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Report on-hdfc-bank
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Report on-hdfc-bank

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  3. 3. HDFC BANK We Understand your world May I take this rare opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude to thosewho contributed in one-way or another to my training and subsequentsubmission of this report. In the first place. I owe much appreciation to the management and staffof the HDFC Bank, Yamuna Nagar for allowing me to under take the trainingin their esteemed Bank. I take this opportunity to express my intellectual department of gratitudeand obligation to my esteemed revere Guide Mr. Rohit Garg (BranchManager) for his most valuable need and creative suggestions at all stagesof my work. My heart full gratitude goes to Mr. Gaurav Arora (Branch Executive)and all other Bank employees for their kind support and cooperationthroughout the project. I highly grateful to my revered Dr. N.K. Bishnoi (Chair Person) Deptt. ofBusines Economics C.D.L.U., Sirsa for his valuable contribution during theacademic session and guidance in preparation of this project report. More ever this achievement is entirely upon the moral support andinspiration of my parents and all my friends. It is with their endless support. (SUNNY MADAAN)
  4. 4. HDFC BANK We Understand your world PREFACE The vocational training in any organization is an integral part of M.B.E.course of M.B.E. Course because it exposes students to the problem areaand provides knowledge as how to solve these problems. there is always gapbetween theories and practices and the training is aimed at removing thisgap. The project report is concerned with the "Analysis of VariousSchemes provided by HDFC Bank" During my training I studied the variousdevelopment tools and deeply analysis the functions. In the project I have tried to study the products of HDFC Bank andanalysis them on the basis of their popularity and there after stating shortcoming along with suggestions. This report is written account of what I learnt and experienced duringmy training and I have tried to complete this report with as much perfectionas possible. With the questionnaire I make it clear that practical knowledge is must,which gives us and opportunities to give practical entries.
  5. 5. HDFC BANK We Understand your world INTRODUCTION OF BANKINGMEANING AND DEFINITION: Bank is an institution that deals in money and its substitutes andprovides crucial financial services. The principal type of baking in the modernindustrial world is commercial banking & central banking. Banking Means "Accepting Deposits for the purpose of lending orInvestment of deposits of money from the public, repayable on demand orotherwise and withdraw by cheque, draft or otherwise." -Banking Companies (Regulation) Act,1949 The concise oxford dictionary has defined a bank as "Establishment forcustody of money which it pays out on customers order." Infact this is thefunction which the bank performed when banking originated. "Banking in the most general sense, is meant the business of receving,conserving & utilizing the funds of community or of any special section of it." -By H.Wills & J. Bogan
  6. 6. HDFC BANK We Understand your world "A banker of bank is a person, a firm, or a company having a place ofbusiness where credits are opened by deposits or collection of money orcurrency or where money is advanced and waned. -By Findlay SherasThusA Bank :  Accept deposits of money from public,  Pays interest on money deposited with it.  Lends or invests money  Repays the amount on demand,  Allow the money deposited to be with drawn by cheque or draft.ORIGIN OF WORD BANK: The origin of the word bank is shrouded in mystery. According to oneview point the Italian business house carrying on crude from of banking werecalled banchi bancheri" According to another viewpoint banking is derivedfrom German word "Branck" which mean heap or mound. In England, theissue of paper money by the government was referred to as a raising a bank.
  7. 7. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldORIGIN OF BANKING : Its origin in the simplest form can be traced to the origin of authentichistory. After recognizing the benefit of money as a medium of exchange,the importance of banking was developed as it provides the safer place tostore the money. This safe place ultimately evolved in to financial institutionsthat accepts deposits and make loans i.e., modern commercial banks.
  8. 8. HDFC BANK We Understand your world BANKING SYSTEM IN INDIAA HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE : We can identify there distinct phases in the history of Indian banking:1. Early phase from 1786-1969.2. Nationalization of banks and up to 1991 prior to banking sector reforms.3. New phase of Indian banking with the advent of financial banking. Banking in India has its origin as early or Vedic period. It is believed that the transitions from many lending to banking must have occurred even before Manu, the great Hindu furriest, who has devoted a section of his work to deposit and advances and laid down rules relating to the rate of interest. During the mogul period, the indigenious banker played a very important role in lending money and financing foreign trade and commerce. During the days of the East India Company it was the turn of agency house to carry on the banking business. The General Bank of India was the first joint stock bank to be established in the year 1786. The other which followed was the Bank of Hindustan and Bengal Bank. The Bank of Hindustan is reported to have continued till 1906. While other two failed in the meantime. In the first half of the 19th century the East India Company established there banks, The bank of Bengal in 1809, the
  9. 9. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldBank of Bombay in 1840 and the Bank of Bombay in1843. These threebanks also known as the Presidency banks were the independent unitsand functioned well. These three banks were amalgamated in 1920 andnew bank, the Imperial Bank of India was established on 27th January,1921.With the passing of the State Bank of India Act in 1955 the undertakingof the Imperial Bank of India was taken over by the newly constitutedSBI. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) which is the Central bank wasestablished in April, 1935 by passing Reserve bank of India act 1935.The Central office of RBI is in Mumbai and it controls all the otherbanks in the country.In the wake of Swadeshi Movement, number of banks with the Indianmanagement were established in the country namely, Punjab NationalBank Ltd., Bank of India Ltd., Bank of Baroda Ltd., Canara Bank. Ltd.on 19th July 1969, 14 major banks of the country were nationalized andon 15th April 1980, 6 more commercial private sector banks were takenover by the government.
  10. 10. HDFC BANK We Understand your world FUNCTIONS OF BANKSPRIMARY FUNCTIONS  Acceptance of Deposits  Making loans & advances  Loans  Overdraft  Cash Credit  Discounting of bills of exchangeSECONDARY FUNCTIONS  Agency functions  Collection of cheques & Bills etc.  Collection of interest and dividends.  Making payment on behalf of customers  Purchase & sale of securities  Facility of transfer of funds  To act as trustee & executor.
  11. 11. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldUTILITY FUNCTIONS :  Safe custody of customers valuable articles & securities.  Underwriting facility  Issuing of travellers cheque letter of credit.  Facility of foreign exchanges  Providing trade information  Provide information regarding credit worthiness of their customer.
  12. 12. HDFC BANK We Understand your world CLASSIFICATION ON BASIS OF OWNERSHIPOn the basis of ownership banks are of the following types :1. PUBLIC SECTOR BANK Public sector banks are those banks which are owned by the Government. The Govt. runs these Banks. In India 14 banks were nationalized in 1969 & in 1980 another 6 banks were also nationalized. Therefore in 1980 the number of nationalized bank 20. But at present there are 9 banks are nationalized. All these banks are belonging to public sector category. Welfare is their principle objective.2. PRIVATE SECTOR BANKS These banks are owned and run by the private sector. Various banks in the country such as ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank etc. An individual has control over there banks in preparation to the share of the banks held by him.3. CO-OPERATIVE BANKS Co-operative banks are those financial institutions. They provide short term & medium term loans to there members. Co-operative banks are
  13. 13. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldin every state in India. Its branches at district level are known as thecentral co-operative bank. The central co-operative bank in turn has itsbranches both in the urban & rural areas. Every state co-operative bankis an apex bank which provides credit facilities to the central co-operative bank. It mobilized financial resources from richer section ofurban population by accepting deposit and creating the credit likecommercial bank and borrowing from the money mkt. It also gets fundsfrom RBI.
