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  1. 1. Start with an idea. We do the rest  Effective Bidding:-  Use bids to provide your estimated price for the project and concisely describe your proposal.  Review project description and buyers profile. Make sure you understand the context of the project, and exactly what the buyer is requesting. You can ask for more details on the project message board.  Include focused comments. A buyer wants someone who is interested in their project. If you have questions, keep them short and direct. If the buyer asks you questions about the project requirements (best database, most attractive web colors) or your skills (level of experience, similar projects completed) keep your answers focused. Bids that dont address project requirements are ineffective and are considered spamming.  Describe your approach. The buyer will want to know how you handle this kind of work. For example, if the buyer needs research done, explain how you will find the requested information -- sources you might use, technology or tools you have available, etc. This gives them an idea of how youll complete the work and indicates that you have relevant knowledge.  Include accurate pricing. The buyer expects your bid to reflect the actual project cost as closely as possible. If the buyer hasnt provided sufficient details, ask questions on the message board or state assumptions in the bid ("this price assumes four colors in the logo"). You can place a new bid once the buyer clarifies the details. It is unprofessional to change the cost drastically upon winning the project, or place lowball bids just to get attention.  Specify revisions or drafts. It is always a good idea to state how many revisions or drafts you will provide, even if offered as a guideline. Buyers often may not know what it takes to do the work, and this will help avoid confusion about what is included in your bid amount.  Indicate time frame and milestones. Buyers always appreciate seeing progress. Tell them if you will have the first draft of a logo completed within one week and then the additional revisions completed two weeks after that. If the buyer has already described expected milestones, indicate whether youll be able to meet them or not.  Upload files. For project-specific work samples or more detailed proposals, upload files from your portfolio and attach them directly to your bid. This makes it even easier for the buyer toSoftobiz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. www.softobiz.com
  2. 2. Start with an idea. We do the rest evaluate your work. You can also make a more detailed bid by attaching a separate document. Please note, it is againt Elance policy to provide free mock-ups as part of the bidding process. If a job is requiring mock-ups please use the Report Violation link on the job posting to alert Elance.  Specify payment terms. If you require up-front payment or a deposit, indicate this clearly in your bid. Its also a good idea to check buyers feedback to see that they have paid other service providers on time. There are many reasons for delayed payments -- you may still want to bid, and adjust your terms by asking for a larger up-front payment.Softobiz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. www.softobiz.com
  3. 3. Start with an idea. We do the rest8 Tips To Win More Jobs on Elance:-Recently, we’ve shared with you how to build better business relationships online and how tomake every proposal count. Clearly these tips and strategies were designed to help youimprove your success rate on Elance, but now we’re back with an even more concise how-to forwinning more work. Before you go off submitting another proposal, make sure to read these 8tips on how to win more jobs:1. Stress Unique Selling Points in Your Profile: Many Contractor profiles open with personalinformation, mission statements and service menus. However, chances are many Clients don’tprioritize these items. What they really want to know is whether you’re qualified to solve theirproblem or meet their needs. They want to know what you can do for them – not your children’snames and ages. Prove that you’re qualified – more qualified than any competitor – byhighlighting your expertise. Demonstrate that you’ve solved similar problems and achievedsimilar goals for similar Clients in the past.Stress your unique selling points – the credentials and experience that make you the bestchoice for the work you want. Selling points include: education, work experience, awards,success stories and testimonials from former Clients and bosses. Nothing makes a prospectfeel more confident about hiring you than a solid track record.Sell any credential or achievement that reflects glory on you – graduating from a prestigiousuniversity, working for/with a Fortune 500 company, achieving something noteworthy in yourfield. If you wrote an article for The Washington Post, feature that prominently in your profile. If awebsite you designed gets hundreds of hits per minute, stress that accomplishment in yourprofile. If the video you produced went “viral,” mention that upfront.In addition, take the time to fill out the Service Description and Keywords sections in detail.These two areas attract the eyes of many buyers. Lastly, study the profiles of the mostsuccessful Contractors in your category for hints on what to include in your own.Softobiz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. www.softobiz.com
  4. 4. Start with an idea. We do the restProfile:-2. Create an Ideal Client Profile: Some Contractors make the mistake of trying to be all thingsto all Clients. These people spend Connects wastefully, bidding on every project for which theybelieve they are qualified. This “shotgun” approach to marketing is like tossing darts at a boardwhile wearing a blindfold. You may hit the bulls-eye once in a while, but you’ll use lots of timeand money to achieve mediocre award ratios.Instead of bidding on almost any job, create an Ideal Client profile. This helps you spendconnects more wisely, targeting only the buyers with whom you most want to work, and who aremost likely to hire you. Unless you’re new to your chosen profession, you already have a goodsense of which people make the best Clients. Identify the characteristics that these Clientsshare by asking questions such as:Softobiz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. www.softobiz.com
