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44693785 employee-satisfaction-in-it-industry

  1. 1. http://www.gameswala.com/ INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC ENTERPRISEEmployee satisfaction in IT industry http://www.gameswala.com/
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  3. 3. http://www.gameswala.com/Introduction: Employee satisfaction is a measure of how happy workers are with their job andworking environment. Keeping morale high among workers can be of tremendous benefit toany company, as happy workers will be more likely to produce more, take fewer days off,and stay loyal to the company. There are many factors in improving or maintaining highemployee satisfaction, which wise employers would do well to implement. The success of any company is directly linked to the satisfaction of the employeeswho embody that company; that retaining talented people is critical to the success of anyorganization; and that no matter how temporarily challenged the economy may be,ultimately, a companys most talented performers always have other employment options.The employees want to know that their individual activities and talents make a difference tothe companys business, and they expect their leaders to be able to articulate how theirdaily activities fit into the companys big picture. Employees want accessible leaders whonot only talk, but listen too. They want their efforts to be noticed and appreciated. Mostemployees look first to their direct supervisors for daily direction, recognition andappreciation. http://www.gameswala.com/
  4. 4. http://www.gameswala.com/ An old adage says, "Employees dont quit their jobs; they quit their bosses."Employers need to ask themselves a few questions. Are we are paying enough attention tothe selection, training and development of the managers and supervisors who directlyinterface with the line level employees? If not, the employer is not likely to be meeting theexpectations or aspirations of either the managers and supervisors or their subordinates. To measure employee satisfaction, many companies will have mandatory surveys orface-to-face meetings with employees to gain information. Both of these tactics have prosand cons, and should be chosen carefully. Surveys are often anonymous, allowing workersmore freedom to be honest without fear of repercussion. Interviews with companymanagement can feel intimidating, but if done correctly can let the worker know that theirvoice has been heard and their concerns addressed by those in charge. Surveys andmeetings can truly get to the centre of the data surrounding employee satisfaction, and canbe great tools to identify specific problems leading to lowered morale. Many experts believe that one of the best ways to maintain employee satisfaction isto make workers feel like part of a family or team. Holding office events, such as parties orgroup outings, can help build close bonds among workers. Many companies also participatein team-building retreats that are designed to strengthen the working relationship of theemployees in a non-work related setting. Camping trips, paintball wars and guidedbackpacking trips are versions of this type of team-building strategy, with which manyemployers have found success. Of course, few workers will not experience a boost in morale after receiving moremoney. Raises and bonuses can seriously affect employee satisfaction, and should be givenwhen possible. Yet money cannot solve all morale issues, and if a company with widespreadproblems for workers cannot improve their overall environment, a bonus may be quicklyforgotten as the daily stress of an unpleasant job continues to mount. If possible, provide amenities to your workers to improve morale. Make certain theyhave a comfortable, clean break room with basic necessities such as running water. Keepfacilities such as bathrooms clean and stocked with supplies. While an air of professionalismis necessary for most businesses, allowing workers to keep family photos or small trinketson their desk can make them feel more comfortable and nested at their workstation. Basicconsiderations like these can improve employee satisfaction, as workers will feel well caredfor by their employers. http://www.gameswala.com/
  5. 5. http://www.gameswala.com/Research methodology: There are two primary methodologies for conduction employee satisfaction surveys -- Internet and paper-and-pencil. The choice of methodology should be based on what is bestfor the respondents -- best in terms of convenience, ease of use, trust in the method. Thereis little difference in price between either method until the sample size numbers in thethousands, in which case Internet is more cost effective. If all employees have access to the Internet from work, Internet is recommendedmethodology, as all the IT industry employees’ uses internet we choose it as ourmethodology. It generally results in a higher response rate and is faster than paper-and-pencil. It also give a bit more control in terms of how the questions are presented and givesthe ability to require that certain questions must be answered. We have a secure server, sothere is no issue with regard to confidentiality of sending results when an Internet survey isdone with us. If only a small percentage of employees have Internet access from work, werecommend using the traditional paper-and-pencil methodology. Even if cost savings couldbe realized by forcing employees to a central location to complete the survey, it is better to http://www.gameswala.com/