  14. 14. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldii ACCORDING TO RESERVE BANK OF INDIA ACT 1935 Banks are classified into following two categories son the basis ofreserve bank Act. 1934.1. SCHEDULED BANK These banks have paid up capital of at least Rs. 5 lacks. These are like a joint stock company. It is a co-operative organization. These banks find their mention in the second schedule of the reserve bank.2. NON SCHEDULED BANK These banks are not mentioned in the second schedule of reserve bank paid up capital of these banks is less then Rs.5 lacs. The no. such bank is gradually tolling in India.iii CLASSIFICATION ACCORDING TO FUNCTIONOn the basis of functions banks are classified as under :-1. COMMERCIAL BANKS The commercial banks generally extend short-term loans to businessmen & traders. Since their deposits are for a short-period only. They cannot lend money for a long period. These banks reform various
  15. 15. HDFC BANK We Understand your world types or agency job for their customers. These banks are not in a position to grant long-term loans to industries because their deposits are only for a short period. The majority of joint stock banks in India are commercial banks which finance trade & commerce only.2. SAVING BANKS The principle function of these banks is to collect small saving across the country and put them into productive use. These banks have shown marked development in Germany & Japan. These banks are established in HAMBURG City of Germany in 1765. In India a department of post offices functions as a saving banks.3. FOREIGN EXCHANGE BANKS These are special types of banks which specialize in financing foreign trade. Their main function is to make international payments through purchase & sale of exchange bills. As it well known, the exporters of a country prefer to receive the payments for exports in their own currency. Thus these banks convert home currency into foreign currency and vice versa. It is on this account that these banks have to keep with themselves stock of the currency of various countries. Along
  16. 16. HDFC BANK We Understand your world with that, they have to open branches in foreign countries to carry on their business.4. INDUSTIRAL BANKS The industrial banks extends long term loans to industries. In fact, they also help industrials firms to sell their debentures and shares. Some times, they even underwrite the debentures & shares of big industrial concerns.5. INDIGENIOUS BANKS These banks found their origin in India. These banks made a significant contribution to the development of agricultural and industries before independence. Mahajans, rural moneylenders and jweelers have been the forerunner of these banks in India.6. CENTRAL BANK The central bank occupies a pivotal position in the monetary and banking structure of the country. The central bank is the undisputed leader of the money market. As such it supervises controls and regulates the activities of commercial banks affiliated with it. The central bank is also the higher monetary institution in the country
  17. 17. HDFC BANK We Understand your world charged with the duty & responsibility of carrying out the monetary policy formulated by the government. Indias central bank known as the reserve bank of India was set up in 1935.6. AGRICULTURAL BANK The commercial and the industrial banks are not in a position to meet the credit requirements of agriculture. Hence, there arises the need for setting up special type of banks of finance agriculture. The credit requirement of the farmers are two types. Firstly the farmers require short term loans to buy seeds, fertilizers, ploughs and other inputs. Secondly, the farmers require long-term loans to purchase land, to effect permanent improvements on the land to buy equipment and to provide for irrigation works. There are two types of agriculture banks.1. Agriculture co-operative banks, and2. Land mortgage banks. The farmer provide short-term credit, while the letter extend long-term loans to the farmers.
  18. 18. HDFC BANK We Understand your world HOUSING DEVELOPMENT FINANCE CORPORATION (HDFC BANK)INTRODUCTION The housing development finance corporation limited (HDFC) was amongst the first to receive an"in-principle" approval from the reserve bank of India (RBI) to set up a bank in the private sector, as part of RBI liberalization of Indian banking industry in 1994. The bank was in corporate in Aug. 1994 in the name of HDFC Bank Ltd. With its registered office in Mumbai, India, HDFC Bank commenced operations as scheduled commercial bank in January 1995.PROMOTOR HDFC is Indias premier housing finance company and enjoys an impeccable track record in India as well as in international markets. Since its inception in 1997, the corporation has maintained a consistent and healthy growth in its operations to remain a market leader in mortgage. Its outstanding loan portfolio covers well over a million dwelling units. HDFC has developed significant expertise in retail mortgage loans to different market segments and also has a large corporate client base for its housing related credit facilities. With its
  19. 19. HDFC BANK We Understand your world experience in the financial markets, a strong franchise, HDFC was ideally positioned to promote a bank in the Indian environment.BUSINESS FOCUS HDFC banks mission is to be a world class Indian bank. The bank has aim to build sound customer franchises across district business so as to be the prefer provider of banking services in the segment that the bank operates in and to achieve healthy growth in profitability, consistent with the banks risk appetite. The bank is committed to maintain the highest level of ethical standards, professional integrity and regulatory compliance. HDFC banks business philosophy is based on four core values:1. Operational Excellence2. Customer Focus3. Product Leadership4. People.CAPITAL STRUCTURE The authorized capital of HDFC bank is Rs. 45000 lacks. The issued, subscribed and paid-up capital is divided into 836,46 lacks equity shares @ Rs.10/- each.
  20. 20. HDFC BANK We Understand your world The Shares are listed to the stock exchange Mumbai and National Stock Exchange. The banks American Depositary shares are listed on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol "HDB" SHAREHOLDERS HOLDING MORE THAN 1% OF THE SHARE CAPITAL OF THE BANK AS AT MARCH 31, 2006Sr. Name of the Shareholders No. of Shares % of ShareNo. Holder Capital1. ADS Depository (J P Morgan 6,03,38,247 19.27 Chase Bank)2. Housing Development finance 3,88,60,000 12.41 Corporation Limited3. HDFC Investments Limited 3,00,00,000 9.584. Crown Capital Limited 1,54,89,634 4.955. DBS Bank Limited 1,16,20,886 3.716. Life Insurance Corporation of India 95,18,096 3.047. Bennett Coleman & Company 88,49,929 2.83 Limited8. FID Funds (Mauritius) Limited 61,88,781 1.98TIMES BANKS AMALGAMATION In a mile stone transaction in Indian banking industry, Times bank limited (another new private sector bank promoted by Bennett, Coleman & Co. times group) was merged with HDFC bank ltd., effective February 26, 2000. As per the scheme of amalgamation
  21. 21. HDFC BANK We Understand your world approved by the share holders of both banks and Reserve bank of India.DISTRIBUTION NETWORK HDFC bank has its Headqarters in Mumbai. The bank at present has an enviable network of 535branches spread over 312 cities across the country. All branches are linked on an online real time basis. Customer in 189 locations are also serviced through phone banking. The banks expansion plans take into account the need to have a presence in all major industrial and commercial centers where its corporate customers are located as well as the need to build a strong retail customer base for both deposits and loans products. Being a clearing settlement bank to various leading stock exchanges, the bank has branches in centers where the NSE/BSE have a strong and active member base. The bank also have a network of 1323ATMs across there cities.TECHNOLOGY HDFC bank operates in a highly automated environment in terms of information technology and communication systems. All the banks branches have connectivity which enables the bank to offer speedy funds transfer facility to its customers. Multi branch access is also
