZEALAND B U S I N E S S WHY YOU CAN’TAVOID ONLINE NETWORKING: HOW TO RECRUITING SUCCESS Quarterly Publication D I R E C T O R Y FRANCHISE A U S T R A L I A & N E W Z E A L A N D B U S I N E S S 2013 1700 LISTINGS THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE YET! Annual Publication HOW TO BUY, MANAGE AND PROFIT FROM YOUR OWN FRANCHISE EXPERT ADVICE FROM INDUSTRY LEADERS Annual Publication LATEST NEWS FINANCIAL ADVICE FROM THE BANKS TOP LAWYERS’ ADVICE T H E M A G A Z I N E F O R F R A N C H I S E E S AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND GET TO KNOW: THE FRANCHISING CODE TIPS FOR SUCCESSIN RETAIL INCREASE YOUR REVENUE Bi-Monthly Publication Monthly PublicationLATEST NEWS FINANCIAL ADVICE FROM THE BANKS TOP LAWYERS’ ADVICE T H E M A G A Z I N E F O R F R A N C H I S E E S FranchisingUSA FRANCHISING INFORMATIONFO R V E TE R A N S TO P O PPO RTU N ITI E S UNDER100K $5.95 H E A LTH A N DWE LLN E S SFR A NCH I S EFE ATURE YOUTUB E M A RK E TINGTIPS ISSUE 9 - JULY 2013 Monthly Magazine Supplement Quarterly PublicationLATEST NEWS FINANCIAL ADVICE FROM THE BANKS TOP LAWYERS’ ADVICE C A N A D I A N $5.95 VOLUME1ISSUE3 T H E M A G A Z I N E F O R F R A N C H I S E E S FOX AND FIDDLE TAP INTO SUCCESS FEATURE ARTICLE MOBILE FRANCHISING 5 FINANCIAL CONVERSATIONSFOR FRANCHISEES Franchising USA Page 35 FINANCING OPTIONS FOR VETERANS LIBERTY TAX:LIBERTY FOR VETERAN FRANCHISEES feature VETERANSinFranchising SPECIAL VETERANS IN FRANCHISING SECTION
  3. 3. ADVERTISINGsolutions FRONTCOVER Front cover advertising packages are an extremely popular choice for advertiserswhoareaggressivelymarketingandseekingmaximumvisibility on the newsstands. CGB Publications is one of the few publishing houses who offer this product. The advertiser supplies us with a good quality, high resolution image – and our designer does the rest. The Package also includes: a two page story inside the magazine, plus your cover will appear, on the home page of our website with story, additional exposure on over 130 online magazine sites and also highlighted at the IFA Franchise expos at IFA Franchise Expos. An excellent placement for attracting new investors, expansion news, or unique branding strategy. INSIDEFRONTCOVER INSIDEbackCOVER outsidebackCOVER These premium placements offer the position of choice for many advertisers seeking high visibility. Note: The Inside Front Cover (IFC) gains reinforced exposure with the online “Preview” of the magazine, accessible by potential e-subscribers. “Stretch yourself and expand your mind about what you want to be, create, do and see during your journey as a franchisee.” VETERANSIN FRANCHISINGSPECIAL SUPPLEMENT PART III LATEST NEWS FINANCIAL ADVICE FROM THE BANKS TOP LAWYERS’ ADVICE T H E M A G A Z I N E F O R F R A N C H I S E E S FranchisingUSA CONTENT MARKETING:A HOW-TO GU I D E $5.95 CON S TRUCTIONA N D M A INTE N A NCEFR A NCH I S INGFE ATU RE ISSUE 8 - JUNE 2013JUMP INTO FR A NCHISING WITH Franchising USA Rockin’ Jump J U M P I N T O F R A N C H I S I N G W I T H coverstroy practicing that perfect flip, and of course plenty of room just for jumping. Rockin’ Jump provides an amazing combination of fitness and fun that is a great alternative form of entertainment for all ages. Indoor trampoline parks are not a new concept, but the Rockin’ Jump business model has a number of unique features which sets it apart from the competition, resulting in consistently positive reviews, high customer loyalty, and praise from the communities where they currently operate. A focus on hospitality is one of the keys to Rockin’ Jump’s success. Guests of Rockin’ Jump receive unexpectedly good service at every turn. Birthday party hosts are on hand and engaged to ensure the celebration is enjoyable for everyone, kids and parents alike. Safety monitors, called Jump Patrol, are focused and attentive. Lounge areas are comfortable and relaxed. And the food and beverage service is top notch. Rockin’ Jump ensures that each guest experience is complete & positive. Safety is another critical factor for the Rockin’ Jump team. In fact, safety is such a priority for the company that they have developed and trademarked a safety program called JumpSafe™. This program provides information for staff and guests to ensure that every experience at Rockin’ Jump is Safe. Clean. Fun.