  5. 5. Start with an idea. We do the rest What are the demographics (age, gender, geographic location, education and income levels) of my ideal Clients? Which industries do these Clients work in? What size companies do they usually work for – small, mid-sized or large? Do they work in the for-profit or non-profit sector? Which markets do their organizations serve? What are my Clients’ core values – e.g., high value or low prices? Why do you like working with these Clients? What kinds of jobs do they usually assign? What are their typical budget ranges? Which Clients help you achieve your profit/revenue targets? Once you have a clear profile of your ideal Clients, you can focus attention on the prospects that are most likely to hire you. This will increase both your profitability and your reputation. 3. Write Awesome Proposals: Making a great first impression is key. Remember, you’re selling yourself, as well as your capabilities. Posting cut-and-paste templates isn’t a good idea, and neither is simply telling prospects how great you are. Instead of writing, “I can do this in 12 hours for less than my competition,” ask the Client thoughtful, relevant questions. Outline your processes, and include a detailed timeline. Then, establish standard communication channels and frequency, and spec- out your milestones. The prospective Client will know that you mean business. While it helps to have a Portfolio bristling with great work samples, do not assume that every buyer will visit it. Attach relevant work samples to every bid. That way, busy buyers can take a peek at your best work without having to sift through your Portfolio. Keep in mind that buyers care less about you than they do themselves – their problems and their goals. In every proposal, stress how you plan to help prospects achieve their goals and solve their problems. Don’t talk about yourself as much as you talk about the tasks at hand. Make the proposal about the Client and their objectives. Once you do this, they will visit your profile to examine your skills, experience and other credentials. For more on proposals, check out this blog post: Make Every Proposal Count. 4. Take Skill Tests: An Elance survey revealed that 77 percent of prospective Clients found Skill Tests and Verified Credentials to be important factors in their hiring decisions. That’s nearly four out of every five Clients! If you’re still debating whether to take the Skill Tests, you aren’t playing the odds. Softobiz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. www.softobiz.com
  6. 6. Start with an idea. We do the rest5. Join Groups: By joining an Elance Group, you showcase talent and professional skills thatare officially recognized by a sponsoring company – e.g., Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Excel.Your Group affiliation is prominently displayed on your profile page, which helps buyers quicklyidentify you as the cream of the profession’s crop.6. Act Fast: Once you see that a job that fits your skills, prepare your proposal as quickly aspossible without sacrificing quality. By responding quickly, your proposal will be one of the firstthat the Client sees. Of course, you also have the option of submitting a “sponsored” proposal tocapture a top spot, but you must still act fast. Only three sponsored proposals are allowed perlisting.7. Manage Your Reputation: Feedback is one of the most important components of yourElance track record, according to our last survey. To build a 5-Star reputation, complete yourassignments on time, treat your Clients respectfully, and communicate frequently. In addition,consider bringing your existing Clients to Elance to instantly build feedback and take advantageSoftobiz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. www.softobiz.com
  7. 7. Start with an idea. We do the restof Elance features such as Escrow and the Workroom.8. Stay Connected: Clients appreciate fast turnaround, and want to keep projects movingforward by answering your questions and requests for information ASAP. Therefore, stayingconnected to Clients is critical. If you have a mobile device with email capabilities, sync up withthe email account you’ve associated with Elance. Lastly, make sure you take a look at our Helparticle entitled.Now that you’ve got these 8 tips in hand, take what youve learned and start winning morebusiness!Softobiz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. www.softobiz.com
  8. 8. Start with an idea. We do the rest5 Ways to Outbid the Competition on ElanceOnce youve created an Elance provider profile and passed the Elance Admissions test, its timeto focus on bidding for jobs.Youll notice that every job has at least a few other bidders, and that some jobs have up to a coupledozen bids. Even after youve completed a few jobs and started to build a feedback rating, you need toknow how to create job proposals that will give you an edge over the competition.Here are 5 proven methods that will help you outbid the competition on Elance:1. Dont rush to be the first to bid. When you see a job youre interested in, put it on your Elance WatchList. One of the best things about Elance as compared to other freelance job sites is that it shows you thehigh and low bids made by other providers. If you wait until a few other people have bid (this will usuallyoccur anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours after the job is posted), you will be able to get an ideaabout how others are bidding.2. Do your homework before bidding. Before you place a bid, look at the employers profile. Check thefeedback the employer has given and received. Beware of employers who give consistently low ratings orwho get negative feedback from providers. Next, see if the employer has posted similar jobs in the pastand check on the awarded bid. You may be able to get a better idea about what the employer is willing topay.3. Be aware of the buyers maximum budget. Each job posted on Elance lists a maximum budget. Alwayskeep your bid below this maximum figure. Your Elance rating will be impacted if you bid over budget andchances are just about guaranteed that you wont be hired.4. As a beginner, start small and bid low. Think of your first few jobs on Elance as "on the job training."Employers will be hiring you on faith since you dont have an Elance track record. Not all employers willhire new freelancers, but many do. Start out with small jobs that pay less than $100. When deciding howto bid on jobs from your Watch List, check the lowest bid and if possible match it or go lower. After youvecompleted a few jobs and are starting to feel more comfortable, you can bid on large jobs and you wonthave to worry about placing the lowest bid.5. Write a unique and personable proposal for each bid. Employers like proposals that are tailored fortheir job listing. Show that you understand the job details and explain why you are uniquely suited to fulfilltheir requirements. Provide 2-3 work samples that are relevant to their job description. Use a writing stylethat is personable and gives the prospective employer some insight into who you are as a person. Dontbe bashful about playing up your strengths and selling yourself.Finally, be sure to run spell check and carefully proofread your proposal before submitting it.Here are a couple of additional tips to help make your proposals stand out. First, when you provideElance with verified credentials (proof of degrees, awards and certification), a special green label willshow up on your bids. Second, if you feel confident about your skills then complete one or more of theElance skill tests. A good score will show employers that you have the skills to back up your proposal.Softobiz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. www.softobiz.com