  22. 22. HDFC BANK We Understand your world provided to retail customers through the branch network and automated teller machines (ATMs) The bank has made substantial efforts and investments in acquiring the best technology available internationally to build the infrastructure for a world class bank has prioritized its engagement in technology and the internet as one of its key goals and has already made significant progress in web enabling its core business. In each office its business, the Bank has succeeded in leveraging its market position, expertise and technology to create a competitive advantage and build market share.BUSINESS PROFILE HDFC Bank caters to wide range of banking services covering both commercial and investment banking on the wholesale side and transactional branch banking on the retail side. The bank three key business areas
  23. 23. HDFC BANK We Understand your world1. WHOLESALE BANKING SERVICES The Banks target is primary large blue-chip manufacturing companies in the Indian corporate sector and to a lesser extent, emerging mid sized corporate. For these corporate the Bank provides a wide range of commercial and transactional Banking services including working capital finance trade services, transactional services, cash management etc. The Bank is also a leading provider of structure solution which combine cash management services with vendors and distributor finance for facilitating superior supply chain management for its corporate customers. Based on its superior product delivery service levels and strong customer orientation, the Bank has made significant in roads into the Banking consortia of a number of leading India corporate including Multinationals, Companies from the domestic business house and prime public sector companies. It is recognized as a leading provider of cash management and transactional Banking solutions to corporate customers, Mutual Funds, Stock Exchange Members and Bank.2. RETAIL BANKING SERVICES: The objective of retail bank is to provide its target market customer a full range of financial products and banking service, giving the customer
  24. 24. HDFC BANK We Understand your worlda one-stop window for all his/her banking requirements. The productsare backed by world-class services and delivered to the customersthrough the growing branch network as well as though alternativedelivery channels like ATMs, phone banking, net banking and mobilebanking. The HDFC bank preferred programs for high net worthindividuals, the HDFC bank plus and the investment advisory servicesprogram have been designed keeping in mind heads of customers whoseek distinct financial solutions information and advice on variousinvestment avenues. The also had a wide array of retail ban productsincluding auto loans, loans against marketable securities, personalloans and loans for two wheelers. It is also a leading provider ofdepository service to retail customers offering customers the facility tohold their investments in electronic form. HDFC Bank was the first bankin India to launch an international debit card in association with VISA( Visa election) and issue the master card Maestro debit card as well.The debit card allows the use to directly debit his account at the point ofpurchase at a merchant establishment, in India and overseas. Thebank launch its credit card in association with VISA in November 2002.The bank is also one of the leading players in the "merchant acquiring"business with 26,400 point of sale (pos) terminals for debit/credit cardsacceptance at merchant establishments. The bank is well positioned as
  25. 25. HDFC BANK We Understand your world a leader in various net based B2C opportunities including a wide range of interest banking services for fixed deposit, loans, bill payments etc.(C) TREASURY OPERATIONS Within this business the bank has three main product areas foreign exchange and derivative, local currency, money market & debt securities and equities. With the liberalization of the financial market in India, corporate need more sophisticated risk management information advice and product structure. These and find pricing on various treasury product are provided through the bank treasury team.
  26. 26. HDFC BANK We Understand your world BOARD OF DIRECTORMr. Jagdish Capoor, (Chairman)Mr. Aditya Puri, (Managing Director)Mr. Keki MistryDr. Venkat Rao GadwalDr. Vineet JainMrs. Renu KarnadMr. Arvind PandeMr. Ranjan Kapoor (Resigned w.e.f. 29th March, 2006)Mr. Bobby Parikh (w.e.f. Jan. 9, 2004)Mr. Ashim SamantaVICE PRESIDENT AND COMPANY SECRETARYMr. Sanjany DongreAUDITORM/s P.C Hansotia & Co.Chartered AccountantREGISTERED OFFICEHDFC BANK HOUSESenapati Bapat Mart,Lower Parel,Mumbai 40013Tel. No. 66521000Fax No. 24960737
  27. 27. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldWebsite : www. AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS - BANKING SERVICES-2005-06  "Best Bank in India - 2005 Business Today- KPMG Survey.  "Best Domestic commercial Bank & "Best Cash Management Bank" India - Asiamoney Awards for Corporate Excellence 2004-05.  "Best Bank" - India- Finance Asia  "Company of the Year"- The Economic Times Awards for Corporate Excellence 2004-05.  "Best Domestic Bank in India"- The Asset Triple a Country Awards 2005.  Most Customer Responsive company - Banking and Financial Services" - The Economic Times - Avaya Global connect customer responsiveness Awards 2005.
  28. 28. HDFC BANK We Understand your world HIGHLIGHTS (FINANCIAL YEAR 2003-04)1. Profit after tax up by 665, 56 to Rs. 870,78 lacks.2. Earnings per share increases from Rs.22.92 to Rs.27.92.3. Dividend per share increases from Rs. 4.50 to Rs. 5.50 (proposed)4. Branch network up from 231 to 535 outlets.5. ATM network up from 732 to 1323.6. Phone banking coverage in 189 cities.7. Point of sale (pos) teminals at merchant outlet up from 21800 to 26400.8. Balance sheet size up from Rs.73, 506, 39 crores to Rs. 51, 42,9,00 crores.
  29. 29. HDFC BANK We Understand your world Profit After Tax (Rs. Crore) 1000 871 800 666 600 East 510 400 West North 200 0 2004 2005 2006Findings: Average annual growth rate is increased by 180.5% per year Dividend Per Share (Rs.) 600 550 500 450 400 350 East 300 West 200 North 100 0 2004 2005 2006Findings: DPS is increase by 100% per year
  30. 30. HDFC BANK We Understand your world Dividend Per Share (Rs.)600 550500 450400 350 East300 West200 North100 0 2004 2005 2006 Saving Deposit (Rs. Crore) 20000 16186 15000 11418 East 10000 7804 West 5000 North 0 2004 2005 2006
  31. 31. HDFC BANK We Understand your world ATMs1400 13231200 11471000 910 800 East 600 West 400 North 200 0 2004 2005 2006 ATMs1400 13231200 11471000 910 800 East 600 West 400 North 200 0 2004 2005 2006
  32. 32. HDFC BANK We Understand your world BALANCE SHEET AT 31ST MARCH, 2006 (Rs. Lacs)Capital & Liabilities Schedule As at 31-3-06 As at 31-03-05Capital 1 31314 30988Reserve & Surplus 2 498639 420997Employees stock options 7 43(grants) outstandingDeposits 3 5579682 3635425Borrowings 4 285848 479001Subordinated debt 170200 50000Other liabilities & 5 784949 526446provisions Total 7350639 5142900Assets:Cash & balance with RBI 6 330661 265013Balances with Bank & 7 361239 182387money at call & shortnoticeInvestments 8 2839396 1934981Advances 9 3506126 2556630Fixed Assets 10 85508 70832Other Assets 11 227709 133057 Total 7350639 5142900Contingent liabilities 12 21478234 14077715Bills for collection 282889 254968SOURCE: Annual Report of HDFC BANK (2005-06)
  33. 33. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldOBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY • To study awareness regarding HDFC Bank, Ynr. • To explore various schemes offered by HDFC Bank. • To know which is the most popular scheme of the bank. • To know promotional efforts made by the bank to attract customers. • To know problems faced by the customers in the bank. • To find out awareness level & reaction of customers towards direct banking channels provided by bank. • To find causes of dissatisfaction, if any, about Direct Banking Channels. • To provide suggestions for improvement in different schemes provided by HDFC Bank.