™. Jumping on a trampoline is not only a great form of exercise, burning the same amount of calories in 10 minutes as you would burn running for 33! (Journal of Whether it’s a fun night out with friends, a corporate event, or a child’s birthday party, Rockin’ Jump – The Ultimate Trampoline Park® - is the place to make it happen. Rockin’ Jump was established in 2010 when the Collopy and Wilson families of Northern California put their heads together to come up with a family activity concept that would be safe, fun, and focused on fitness. Out of their combined experience in construction, hospitality, food & beverage, and entrepreneurship, they built the first Rockin’ Jump location in Dublin, CA. In 2012 a second location opened in San Carlos, CA, and a third location has recently opened its doors in San Jose, CA. Their parks range from 16,000 to 25,000 square feet typically. With 10,000 square feet of pure trampoline jumping space, and another 6,000 to 15,000 square feet of guest and entertainment space, there is room for everyone at Rockin’ Jump. Areas can be sectioned off for little ones just learning to jump, and parents with young kids can enjoy private jump time sessions together. There are also areas for dodge ball and basketball, giant foam pits for Franchising USA ROCKIN` JUMP Franchising USA Page 11 “Indoor trampoline parks are not a new concept, but the Rockin’ Jump business model has a number of unique features which set it apart from the competition, resulting in consistently positive reviews, high customer loyalty, and praise from the communities where they currently operate.” Franchising USA Page 11 coverstory Applied Physiology, 1980 NASA research study). It is also very safe, when done properly in a controlled environment. The specially trained Jump Patrol members are on hand at Rockin’ Jump to reinforce key safety rules in a professional and friendly manner. The cost structure is reasonable as compared to other businesses and staffing for an exceptional level of safety and hospitality only requires 20 percent of each location’s annual spending. To share their concept with the communities in which they do business, Rockin’ Jump has chosen an unexpected marketing route, directing over 60 percent of its marketing budget to community marketing outreach and non-profit donations. By sponsoring intramural children’s sports leagues, local schools’ sports teams, and sponsoring community events and festivals, Rockin’ Jump franchisees are establishing relationships with people in their local market while evangelizing the Rockin’ Jump brand, and acting as a good steward for the community. Currently each Rockin’ Jump location contributes in the range of $75,000 per year towards community programs and organizations through these marketing channels. In addition, each Rockin’ Jump park employs 35 – 45 young people. Rockin’ Jump’s strong focus on hospitality and safety training prepares these youth for more mature roles upon graduation from their respective high schools and colleges. As the Rockin’ Jump brand has grown and fine tuned its operations & marketing procedures in California, franchise opportunities are now available throughout the United States and Canada. This presents a unique and exciting opportunity for prospective franchisees looking for a new and active business challenge, one which will keep them close to home and involved in their community. Typically, Rockin’ Jump franchisee prospects will have $400,000 in liquid cash assets, and a net worth of $1 million. That’s a significant investment, but that investment pays off with $2.0+ million gross sales, and net profits of over $800,000, or 39 percent, annually.* Once a new franchisee is established, the Rockin’ Jump team offers superior support and guidance as the new location is built, opened and for the life of its operation. Rockin’ Jump will be on site at the International Franchise Exhibition on June 20-22 in New York City. Make sure you stop by booth #252 to meet the team from Rockin’ Jump and to find out if Rockin’ Jump is the opportunity you’ve been looking for. [*Figures obtained from Rockin’ Jump’s Dublin, California location as published in Item 19 of its 2013 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). A new franchisee’s results may differ from the represented performance. There is no assurance that you will do as well, and you must accept that risk.] For More Information: Web: ROCKIN` JUMP