  6. 6. http://www.gameswala.com/use paper-and-pencil in this circumstance to avoid user errors caused by a lack of familiaritywith the Internet medium on the part of some users. In some cases, it is appropriate to mix methodologies. This is the preferred approachwhen there are large contingents of employees with Internet access and large contingentswithout. The mixed method generally will yield a higher response rate than will the paper-and-pencil method.The study is conducted on over 220 IT industry employees with the questionnaire method.As the all IT industry employees have an access to internet, we choose the internet surveymethodology.Broadly two types of methodologies are there, 1. Qualitative data 2. Quantitative dataQualitative research is most appropriate when:• The research involves relatively small groups of people,• You are looking to pursue a subject in real detail,• You are looking for the flexibility to move between subjects dependent on howparticipants respond,• You are attempting to determine strength of feeling on a certain subject,• You are trying to understand root causes of a feeling rather than just the symptomsof issues,• You are trying to seek the connections between issues,• You are researching particularly complex issues.Quantitative research is most appropriate when:• Large numbers of people need to be included in the research, http://www.gameswala.com/
  7. 7. http://www.gameswala.com/• The research needs to cover a large number of different subjects,• It is important to have robust numerical data,• You need to have measurable comparison data between different groups,• You want to be able to compare performance against other external organizations,• You want to undertake some form of advanced statistical analysis on the results As we did the survey on customer satisfaction, the raw data collected is a qualitativedata but for application of quantitative techniques we converted this into quantitative data.Standard employee surveys cover nearly every facet of employee satisfaction, including:• Overall satisfaction• Corporate culture• Supervisor relations• Training• Pay and benefits• Work environment• CommunicationsOur standard employee satisfaction surveys are comprehensively designed to identify andisolate key independent and dependent variables.There are two types of data that can be used for a research a. Primary data b. Secondary dataPrimary data: Raw data is a term for data collected on source which has not been subjected toprocessing or any other manipulation; it is also known as primary data.Secondary data: Secondary data is data collected by someone other than the user. Common sourcesof secondary data for social science include censuses, surveys, organizational records anddata collected through qualitative methodologies or qualitative research. Primary data, bycontrast, are collected by the investigator conducting the research. http://www.gameswala.com/
  8. 8. http://www.gameswala.com/Statistical Techniques used for Data Analysis: Hypothesis Testing: It is a way of systematically quantifying how certain the result ofa statistical experiment is by forming a null hypothesis, e.g., “this coin is fair,” and thencalculates the likelihood that your observations are due to pure chance rather than a realdifference in the population.There are two types of statistical hypotheses.• Null hypothesis. The null hypothesis, denoted by H0, is usually the hypothesis thatsample observations result purely from chance.• Alternative hypothesis. The alternative hypothesis, denoted by H1 is the hypothesisthat sample observations are influenced by some non-random cause. Frequency Distribution: The most important part of organizing and summarizingstatistical data is by constructing a frequency distribution table. In this method, classificationis done according to quantitative magnitude.Diagrammatic Representation: Pie Diagrams: These are very popular means of showing percentage break down ofdata. While making comparisons, pie diagrams should be used on a percentage basis andnot on an absolute basis. Chi-Square Test: The chi-square test is used to test the impact of independentvariables on primary education. With the help of this test, it is possible to assess thesignificance of difference between the observed and the expected frequencies. Level of significance α was considered to be 5%. http://www.gameswala.com/