  34. 34. HDFC BANK We Understand your world RESEARCH METHODOLOGY"Research comprises of defining & redefining hypothesis or suggestedsolutions, collecting, organizing & evaluating data making deductions &reaching conclusion"-Cliford Woody. The term research Methodology here comprises of all researchactivities carried on in connection with the "Analysis of various schemesunder Saving, FD and Demat account provided by HDFC Bank". The basic purpose of research methodology is to describe the researchprocedure. It helps the researches to adopt the right way to move on forcarrying the study.STEP IN RESEARCH PROCEDURE • Defining and analyzing the problem. • Determining sources of information • Preparing data collection format • Collection of data • Analysis of data • Interpretation of data • Preparation of report
  35. 35. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldRESEARCH DESIGN A research design is like arrangement of conditions for collections &analysis of data in a manual that aims to combine relevance to the researchpurpose with economy in procedures. A research design is purely & simply the framework of plans for a studythat guides the collections & analysis of data the research design is theconceptual structure within which the research is conducted. It constitutes theblue print for the collection, measurement & analysis of the data. The research design with help to answer the following questions : • Why the study is being made ? • From where the data needed can be collected ? • What time is required for the study to be competed & how much material is needed. • What will be the technique for data collections? • How the data can be analyzed? • How the answers to above questions can be found with minimum efforts, time & money?
  36. 36. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldTYPES OF RESEARCH DESIGNExploratory Research Design These designs are the first step to start any research & are absolutelyessential to obtain the proper definition of the problem. It helps in classifyingthe concepts of the study. The major emphasis is the discovery of ideas andinsights by study the available information.DESCRIPTIVE RESEARCH DESIGN These are concerned with describing the characteristics of a particularsphenomenon in detail the descriptive study requires a clear specifications ofwho, what, when, where, why & how aspects of research.The methodology adopted to achieve the project objective involveddescriptive research method.SAMPLE DESIGN The stratified sampling technique was used for collecting information inthis technique population is divided into stratas (homogenous group) andthen sample is obtained from each group by simple random method.Somewhere convenient sampling was also used where the sample isselected by the researches on the basis of his or her convenience.
  37. 37. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldBANK CONSULTED : HDFC BankNo of persons consulted100RESPONDENTS INCLUDED : HDFC staff, customers, persons from Yamuna Nagar & Jagadhri.RESPONDENTS BELONG TO DIFFERENT PROFESSIONS • Chartered Accountant • Lecturers & Teachers • Doctors • Others AREA COVERED • Schools & colleges • Offices • Market places • Hotels & Restaurants.
  38. 38. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldSOURCES OF DATA COLLECTION To make the research complete it is very necessary to have useful andauthentic data there are two types of data collection sources.PRIMARY SOURCE OF DATA COLLECTION Primary data are those which are collected afresh & for the first time, &this happens to be original in character. Simple well drafted questionnairewas circulated among all respondents. Full freedom was provided to anindividual to answer the questions. Personal & Telephonic Interviews, observation, personal opinion &viewpoints of the respondents about the various schemes helped incompletion of the project.SECONDARY SOURCES OF DATA COLLECTION: These are those which are collected by someone else & which havebeen passed through statically process.Brochures, Manuals, Journals, Magazines, Site of HDFC Bank andvarious Articles provided lot many inputs for successful completion ofproject
  39. 39. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldVARIOUS SCHEMES OF BANK
  40. 40. HDFC BANK We Understand your world CURRENT ACCOUNT It is running and account which may be operated upon any number oftimes during a working day. There is no restriction on the number and theamount of the withdrawals from a current account. As the banker is under anobligation to reply these deposit on demand, they are called demand liabilityof a banker. Thus the business needs are constantly evolving and it also requiretime and money. To fulfill the needs of the customers HDFC bank provides achoice of current account option. The current account of HDFC is of fourtypes, which are as follows :  Regular current account  Premium current account  HDFC Bank Trade  HDFC Bank PlusREGULAR CURRENT ACCOUNTFEATURES  A minimum average quarterly balance is Rs.10,000/-.  First Cheque book is free
  41. 41. HDFC BANK We Understand your world  Free ATM card, phone banking, net banking and mobile banking  Any body can open this account except minor  30 transaction through ATM per month are free  The charges for non-maintains of AQB are Rs. 750 per quarter.  The charges for issuing the new Cheque book is Rs.2/- per leaf.  Monthly statements are send free to customers.PREMIUM CURRENT ACCOUNTFEATURES  A minimum Avg. quarterly balance is Rs.25,000  All Cheque books are free  Free service  One ATM card per account (only for individual/proprietorship A/c)  Replacement incase of damaged card  Monthly statement  Net banking, phone banking & mobile banking For non-maintenance of AQB Rs.900 per quarter are charged.
  42. 42. HDFC BANK We Understand your world COMPARATIVE TABLE (Regular & Premium current A/c) Feature Current A/c Regular Current A/c premiumWho can open Anybody except Anybody except- minor minorInitial deposit Rs.10,000 Rs.25,000requiredMinimum Avg. Rs.10,000 Rs.25,000Quarterly Balance(AQB)Service charges for Rs.750/- per quarter Rs.900 per quarternon maintains of AQBCheque book One book free All Cheque book free containing 50 leaves additional Cheque leaf at Rs.2/-ATM Card For individual /sole For individual / sole proprietorship A/c proprietorship A/cInterest payable NIL Nil
  43. 43. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldHDFC BANK TRADE It is a current account ideal for small funds transfer across varies citiesin the country. Trade account is suitable for small businessman & traders.FEATURES  Minimum average quarterly balance is Rs.40,000  At par payable Cheuqe books are free  Free pay order payable in each location. To be issued from home branch.  Free demand drafts payable at HDFC Location up to 30 per quarter.  Free ATM card for individual/sole proprietorship  Free online, real-time net banking  All Cheque books are free  Free intercity fund transfer up to Rs.25 lacs  In case of non-maintains of AQB charges are Rs.1200 per quarter.  Cheque book is issued @Rs. 5 per leaf for those accounts which are not maintaining the AQB.
  44. 44. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldHDFC BANK PLUS The product is a current account which is based on the concept ofsignal account, most location banking. With this one account one can access cities in the country. In otherwords the power of a single account and multi city banking is providingthrough this account. This result in huge savings on intercity movements of funds and theirservice charge.FEATURES  Minimum average quarterly balance is Rs. 1,00,000/- per quarter.  Fund transfer between the other locations is free up to 100 lacs per month.  Free pay order and demand drafts of HDFC Bank location.  Free phone banking, net banking and mobile banking.  At per Cheque facility.  Cheque book will be issued @ Rs.5 per leaf for accounts which are not maintaining the required AQB.
  45. 45. HDFC BANK We Understand your world SAVING ACCOUNT The e-age saving account from HDFC Bank brings a comprehensiverange of products and services. All one needs to deposit minimum balance ofRs.5000 and open saving balance account which allows to issue chequesand use on ATM/Debit card for withdrawls.FEATURESINTEREST RATE It is calculated at the sale of 3.5% per annum, credited to customersaccount at quarterly intervals interest is based on the minimum balance in theaccount between the 10th and last day of the month and is credited to thecustomers account on March 31st June 30th Setp. 30th and Dec. 31st.QUARTERLY STATEMENT The statements are sent to the mailing address of account holders onMarch 31st, June 30th, Sept. 30th and December 31st of every year. Themonthly statements, duplicate statements, certificate of balance are availableat a free.