  4. 4. ADVERTISINGsolutionscont. FOCUSFEATURE Comprised of a two page, full colour editorial feature and includes a full page ad in the magazine and a video upload on your Franchise to our website. Focus features are limited to two per issue – early booking is suggested, as they are often reserved in advance. You may supply the editorial portion yourself or our editor will interview you and write it for you at no additional charge. Good quality photos are required. PROFILEfeature Our most popular product. Profiles include a double page spread in the magazine, with one page editorial and the other page, your ad. You may supply the editorial portion yourself or our editor will interview you and write it for you at no additional charge. Good quality photos are required and your Profile will be uploaded to our website. FULLPAGE A full-page, full-colour ad in our glossy A4 publication ensures maximum visibility in the market place. Clients may request left or right handed pages, and early placement (subject to availability). HALFPAGE Available in either horizontal or vertical orientation. QUARTERPAGE Available in horizontal orientation. ONLINEADVERTISING–WEB Enhance your digital and print presence, by advertising on our website with Banners and Directory Listings including hyperlinks to your own website. Franchising USA Great Clips GreatClipsI T ’ S A L L A B O U T T H E F R A N C H I S E E S Everything Great Clips does, it does for its franchisees. From recruiting the best and the brightest to join its franchise system, to developing ground-breaking technologies to improve customer service, to providing tools and resources that help franchisees monitor and grow their businesses—Great Clips leads the way in providing unrivaled franchisee support. In fact, the company is so dedicated to helping franchisees build their businesses, there is an expectation in the corporate office that any call or email from a franchisee will be responded to within 24 hours—and, ideally, even faster than that. This is why Great Clips is no ordinary salon brand. It’s the world’s largest and fastest growing salon brand with more than 3,300 locations throughout the United States and Canada. Great Clips differentiates itself from competing salons with its 30-year history of success, continued growth, innovative technology and franchisee support. Great Clips is a family-owned company with no corporate owned salons, which means that Great Clips’ success is hinged on the success of its franchisees—resulting in unprecedented levels of support. A family company Great Clips started in 1982 with owners Steve Lemmon and David Rubenzer. Current Chairman Ray Barton began working with Lemmon and Rubenzer in the fall of 1982 and became part owner and CEO in March of 1983. Lemmon and Rubenzer believed Barton’s talents and vision would help Great Clips grow. Barton, in turn, faithfully held to the belief that the haircare industry was about to face a revolution. Up until this point, most people received haircuts in one of three ways: in full- service salons, from a mom-and-pop barbershop (remember the barber pole?) or at home. Barton saw the industry changing. He believed that haircare, like real estate, fast food, pizza and many other industries, would change from being an industry dominated by independent mom-and-pop stores to being dominated by national brands. Barton’s concept was to provide customers with outstanding franchiseinfocus “Being the world’s largest and fastest growing salon brand isn’t enough for Great Clips. The company now is aiming to be the first billion- dollar salon brand in total sales.” quality and convenience at a low, affordable price. He predicted that this approach would change the industry, and he was right. Current CEO Rhoda Olsen began her career with Great Clips in 1984 on a part-time basis, charged with drawing up a training program. After three years, she joined her brother, Ray Barton, as the head of human resources for the company. Her ascension didn’t end there. In 1998, Olsen was named President of the company, and in 2011 she became the CEO, as Barton shifted his focus to the role of Chairman of the Board. From vision to reality: Barton establishes a culture of growth At the first Great Clips convention (a system-wide gathering of franchisees, corporate staff and vendors) in 1988, Barton set an extravagant goal of reaching 3,000 salons by the year 2000. As the millennium dawned, Great Clips consisted Franchising USA Page 77 of about half of that number. But to Barton, whether or not the magic number was reached by a certain date didn’t matter. What did matter was that a vision was in place. Great Clips is now the world’s largest and fastest-growing salon brand. In 2011, Great Clips achieved its goal of 3,000 salons and in 2012 Great Clips celebrated its 30th birthday. Great Clips salons are currently in more than 140 markets across the United States and Canada, with nearly 1,200 franchisees who employ approximately 30,000 stylists in their salons—and the best part is that Great Clips isn’t slowing down. Being the world’s largest and fastest growing salon brand isn’t enough for Great Clips. The company now is aiming to be the first billion-dollar salon brand in total sales. Adding convenience through technology The Great Clips story isn’t only about numbers—it’s also about focusing on the