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Mobile publishing platform


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Mobile publishing platform

  1. 1. Mobile Publishing Platform (for news and magazine portals) Plash Digital Labs Private Limited Deliver native app to iOS, Windows 8 ( Desktops and Mobile) and Android platform by leveraging your existing web assets. Your digital business: fast, in sync & agile.
  2. 2. Cross Platform: 6 Apps- 1 Price Apps for Android, iOS, Windows Get an app for every platform – Android (Tablet and Phone), iOS (iPhone and iPad), Windows 8 Phone and Windows 8/8.1 – completely done by us-that tightly integrate with native OS capabilities so you only need one backend for all your mobile apps. Hassle Free Not a single line of code to be written by you or your team. Just provide us the RSS feed and categorization and we will take all the pain to give your users a great app
  3. 3. User authentication with OAuth 2.0 Authenticateusers with Facebook ; In future we will allow for authentication with other platform too ( twitter, google plus and linkedin) User Management: Complete ownership of User Data Subscriber registration Get the option to let users to create account with any email ID and own the complete data of the user ( including age, gender and location)
  4. 4. Push Notification: Drive App engagement Trigger Push Notification Choose the package you want to push notifications and maximize user engagement based on what interests them. Plash communicates with Apple APNS, Microsoft WNS and Google GCM and takes care of queuing your notifications. Basic Standard Price per Month $20 ( prorated daily) $199(pro-rated daily) Devices Unlimited Unlimited Number of Notification 5 Lakh push notification units a month ( 16,667 per day) 50 Lakh push notification units a month ( 1,66,667 per day) Scaling Upto 9 units Unlimited Effective Price 0.2444 paisa/ notification* 0.2428 paisa/ notification* * At current USD FX rates
  5. 5. Mobile Advertising : Drive your revenue from Day 1 Integrate Mobile Advertising Network Integrate mobile ad networks such as Google AdMob, InMobi, VServ and other advertising networks.. Integrate Full page ads within the content in Magazine Style For higher monetization, Full paged contextual Ads can also be placed within articles. This service is provided by Plash and will be done on a revenue share model
  6. 6. Analytics: Know how your consumers are consuming content Unified analytics across all apps Get extensive insights into mobile visitor data and analyze their behavior across mobile sites and apps through Plash's built-in analytics. Integrate with 3rd party analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Flurry and more through APIs.
  7. 7. Social Media Sharing: Drive your social footprint Social sharing from apps Choose the platform you want and authenticate users through their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn user ids and enable social sharing from within mobile websites and apps. Social analytics and demographics Monitor and measure the impact of your social media campaigns and track demographic details of your mobile visitors through in-built analytics.
  8. 8. Pricing: The best pricing with best features Pay-as-you-go: 99 paisa per month per monthly active user * MAU Cost Uptil 20,000 INR 20,000 20,000-50,000 99 paisa / user Beyond 50,000 Customized plan * All prices exclusive of all taxes.
  9. 9. Layout Option 1: Grid Layout A Long scroll two column layout. The column move at different speed
  10. 10. Long scroll two column layout. The column move at same speed Layout Option 2: Grid Layout B
  11. 11. Layout Option 3: Grid Layout Multi-tiled Long scroll two column layout. Alternate grid multi-tiled
  12. 12. Layout Option 4: Card Layout A Long scroll one card view column layout.
  13. 13. Layout Option 5: Card Layout B Long scroll two column Card view layout.
  14. 14. Layout Option 6: Card Layout C Long scroll One column card view layout.
  15. 15. Contact Now : Plash Digital Labs Private Limited +91-9611803388