  46. 46. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldCOLLECTION OF CHEQUES • Third day credit in local clearing. • 11th day credit in outstation collection if HDFC location is free (charge Rs.1000 Min 50 Rs.) • Minimum of 21 days with charges in non HDFC locationISSUANCE OF CHEQUE BOOK First 25 cheque leaves are free then further are requested through ATMor Branch.AQB CHARGES You have to maintain average quarterly balance of Rs.5000 else Rs.750 per quarter are charged.PERSONALIZED CHEQUE BOOK To provide added security saving account cheque book comes withcustomers name printed on it at no extra cost. In case of joint account, bothaccount holders name will be printed on the cheque book.DD CHARGES
  47. 47. HDFC BANK We Understand your world Upto Rs.1,00,000 : Upto Rs.2,50,000 Upto Rs.1,00,000 : Upto Rs.2,00/1000CLOSING CHARGES If saving account is closed before 6 months, then 100 Rs, are chargedelse no charges.WHO CAN OPEN ? • Resident Individual (sole or joint) • Minor • Hindu Undivided Family • Trust, Association & Society.WHO CANNOT OPEN? • Firms and Companies Joint Account Maximum of 3 can jointly open saving balance accountTDS No TDS on saving account interest irrespective of the amount.
  48. 48. HDFC BANK We Understand your
  49. 49. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldSERVICES • Free 24 hours ATM • Free Net banking • International Debit Card • Intercity/ Interbranch banking • Bill pay • Free phone banking • Insta alert service
  50. 50. HDFC BANK We Understand your world FREE 24 HOURS ATM Free ATM card is provided with your saving balance account and youcan access your account 24 hours a day,365 days a year. On can haveinstant access to the account throughout the country round the clock.FEATURES OF ATM • The maximum limit of withdrawal is Rs.10,000 per day. • Deposit cash/ cheques • Get mini statement of last 10 transactions • Request a cheque book : Cheque book is issued within working days through ATM while in 11 working days through branch. • Transfer funds :- Inter branch through ATMSs is free. • Get in account balance • 30 Transactions are free per month at ATM but if AQB is not maintained then transaction is charged.
  51. 51. HDFC BANK We Understand your world INTERNATIONAL DEBIT CARD HDFC Bank International debit card lakhs your shop and also withdrawmoney from ATM Network.LIMIT : You can shop Upto a maximum limit of Rs.25,000 per day at 15,000establishments in India and over 80 lakh establishments in 140 countries. You can withdraw cash upto Rs.15,000 per day from over 1600 VISA/PLUS ATMs in Inida and 5.3 lakh ATMs in 140 countries.
  52. 52. HDFC BANK We Understand your world NET BANKINGHDFC Bank allows safe & secure way to bank over the internet facilitiesavailable.Features • New FD Request • One can open FD Amount on interestTDS Enquiry One can make TDS enquiry on the fundsGet Demand Draft DD can be requested without coming to branch & it will be couriered atmailing address.Funds transfer within your account One can transfer funds between your account in different branches orcities through interest.Request for a new cheque book Request for a new cheque book can be done online which will becouriered at the mailing address.Check Demat Account One can check status of demat account on the net free of cost.
  53. 53. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldThere are no charges for getting various information on net while Rs.100/- are charged for getting same information from branch. CHARGESAnnual fee per card : Rs.100/ p.a.Replacement of damaged card : FreeReplacement of lost card : Rs.100/-TRANSACTION CHARGES There are no charges for using the card at merchant locations forshopping & for use of the card at DFC Bank ATMs. However, at ATMnetworking of other banks Rs.55 per transaction are charged (Rs. 18 in caseof SBI).INSURANCE In case card is cost/stolen, one is covered for any liability exceedingRs.500/- after you report the loss to the bank.
  54. 54. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldADDITIONAL CARD Additional cards are available to joint account holder at an annual fee ofRs. 100 per card. Annual fee has been waived for the first year on oneadditional card.
  55. 55. HDFC BANK We Understand your world INTERBRANCH/ INTERCITY BANKING Bank technology enables customers to access customer account fromany of banks branches in any city.FEATURES :  Access your account from any branch  Withdraw cash from any branch  Transfer funds Cash transactions upto 50,000 per day are free. Further Rs.2.90 thousand are charged the service is freed for all non-cash transaction.  Local cheque deposit and credit to your account in another city.  Cash withdrawal/ deposit by third party is strictly disallowed in non -home branches in saving account such transaction can only be done by the account holder.  Saving cheque book is not at par.  Inter branch banking through ATM is free
  56. 56. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldMOBILE BANKING Mobile banking is free service provided by HDFC bank one can accessthe bank account on the mobile phone screen anytime, any where throughsms one can do all banking transactions through mobile phone.FEATURES  One can check account balance  Request cheque book  Open or enquire FD  Get DD  Transfer fund  Stop cheque payment  View last three transactions. There are no charges for subscribers of Reliance and Escotel else Insta. Alert charges are there @ Rs.35 p.m. with insta Alert service one can get regular updates on your account via sms of e-mail.
  57. 57. HDFC BANK We Understand your world INSTA ALERT SERVICE With Insta Alert service one doesnt have to wait for accountinformation but gets regular updates on bank account via SMS or e-mail onecan pick & choose the mode e-mails or SMS or both to receive alerts. InstaAlert provides alerts for he following.SALARY CREDIT For salary account holders, its an eager wait till there salary comes intothe bank. But with Insta alert facility one gets on e-mail or SMS the minuteyour salary gets credited.UTILITY BILLS PAYMENT DUE • One gets instant SMS /e-mail reminders when your utility bill are due. • Debit/Credit transactions greater than Rs.5000/ 10,000/ 20,000/ 50,000. • Weekly balance alert • Alert on balance below Rs. Rs.5000/ 10,000/ 20,000/ 50,000.
  58. 58. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldCHARGES This facility is free for new savings account holder for first year. Justapplication form overleaf is to be filled to get registered for availing this facilityand there is need to maker an effort to find out Whats happening on accountbecause HDFC Bank will reach with every transaction information as ithappens when it happens.
  59. 59. HDFC BANK We Understand your world TYPE OF SAVINGS ACCOUNT1. ZERO balance saving account with FD of Rs. 25,000 If you open super saver account with a nominal sum of Rs. 25,000, you need not maintain average quarter balance of Rs.5,000 in your saving balance account you get access to zero balance savings account this after opening super saver are account even in case one doesnt maintain AQB of Rs.5,000 in saving balance account service charges of Rs.750 per quarter are not applicable.2. Zero balance saving account with DF of Rs.50,000 If one open sweep in account with of Rs. 50,000/- which is automatically linked to savings account he/she gets an access to zero balance saving account i.e. on doesnt have the need to maintain average quarterly balance of Rs.5,000/- is saving balance account an even in case of non maintenance of AQB no service charges of Rs. 750/- per quarter are applicable one needs to maintain a minimum FD of Rs.50,000/ at all times to avoid service charges.3. Salary A/c When one company opts for the HDFC Bank corporate salary program, employee gets more than first a savings account. The account holders get a superior banking experience and a host of value added services.