customer experience and delivering convenience. One of the most dramatic ways it does this is by being first to introduce cutting-edge technology to salons and customers. In 2011, Great Clips changed the industry by rolling out Online Check-In. Online Check-In allows customers to add their name to the wait list of a Great Clips salon—before they arrive—via the Internet. The Great Clips Online Check- In app has now been downloaded more than one million times and is available in the Apple App Store and the Android Marketplace. Users not only can check in using Online Check-In, but they can also locate the salon nearest to them as well as see current wait times. In 2013, Great Clips again rocked the industry with the introduction of Clip Notes—technical notes used by stylists to enhance consultations and give customers the haircut they want every time they visit any Great Clips location. This means that customers can get the exact haircut they want at any location without having to remember the specifics of how they like their hair cut! This innovation shows franchiseinfocus that Great Clips values consistency and customer loyalty, and why Great Clips is the leader in improving customer experience through technology. With tools like Online Check-In and Clip Notes, Great Clips continues to stand out in the industry- no competitor is offering such innovative solutions to its customers. Establishing an international brand presence Great Clips has built an international marketing presence through numerous partnerships, television and radio commercials, charity efforts and more. Great Clips receives significant visibility from its NASCAR sponsorship that began in 2001. From building a dominant brand to maximizing local salon marketing efforts, Great Clips focuses on how both system marketing and local salon marketing campaigns can help franchisees grow their Great Clips businesses. In recent years, Great Clips has partnered with the DIY Network, the NFL, EA Sports, Jack Links and other major brands that appeal to their target market of 18-49 year old males and females. Recently, Great Clips introduced its new brand tagline, “It’s Gonna Be Great,” with commercials airing during the college football Bowl Championship Series (BCS). The BCS ads alone were in 15 national games, and viewed by 76 million people. These commercials and many other partnerships have gone a long way in building the Great Clips brand among its target demographic. Great Clips is also very active in social media and digital marketing. Providing support every step of the way With a support ratio of one dedicated support person for every 10 franchisees, Great Clips stands out in the franchising crowd. In an average franchise system, the support ratio is approximately one support person for every 30–40 franchisees. Because Great Clips does not have corporate salons, the company is successful when their franchisees are successful. Great Clips supports their franchisees throughout the entire business cycle. From the moment they sign their agreements, to the time they are ready to pass the business along to the next generation, Great Clips’ staff is ready to answer questions, provide insight and point them in the right direction. This focus on franchisees drives everyone in the corporate office—right down to telephone response times. With this kind of proactive support— 24/7—it’s no wonder Great Clips is number one. For more information: Web: Franchising USA GREAT CLIPS. ACHIEVE YOUR LEGACY. CHART YOUR COURSE WITH GREAT CLIPS! GREAT IS… Keeping your job while you start your business. GREAT IS… Minimizing your risk with a recession resistant industry. GREAT IS… Leading in salon technology— Check out our Online Check-In app with over 1 million downloads! GREAT IS… The largest & fastest growing haircare brand in the world! 800-947-1143 Fullpg_online_magazine_bleed_.indd 1 4/26/13 2:16 PM Franchising USA Combine a passion for business with healthier food options, package them in stylish destinations that deliver a true experience, and change the dining landscape with a business motto to “Treat Yourself Well.” That’s the recipe for success for one of the fastest-growing franchises in America: Red Mango. When Founder Dan Kim opened his first Red Mango store in 2007, an entrepreneurial dream was launched which would defy the economy, win legions of fans online, create demand for hundreds of locations and reveal a growing desire that consumers want healthier foods. The dream to share that great business with others then became a reality through Red Mango Franchising. Today, with more than 210 locations across North America, Red Mango has championed a new era, delivering a menu that offers