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Natural Resources to convert AIR into PETROL


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The presentation is on Natural Resources and all natural resources how beneficial to public. What they all can do after use of all the sources which is available in environment. Here after using technlogy "How We can Convert AIR into PETROl "

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Natural Resources to convert AIR into PETROL

  1. 1. A Presentation on “Technology of Making Petrol by Using Natural Resources .” Presented By Vikas Jangir
  2. 2. Contents• • • • • • Introduction. Setup for air into petrol. Process. Advantages. Problems. References.
  3. 3. Introduction.
  4. 4. Set up for AIR into PETROL.
  5. 5. Process. • Revolutionary TechnologyEnvironment + Chemical Filter = Co2 • Electrolyzing technologySodium Carbonate + CO2=Pure Co2 • Electrolyzing TechnologyPure CO2 + Pure H2 + Fuel Reactor = Fuel
  6. 6. Advantages. • • • • • • Economy Growth. Energy Problems. Global Warming. Cheap Fuel. Alternative Resources. GOVT. Funding.
  7. 7. References. • Newspaper. • Other Sources.