  60. 60. HDFC BANK We Understand your world An e-age banking account that is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week & 365 days a year. Through free net banking, Mobile banking, phone banking, wide network of ATMs & branches across the country employees get the convenience of having their salaries credited directly a free international debit card, O/D facility plus free Demand draft & preferential interest rates on personal loans.Who it eligible ?Avg. monthly salary : Rs.7,500 plusMinimum number of employees : 15FEATRUES • Zero balance saving account • Interest @ 3.5 p.a • Free intercity/ branch banking Cash withdrawl Cash deposit DD Insurance Cheque deposit Free fund transfer.
  61. 61. HDFC BANK We Understand your world • Discount on Loans • Free Demand Draft Salary account holders can avail of free DDs upto Rs.25000/- only from Home Branch. This offer can be availed of through the Phone Banking or Net Banking at the branch. The amount of the DD will be debited from the salary account. • Demat A/c For first year Rs.100 p.a., then Rs.300 p.a. • Free net banking, mobile banking phone banking Personalized cheque book4. DEFENCE PERSONNEL ACCOUNT The corporate defence salary program is targeted at all serving defensepersonnel (Indian Air Force, Indian Army, Indian Navy) this program offers ahost of world class services & benefits to defense personnel as free debitcard free collection of outstation cheques, directly cradling salary free DDs,preferential interest rates on loans.FEATURES • Zero international debit card
  62. 62. HDFC BANK We Understand your world • Free international debit card • Free DDs upto Rs.25,000 per instrument at home branch • Discounted rates of interest for asset products • Credit card at preferential rats • Locker facility offered at a 25% discount • Free bill pay facility • Free inter city banking • Personalized cheque book • Free net banking, mobile & phone banking5. TRUST ACCOUNT Trust and societies enjoy the opportunities of opening savings accountsthat earn higher interest as compared to the confessional current accountswhich offer zero interest besides this a host of other advantages so faravailable only on current accounts can now be enjoyed by trusts.FEATURES  Free Net banking  Free Phone Banking  Demat Account
  63. 63. HDFC BANK We Understand your world  Quarterly Statement of accounts  Intercity banking  Structured Cross-sell of Mutual Funds/ RBI Bonds & other financial instruments.HOW TO OPEN ? 1. One needs to open a savings account with a minimum initial pay in of Rs 5,000. 2. Maintain an AQB of Rs.5,000. 3. Alternatively one can have a FD of Rs. 2 lakh which gives an access to a zero balance savings account6. ZERO BALANCE KIDS ADVANTAGES SCHEME HDFC Bank looks after your childs financial growth and values your child future.How to open? To open kids advantage account child one of the parents should havesavings account with the bank and need to invest a sum of Rs. 25,000 in afixed deposit in childs name of a minimum duration of "6 months one day".With this zero balance kids advantage saving account linked to the fixeddeposit will be opened in the childs name.
  64. 64. HDFC BANK We Understand your
  65. 65. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldHOW TO OPERATE? 1. Standing interactions are given to transfer any amount from parents saving account to kids saving account to kids saving account every month subject to a minimum of Rs.500. 2. Once the balance in kids advantage account exceeds Rs.10,000, the amount in excess of Rs.500 will be transferred into an FD chosen by the parent in childs name.FEATURES : 1. Free insurance cover of Rs.1,00,000. 2. Option for systematic investment in mutual funds to plan for kids future. 3. For children of age 7 years and above an ATM or Debit card will be issued in the childs name with parents permission child can withdraw upto Rs.1500 per day from ATM or shop upto maximum, of Rs.1000 per day at merchant locations. 4. Personalized cheque book is issued for the child. 5. Quarterly statement of accounts is mailed in the childs name. 6. Free net banking for monitoring childs and parents accounts. 7. Free transfer of funds between childs and parents HDFC Bank saving accounts.
  66. 66. HDFC BANK We Understand your world7. FAMILY SAVING ACCOUNT With HDFC bank family saving account family members can holdindividual accounts with the bank and these will be linked to give familymembers more privileges maximum, of four accounts can be clubbed underone group.ADVANTAGE OF FAMILY SAVINGS ACCOUNT: Individual family members accounts will be linked and treated as onefamily savings accounts. One need to maintain average quarterly balance (AQB) of just Rs.25,000. thus one will be saved from monitoring individual AQBs.FEATURES • Free International Debit card for all group members till the lifetime. • 2 free DDs/MCs on HDFC Bank locations per month. • Cheque bounce protection (that it savings Account to savings Account Sweep in from a nominated account).
  67. 67. HDFC BANK We Understand your world• Free standing instructions for investment into MFs.• Cash delivery @ Rs.50/- per delivery upto Rs. 1 lakh against the normal charge of Rs.100/-• Free one view to access all accounts.• Free mobile banking• Free insta Alerts• Free bill pay
  68. 68. HDFC BANK We Understand your world CHARGES OF SAVINGS ACCOUNTATM CARDSFree cards per account : 1Replacement of damaged card : FreeReplacement of lost card : Rs.100Anyone or survivor accounts are eligible for two cardsDEBIT CARDSAnnual fee per card : Free(Annual fee waived for the First Year for one Additional Card. All sub-sequentcards will be charged). : + 12.24 Service TaxReplacement of damaged card : FreeReplacement of lost card : Rs.100CHARGES FOR NON HDFC BANK ATMS: Balance Inquiry Cash WithdrawalDomestic Rs.15 - 18/- Rs.55/-International Rs.15 - 18/- Rs.100/-BOI/Canara Bank N.A Rs.100/-SBI N.A. Rs.20Anyone or survivor accounts are eligible for one card per account holder.
  69. 69. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldSTATEMENT OF ACCOUNTQuarterly : FreeDuplicate Statement : Rs.100 per statementFor of statement free through phone banking.ACCOUNT CLOSUREBefore 6 months : Rs.100After 6 months : No chargeINTERBRANCH BANKINGTHROUGH ATMs : Free access across all branchesThrough tellers :Non cash transactions : FreeCash Transactions :Upto Rs.50,000 per day : FreeAbove Rs.50,000 per day : FreeDRAFT CHARGESDrawn on branch locationsUpto Rs.25,000 : Rs.50Above Rs. 25,000 & upto Rs. 1 lakh : Rs. 2.50 per Rs. 1000 (min Rs.50)
  70. 70. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldAbove Rs. 1,00,000 : Rs. 2 per Rs. 1000 (min Rs. -250, Max Rs.5.000)DRAWN ON NON BRANCH LOCATION :Rs.50+ charges as below :upto Rs.500 : Rs.10Above Rs.500 to Rs.1000 : Rs.151000 -5000 : Rs.255000 -10000 : Rs.30Above Rs.10,000 to Rs. 1 Lakh : Rs. 3 per/Rs. 1000Above Rs. 1 laksh : Rs. 2 per 1000 (min Rs. 300)Draft cancellation charges : Rs.50OUTSTATION COLLECTION CHARGESRe. 1/Rs. 1000 min Rs. 50CHEQUE RETURN CHARGESRs. 250 - Insufficient FUNDSRs.300 - Insufficient Funds + Non Maintenance of AQBRs.50- Presenting Party.