all-natural, gluten-free frozen yogurt that is kosher and rich in probiotics. Add to that a network of franchise owners and food operators who embrace the same passion for business, and the healthy bottom line has translated into a brand of amazing growth. Red Mango has perfected a franchise system that offers training and marketing support from some of the most successful leaders in the industry and has established the most popular brand with traditional, self-serve, kiosk and store-in-store opportunities to meet escalating demand. The company credits its dedication to a healthy menu as the cornerstone to that success; serving fresh fruit daily, maintaining a rotating line of more than 50 frozen yogurt flavors, and offering a choice of all-natural toppings and craveable smoothies have been the key drivers of this feat. Together, it creates a brand power that resonates with smart consumers who want to know exactly what they are getting and will show their loyalty in return. With locations from coast to coast across the U.S. and international expansion in Central and South America, Red Mango has proven to be the real deal and plans to double in size in the next couple of years. For more information, visit Red Mango Founder Dan Kim A PASSION FOR THE BUSINESS. Franchising USA Page 67 FZ_ad_Nov2012_PRINT.pdf 1 11/6/12 4:03 PM
  5. 5. One issue 3 issues 6 issues 12 issues FRONT COVER $4500 - - - supplement COVER $3500 - - - INSIDE FRONT COVER $2200 $2090 (per issue) $1980 (per issue) $1870 (per issue) INSIDE BACK COVER $2050 $1947 (per issue) $1845 (per issue) $1742 (per issue) OUTSIDE BACK COVER $2200 $2090 (per issue) $1980 (per issue) $1870 (per issue) FOCUS FEATURE $2100 $1995 (per issue) $1890 (per issue) $1589 (per issue) PROFILE / SOS $1795 $1700 (per issue) $1615 (per issue) $1525 (per issue) FULL PAGE $1295 $1,100 (per issue) $995 (per issue) $845 (per issue) ½ PAGE $700 $595 (per issue) $545 (per issue) $500 (per issue) ¼ PAGE $495 $470 (per issue) $445 (per issue) $420 (per issue) online presence 6 months 12 months video & 360o images TBD TBD online banners (horiz / vert) $1500 (total) $2200 (total) directory ¼ page $1295 (total) $1995 (total) RATES For Multi-Media Solutions on Your Franchise Development, contact: Vikki Bradbury, Director of Business Development Phone: 778 426 2446 Email: Please note: Agencies add 10%
  6. 6. T h e m a g a z i n e f o r f r a n c h i s e e s Franchisingusa SUPPLIER FORUM Issue Features list Editorial/space advertising/materials January 2014 Home Services December 16 2013 December 18 2013 February 2014 Business Services January 22 2014 January 29 2014 March 2014 Health and Beauty February 19 2014 February 26 2014 April 2014 Real Estate March 19 2014 March 28 2014 May 2014 Automotive April 16 2014 April 25 2014 June 2014 Construction/Maintenance May 21 2014 May 28 2014 July 2014 Sport and Fitness June 18 2014 June 27 2014 August 2014 Mobile Franchise July 17 2014 July 26 2014 September 2014 Children’s Products/Services August 14 2014 August 23 2014 October 2014 Home-based Franchise September 18 2014 September 27 2014 November 2014 Food Franchise October 16 2014 October 25 2014 December 2014 Retail Franchise November 20 2014 November 29 2014 2013editorialFEATURES&DEADLINES SUPPLIER FORUM Franchising USA I’d wager a guess that you are reading this article because you are interested in taking the next step to controlling your own destiny! Congratulations on making the choice toembark on this exciting journey. Investingin a franchise business offers so manybenefits and there are plenty of greatfranchise opportunities to invest in. Myhope with this article is to give you someinsights into the world of franchising,and take an in depth look into what youshould look for in a franchise, and alsowhat a franchisor is looking for in a greatfranchisee. First I want to share some impressive datathat proves franchising is a powerhousefor today’s economy. There are over expertadvice Jason Miller, Brand Manager, ZorSource RIGHTFRANCHISE F I N D I N G T H E 800,000 franchised locations in the US andfranchising accounts for over 18 MillionJobs and an economic output of over $2.1Trillion! Yes, that’s Trillion with a “T”.Although franchising only represents lessthan ten per cent of the nation’s businesses,it accounts for nearly half of all the dollaroutput in the country today. Those are somepretty powerful statistics! So what you should look for in afranchise? There are certain distinct characteristicsthat all franchises have in common. Mostpeople look at franchising because there is asystem that’s proven to be successful, thereis a powerful brand, and there is on-goingtraining and support. These characteristicsare what make franchising