  9. 9. http://www.gameswala.com/ Test Statistic: 2= Decision Rule: If 2 > 2α,df, we reject Ho i.e., the variable is dependent on primaryeducation at 5% level of significance.ANOVA: Analysis of variance (ANOVA) is a collection of statistical models, and their associatedprocedures, in which the observed variance in a particular variable is partitioned intocomponents attributable to different sources of variation. In its simplest form ANOVAprovides a statistical test of whether or not the means of several groups are all equal, andtherefore generalizes t-test to more than two groups. ANOVAs are helpful because theypossess an advantage over a two-sample t-test.o Level of significance α was considered to be 5%. SST k 1o Test Statistic: F SSE n ko Decision Rule: Reject H0 if F > Fa,k-1,n-kWe divided the constraints into two variables, 1. Independent variable 2. Dependent variable.Employee satisfaction is the dependent variable and the independent variables are, a. Job profile b. Working hours and working environment c. Salary d. Organization and organizational policies e. Higher and lower level management f. Peer group http://www.gameswala.com/
  10. 10. http://www.gameswala.com/Questionnaire:A survey on employee satisfaction in IT industryWhat is your job profile? http://www.gameswala.com/
  11. 11. http://www.gameswala.com/Does your skill set match your job profile? yes no cannot sayYou are satisfied with your job profile Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagreeWould you prefer flexible working hours or continuous working hours? Flexible working hours Continuous working hours Any thingUp to how many hours can you work with out any stress 5-6 hrs 6-7 hrs 7-8 hrs 8-9 hrs 9-10 hrsAre you satisfied with the current working hour system yes http://www.gameswala.com/
  12. 12. http://www.gameswala.com/ No Cannot sayThe salary you are getting is meeting the work you are doing. Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagreeYour salary is meeting your expenses Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagreeYou are happy with your current organization Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagreeYou are getting enough recognition/encouragement for the work done from the organization Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagree http://www.gameswala.com/
  13. 13. http://www.gameswala.com/Your manager is treating you with all the respect. Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagreeTeam work is encouraged and practiced in the current organization Strongly agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagreeDiagrams:Does your skill set match your job profile? http://www.gameswala.com/
  14. 14. http://www.gameswala.com/Nearly half of the people feels that their skill set matches to their job profile.Are you satisfied with your job profile?Would you prefer flexible working hours or continuous working hours? http://www.gameswala.com/
  15. 15. http://www.gameswala.com/Up to how many hours can you work without any stress?Are you satisfied with the current working hour system? http://www.gameswala.com/
  16. 16. http://www.gameswala.com/The salary you are getting is meeting the work you are doing?Your salary is meeting your expenses… http://www.gameswala.com/
  17. 17. http://www.gameswala.com/You are happy with your current organization… http://www.gameswala.com/
  18. 18. http://www.gameswala.com/You are getting enough recognition/encouragement for the work done from theorganization…….Most of the employees feel that there is a enough recognition in their organization, andvery little no.of people feels that there no recognition for the work done.Your manager is treating you with all the respect… http://www.gameswala.com/
  19. 19. http://www.gameswala.com/Team work is encouraged and practiced in the current organization….Most of the employees feels that the team work is practiced and encouraged in theirorganizations. http://www.gameswala.com/
  20. 20. http://www.gameswala.com/Statistical methods applied:The statistical methods we have adopted for the survey are a. Contingency table b. Chi-square distribution c. ANOVA d. F-testConsolidated data of the data that we have collected, strongly strongly agree neutral disagree agree disagreesatisfied job profile 41 100 44 30 14hours of work 35 96 51 30 15salary getting 39 70 49 43 28expenses meet 27 79 83 27 12Organization 51 71 85 15 6Recognition 26 80 81 28 14manager relation 40 91 54 24 20team work 23 116 55 19 15Total 282 703 502 216 124Contingency table for the two factors:Observed samples: job hours of total profile workstrongly agree 41 35 76Agree 100 96 196Neutral 44 51 95Disagree 30 30 60strongly 14 15 29disagreeTotal 229 227 456 http://www.gameswala.com/
  21. 21. http://www.gameswala.com/Expected values: job hours of total result result profile work 38.16667 37.83333 76 0.212188 16.11842strongly agree 98.42982 97.57018 196 0.025268 47.02041Agree 47.70833 47.29167 95 0.290786 27.37895Neutral 30.13158 29.86842 60 0.00058 15Disagreestrongly 14.5636 14.4364 29 0.022003 7.758621disagree 229 227 456TotalAt 5% significance level and degrees of freedom (5-1)(2-1)=5, the hypothesis value is 1.145.The value we got is 0.550825, the sample can be accepted. The job profile and the hours ofwork have an impact on the employee satisfaction. http://www.gameswala.com/