  71. 71. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldCHARGES FOR SAVING A/C CUSTOMERS NOT MAINTAINING AQBS TRANSACTION CHARGES1. Reorder of cheque book Rs. 5 per charge leaf2. Cash transactions at the 3 free in the quarter Rs.60/- per branch (deposits + withdrawls) Transactions for additional transactions3. Cash Transaction at the ATM 5 free in the quarter Rs.30/- per Deposits + withdrawls Transaction for additional transactions4 Phone banking Rs. 30 per transactionThese charges will apply in the current quarter based on the AQB maintainedin the account in the pervious quarter*NET BANKING :- No Charges
  72. 72. HDFC BANK We Understand your world FIXED DEPOSITSThese are the deposits with the bank for fixed period which is specified at thetime of making the deposits. These are repayable on the expiry of thespecified period chosen be the depositor.Bank as follows :  Simple FD  Sweep in  Super saverSIMPLE FD The is simple fixed deposit the nominal balance for this is Rs. 10,000for the first time. Further one can open simple FD from nominal balance ofRs.5,000. One can choose any account plan between 15 days of 5 years.Interest is forfeited if the FD is broken before 15 days but there are nopenality charges. Interest is charged from the day when FD is open.SUPER SAVER ACCOUNT It is an overdraft facility with super saver account. One earns a highinterest on FD and at the same time enjoys the liquidity associated withsavings account. Super saver account allows to issue cheques and an ATM
  73. 73. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldcard for withdrawls just like savings account. One gets money wheneverneeded from any of the extensive network of312 branches in 163 cities &over 910 ATM across the country but even in this case FD is not broken andone continues to earn interest on full amount deposited in super saveaccount.OPERATION One can open super saver account with nominal balance of justRs.25000 an enjoys a temporary withdrawal of limit of upto 75% the deposit. Even after withdrawal of a part of limit entire deposit continues to earna high rate of interest i.e. deposit is not broken. One is required to pay anoverdraft interest that is 2% more than the interest earned by the fixe depositfor the amount of overdraft and only for the period for which one uses themoney. One can take an overdraft simply by using a cheque or through anATM for overdraft limits greater than Rs.2 lakh overdract interest will becharged at the banks prime lending rate (PLR) One can choose any account plan between 6 months and 5 years forsuper saver account even if one withdraws upto 70% of super saver accounton day one an do not put it back for a year, still earns more that he/she earnsthrough saving account.
  74. 74. HDFC BANK We Understand your world In fact on opeening super saver account with nominal balance ofRs.5,000, one need no maintain AQB of Rs. 5000 in savings Accounts noservice charges of Rs. 750/- are applicable. Higher the balance in super saver account, and shorter the period forwhich one withdraws the money, higher the returns.FEATURES One can open super saver account with nominal balance of justRs.25000 an enjoys a temporary withdrawal of limit of upto 75% the deposit. Even after withdrawal of a part of limit entire deposit continues to earna high rate of interest i.e. deposit is not broken. One is required to pay anoverdraft interest that is 2% more than the interest earned by the fixeddeposit for the amount of overdraft and only for the period for which one usesthe money. One can take an overdraft simply by using a cheque or throughan ATM for overdraft limits greater than 2 lakh overdraft interest will becharged at the banks prime lending rate (PLR).S One can choose any account plan between 6 months and 5 years forsuper saver account even if one withdraws upto 70% of super account onday one an do not put it back for a year still earns more that he/she earnsthrough saving account.
  75. 75. HDFC BANK We Understand your world In fact on opening super saver account with nominal balance ofRs.25000, one need no maintain AQB of Rs. 5000 in savings Accounts evenif AQB of Rs. 5000 is not maintained in savings account no service chargesof Rs. 750/- are applicable. Higher the balance in super saver account, and shorter the period forwhich one withdraws the money, highest the returns. • Free ATM card • Personalized cheque book • Overdraft on current account against your FD One gets an overdraft on current account against fixed deposits with the bank. • Eligibility Super saver account should be offered to Individual or HUF saving account holders.SWEEP IN ACCOUNT In this scheme the fixed deposit is linked to a zero balance savingsaccount. In the event customers saving account is short of funds, the FD is
  76. 76. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldbroken and the required fund is transferred into the savings account and onecan withdraw this amount through ATM card or cheque. There when one wants his/her money to earn high interest, it work likea fixed Deposit & when one wants to withdraw money is a hurry, it works likea savings account.OPENING OF SWEEP IN ACCOUNT One can open sweep in account with minimum amount of Rs. 50,000and thus gets access to zero balance saving account i.e. no service chargesare applicable in case of non maintenance of AQB of Rs.5000 in savingaccount. One needs to maintain a minimum FD of Rs.50000 at all times to avoidservice charges. In case of non maintenance of Rs.50,000 in FD, savingAccount will be subject to service charges of Rs.750 per quarter in case ofnon maintained of AQB saving account needs to be opened with an initialamount of Rs.5000. When one opens sweep in account , FD is automatically linked to asavings account. So, whenever one is short of funds in savings account andmoney is "blocked" in a fixed Deposit, one just have to issue a chaque or useATM, money automatically gets transferred i.e. swept in from fixed depositinto savings accounts.
  77. 77. HDFC BANK We Understand your world Sweep in account ensures that customers never have to face theembarrassment of a returned cheque or insufficient funds is their accountbased on their instructions, HDFC Bank automatically transfer requiredamount from FD to saving account.SWEEP IN WITH CURRENT ACCOUNT In this case current accounts is linked to Fixed Deposit but AQBbalance applicable to the current account needs to be maintainedirrespective of the value of the fixed deposit. Service charge applicable wouldbe as per the current account selected. Only in case of short of funds incurrent account required amount is transferred from fixed deposit to currentaccount.FEATURES :Fixed Deposit are maintained in units of Rs.1/- If one require funds in savings account the exact amount needed isswept into savings account, thus minimizing interest loss.Not Penalty Charges There are no penalty charges for breaking Fixed Deposit to savingsaccount.
  78. 78. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldFull Interest Amount swept in earns interest for the tenure it has completed withoutany penalty. Also rest of the deposit continues to earn the original interestrate till maturity.Linking of new Fixed deposits and savings account Every time one opens a new deposit of Rs.5000 or above one he/shecan request it to be linked to sweep in facility. But fixed deposits are brokenin the order in which they are opened i.e. the earliest fixed deposit is brokenfirst and the latest fixed deposit is broken last.ReinvestmentOne has the choice of rolling over the principal only or principal plus interesti.e. reinvest the interest the automatic rollover will be for the same tenure & atinterest rate applicable on the maturity date.Eligibility An individual (single as joint) can open this account
  79. 79. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldINTEREST RATES FOR FIXED DEPOSITPeriod Year & Above Amt. General Senior Citizen (6015-29 days Below Rs. 15 Lacs 5.50% 5.75%30-45 days Below Rs. 15 Lacs 5.50% 5.75%46-60 days Below Rs. 15 Lacs 5.50% 5.75%61-90 days Below Rs. 15 Lacs 5.50% 6.00%91-180 days Below Rs. 15 Lacs 6.00% 6.25%6 Months 1 day -1 year Below Rs. 15 Lacs 6.50% 6.75%1 year 1day - 2 yrs. Below Rs. 15 Lacs 7.00% 7.25%2 years 1 day- 3 yrs Below Rs. 15 Lacs 7.00% 7.25%3 yrs 1 day - 5 yrs Below Rs. 15 Lacs 7.25% 7.50%5 yrs 1 day - 8 yrs Below Rs. 15 Lacs 7.25% 7.50%KIDs ADVANTAGE ACCOUNT Isnt wonderful that some one is looking after your childs financialgrowth? There is HDFC Bank which looks after your childs future.ADVANTAGES OR FEATURES OF KID ADVANTAGE A/c 1. Free education insurance cover of Rs.1,00,000. 2. One can opt for systematic investment in mutual funds to plan for the kids future. 3. For children of age 7 years & above, an ATM/ International Debit Card will be issued in the childs name with guardian permission.