something youshould consider. One of the biggest fearsthat come with starting a business is fear ofthe unknown. Franchising alleviates thosefears with the systems, brand power, andsupport. However just because a franchisehas all these valuable benefits, it doesn’tnecessarily mean that every franchise isright for you. One of the things that we do when coachingour clients on investing in the rightfranchise, is to start with a vision. Anysuccessful business person knows that youneed to have a solid vision. Well, it’s nodifferent than when you are starting yoursearch for a franchise, you need to startwith vision. You need to begin with theend in mind. Think about what you wantto achieve through franchise ownership.Ask yourself this......What kind income doI need? What kind of lifestyle do I want? What do I envision doing with this businessin the next three, five, or ten years? Takesome time to answer these questions beforeyou begin your journey of discovery. One of the most fascinating stats thatwe have found is that the majority of thecandidates we work with, end up investingin a franchise that they hadn’t thought of,or would have pre-maturely dismissed.There are thousands of different franchisesin over seventy five different industries.It’s important to keep an open mind anddo as much research as possible. Focuson the business as the vehicle to achieveyour income and lifestyle goals. By doingthis, you will not eliminate businesses thatmay be the perfect fit for what you want toaccomplish through franchise ownership.When validating and researching franchiseopportunities, make sure you ask goodquestions. What training and supportdo I get? How do you help me marketmy business? How will you help me besuccessful? And most importantly, ask totalk to as many current franchisees as youcan, because they will be able to sharewith you their exact experiences with thefranchisor. Ask for franchisees that havebeen in the system for ten months and thosethat have been in the system for ten years.Also ask for average franchisee tenure. Iffranchisees are staying a long time, thatcould be a good indicator that the franchisoroffers great support. What are franchisors looking forin a franchisee? A franchisor could be looking for a variety “There are thousan over seventy five dif to keep an open mi as possible.” of different things when prospecting ffranchise candidates. One thing you nto remember is that a franchise alreadya proven system of success, so you typido not need to be an expert in a particubusiness or industry category. In fact,many franchisors prefer that you don’t hexperience in their category, because thecan then train you on the best ways to haa successful business. Franchisors wantto find people that are willing to follow asystem. That system may be a situationwhere you operate the business day to dayor it may be a situation where you managea team of individuals, and you focus on thekey things that are going to drive revenuefor your business, like sales and marketing.It all ties back to what you want to achievethrough franchise ownership. If you aremore of a technician, you may be a goodfit for a franchise that wants you to be anowner operator. If you are familiar andcomfortable with managing a team, andwant to grow a big empire, than perhapsyou would want a semi-absentee franchise,where you focus less on the day to dayactivities, and more on managing people and For Multi-Media Solutions on Your Franchise Development, contact: Vikki Bradbury, Director of Business Development Phone: 778 426 2446 Email:
  7. 7. productionguidelines Crop Marks (offset to 6mm, so they DONT ENTRE INTO THE BLEED AREA.) ¼ PAGE ADVERT ½ PAGE VERTICLE ADVERT ½ PAGE HORIZONTAL ADVERT Bleed (extended artwork out 5mm past the trim area) Trim (‘safe’ area generally 7-10mm in from margin) Artwork area (‘safe’ area generally 7-10mm in from margin Full Page: 8.0 inches x 11.0 inches (PLUS BLEED) Print area: ‘safe’ area generally 7-10mm in from margin ½ page Vertical: 3.375 inches x 10.0 inches ½ page Horizontal: 7.0 inches x 4.875 inches ¼ page: 3.375 inches x 4.875 inches For more information about Online Focus Feature Videos, Banners and 1/4 Page Directory Listings contact: Vikki Bradbury, Director of Business Development Phone: 778 426 2446 Email: image/logospecifications When supplying images please follow the following guidelines: • All images are to be supplied as HIGH RESOLUTION, CMYK, 300dpi files • All images to be at, or bigger than, the finished size that will be appearing in the magazine • All images to be TIF images or Level 12 JPG files, or Illustrator editable files • Publication is CMYK only. Do not use spot colours. • Cover Photo: Ask for your Customized Guidelines