  22. 22. http://www.gameswala.com/ANOVA:Null hypothesis:H0: µ1= µ2= µ3= µ4= µ5All factors have a same impact on the employee satisfaction.Alternate hypothesis:H1: µ1≠ µ2≠ µ3≠ µ4≠ µ5All factors are not equally significant in employee satisfaction.DATA COLLECTED: strongly strongly agree neutral disagree agree disagree satisfied job profile 41 100 44 30 14 hours of work 35 96 51 30 15 salary getting 39 70 49 43 28 expenses meet 27 79 83 27 12 Organization 51 71 85 15 6 Recognition 26 80 81 28 14 manager relation 40 91 54 24 20 team work 23 116 55 19 15 Total 282 703 502 216 124RESULTS OBTAINED: SUMMARY Count Sum Average Variance Job profile 5 229 45.8 1056.2 Hours of work 5 227 45.4 965.3 Salary of work 5 229 45.8 241.7 Expenses meet 5 228 45.6 1083.8 Organization 5 228 45.6 1182.8 Recognition 5 229 45.8 1032.2 Manager relation 5 229 45.8 821.2 Team work 5 228 45.6 1799.8 Strongly agree 8 282 35.25 88.78571 Agree 8 703 87.875 251.2679 http://www.gameswala.com/
  23. 23. http://www.gameswala.com/ Neutral 8 502 62.75 293.3571 Dis agree 8 216 27 70.28571 Strongly dis agree 8 124 15.5 40.57143 ANOVA Source of SS df MS F P-value F crit Variation Rows 0.775 7 0.110714 0.000595 1 2.35926 8.54E- Columns 27522.9 4 6880.725 36.98533 2.714076 11 Error 5209.1 28 186.0393 Total 32732.78 39Since Fcal=0.00059< Ftab=2.359, we accept the null hypothesis that every factor (hours ofwork, job profile, immediate supervisor, organization, job environment), we considered hasan equal importance in the employee satisfaction.F-test :No.of degrees of freedom in the numerator= no.of samples-1No.of degrees of freedom in the numerator= nT -1Here the numerator value(degrees of freedom) that we can get is 5-1=4The denominator value(degrees of freedom) that we can get is 40-5=35Significance level is 0.05The value we get from the table is 5.73 Contingency table: stron agr neu disa strongl tot Fesa Fea Fen Fed Fesd gly ee tral gre y al agree e disagre e http://www.gameswala.com/
  24. 24. http://www.gameswala.com/satisfied job 41 100 44 30 14 229 35.3 88.1 62.9 27.0 15.5profile 464 154 217 738 424 7 9 3 9 2hours of 35 96 51 30 15 227 35.0 87.3 62.3 26.8 15.4work 377 459 721 374 066 7 2 9 4 8salary getting 39 70 49 43 28 229 35.3 88.1 62.9 27.0 15.5 464 154 217 738 424 7 9 3 9 2expenses 27 79 83 27 12 228 35.1 87.7 62.6 26.9 15.4meet 921 307 469 556 745 2 1 6 7 5organization 51 71 85 15 6 228 35.1 87.7 62.6 26.9 15.4 921 307 469 556 745 2 1 6 7 5Recognition 26 80 81 28 14 229 35.3 88.1 62.9 27.0 15.5 464 154 217 738 424 7 9 3 9 2manager 40 91 54 24 20 229 35.3 88.1 62.9 27.0 15.5relation 464 154 217 738 424 7 9 3 9 2team work 23 116 55 19 15 228 35.1 87.7 62.6 26.9 15.4 921 307 469 556 745 2 1 6 7 5Total 282 703 502 216 124 1827Results obtained from contingency table:Strongly agree Agree Neutral Dis agree Strongly disagree0.90426 1.602914 5.690115 0.31625 0.1530694.07E-05 0.857431 2.073469 0.372681 0.0107350.377641 3.724328 3.080248 9.36847 9.9850171.906984 0.868855 6.61239 7.29E-05 0.7801517.100713 3.190633 7.975779 5.302704 5.8009492.471435 0.747442 5.194133 0.031679 0.1530690.612659 0.094426 1.26502 0.349001 1.2784384.223893 9.109159 0.933422 2.348026 0.01455317.59763 20.19519 32.82458 18.08888 18.17598 http://www.gameswala.com/
  25. 25. http://www.gameswala.com/Limitations: The sample we have considered is very low. The sample may not represent the entire workers in IT industry. We followed the judgemental sampling, so the results may be biased. Reliability of study depends on the honesty of the respondents. http://www.gameswala.com/
  26. 26. http://www.gameswala.com/Findings and suggestions:FINDINGS: Most of the people said that they got the job which is matching to their skillset. And the people, who got the job where the different skillset required, are a bit not satisfied. More than half of the employees feel that the flexible working hours are preferable, and about 15% employees feel any system won’t effect. Half of the employees feel that they can work up to 7hours without any stress and they want to change the current working system. About 70% employees feel that they are getting the salary that is expected and their expenses are meeting. Most of the employees are either happy or neutral with the organization/ organization policies. Most of the employees are satisfied with their immediate supervisor, and they feel that the team work is encouraged within their organization.SUGGESTIONS: The main factor where the employees are not satisfied is the working hour system. Interesting fact is the people who want to change their working system are also intended to do work for more hours, so we suggest to change the working hour system to flexible working hour system and to increase the working hours. Most of the people who said that they are not satisfied with the organization also mentioned that they are not satisfied with the immediate supervisor. So we suggest to keep tracking of supervisors of a project, as they represent the company in front the employees. http://www.gameswala.com/