  80. 80. HDFC BANK We Understand your world 4. The amount your child is able to withdraw or spend on the ATM/ International Debit Card is Rs. 2500 per day (Rs.1500 at ATMs), Rs. 1000 at merchant locations. 5. Personalized Cheque book for your child 6. Quarterly statement A/c in your childs name. 7. Free fund transfer of funds between HDFC Bank saving A/c and KIDs Advantage Account. 8. Free Net Banking Monitoring Childs and parents accountFEES If the balance in childs FD A/c fall below Rs.25000, non-maintenancechanges as applicable in the regular saving with the will be apply.HOW TO OPEN KAA To open kids advantages A/c for child, one of the parents should havesaving A/c with the bad and need to invest a save of Rs. 25000 in a fixeddeposit in childs name of a minimum duration of "6 month one day". With thisZero balance kids advantages A/c liked to the FD will be opened in thechilds name.HOW TO OPERATE
  81. 81. HDFC BANK We Understand your world Standing instruction are give to bank to transfer any amount fromparent/ guardian A/c to his kids adv. A/c every month, subject to a minimumof Rs.500. Once the balance in the kids adv. A/c exceeds Rs.10,000 the out inexcess of Rs.5000 will be transferred into FD for 1 year 1 day in parents/guardians child name.
  82. 82. HDFC BANK We Understand your world CREDIT CARDThe HDFC Bank provides two types of credit card : 1. International Silver Credit Card 2. International Gold Credit CardINTERNATIONAL SILVER CREDIT CARD : The HDFC Bank international silver credit card is design keeping thecustomer in mind. It is loaded with features that will not only make adifference to customer life but also indulge with offer, pre villages, rewardpoints, low interest rate & more.The following are the main feature the silver credit card :World Wise Acceptance : The card is accepted at over 18 million VISA merchant establishmentaround the world (including 1,10,000 VISA merchant establishment in India)Cash Advances : The customer can withdraw upto 30% of credit limit as & whenrequired. The facility is available at any of the HDFC Bank ATMs from anyVISA ATMs, at any time of the day or night.
  83. 83. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldComprehensive Insurance : With the credit card the customer can get an unmatched feeling orsecurity. Its carefully crafted insurance package offers comprehensivecoverage against the significant risk the customer exposed to:Lost Card Liability : The customer can protected against any misuse your card is lost orstolen simply by putting his liability NIL from movement he report the loss tothe bank.Tele Ticketing & Travel Benefits : The customer comes with thoughtful travel features such as attractivediscount of 5.5% on International and 3.5% on domestic airline tickets anddelivery of your air and rail tickets at your doorstep.24 Hours Customer Call Center : If the customer works any clarification of information, during and time ofthe day or night just call at 24 hour customer call center.
  84. 84. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldReward Programme The reward programme is very attractive feature provided by HDFCBank on international silver credit card. The customer is provided a facility toearn 2 reward points for every Rs.100 the customer spend on his card, withthis exciting reward programme which can be accumulated and redeemed ata later date.INTERNATIONAL GOLD CREDIT CARD Limit Rs.40,000 - Rs.3,00,000Accepted the World Over : The HDFC Bank International Gold Card is accepted at over 18 millionVISA merchant establishment around the world, including 1,10,000 merchantestablishment in India.Cash Advance : The customer can withdrawal 40% of the limit at a very nominalcharges.Credit Period : Our card now gets you the highest interest free credit period of up to 55days from the date of purchase.
  85. 85. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldReward Programme : The customer can earn 2 rewards point for every Rs.100 that hespends with this card. He can accumulate & redeem these reward points at alater date.Lost Card Liability : The card holder is also protected against any misuse in case your cardis lost or stolen. This liability Nil from the movement he report the loss to thebank.Comprehensive Insurance : The International Gold Credit Card provides the sense of security to thecustomer by providing the following type of insurance package:Nature of Risks Insurance coverageAir Accident Rs. 25 lacsRoad/railway account Rs. 3 lacsHospitalized due to accident Upto Rs. 50,000House hold Upto Rs. 75,000Purchase protection Upto Rs.50,000 for 180 days
  86. 86. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldTravel made convenient : This card offer a host related benefits so that one can travel with easycomfort.Tele Ticketing : One can now book his air & railway ticket from the comfort of his home& get them delivered at his doorstep. He also get attractive discount of 3.5%on domestic and 5.5% on international air tickets.Global travel related Insurance : For a hassle free travel there are a host of travel-related insurancecovers on your card.Delayed Flight : If the holders flight gets delayed beyond 12 hours from its scheduleddeparture time then he would be reimbursed up to Rs.15000 for internationalflight and upto Rs. 5000 for domestic flights.Loss of Passport/Visa : During international travel if you happen to loss your passprot/Visa youwould be reimbursed expenses incurred in obtaining to a limit of Rs.25,000.Add-On - Card :
  87. 87. HDFC BANK We Understand your world Share the various benefits and they joy of owing our card with lovedones by availing upto 3 add on cards. ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATIONQ.1. How did you come to know about HDFC Bank?  To know about the HDFC Bank Sources Percentage of respondents Friends 35 Marketing 40 Advertisement 10 Exhibitions 10 Others 5 As shown by the table above, people who come to know about theHDFC Bank through friends are 35%, through Marketing are 40%, throughAdvertisement are 10%, through Exhibitions are 10% and through Others are5%.
  88. 88. HDFC BANK We Understand your world SOURCES OF AWARENESSPERCENTAGE 40 40 35 35 30 25 20 15 10 10 10 5 5 0 Friends Marketing ADS Exhibitions Other SOURCES
  89. 89. HDFC BANK We Understand your
  90. 90. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldQ. 2. Whom did you contact first in HDFC Bank.  To contact First in HDFC Bank. Helping Group Percentage of Respondents Marketing Executives 40 HDFC Branch 55 Others 5 To Contact First in HDFC Bank 60% 55% 50% PERCENTAGE 40% 40% 30% 20% 10% 5% 0% HDFC Branch Marketing Exec. Others HELPING GROUP
  91. 91. HDFC BANK We Understand your worldQ.3. Which factor plays an important role while opening an account?  Factors that play an important role. Factors Percentage of the Respondents Advertisement 20 Special Offer 30 Operational Staff 15 Convincing Power 20 of executives Credibility of Bank 15 After conducting the survey advertisement plays 20%, Special Offer plays 30%, Operational Staff plays 15%, Convincing Power of Executives plays 20% and Credibility of Bank plays 15% role while opening an account in HDFC Bank. Thus study shows that special offer plays the most important role while opening an account according to the respondents.