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Shared Hosted Desktops (Terminal services based) vs Dedicated Virtual Desktops (Hypervisor Based)

  1. Shared Hosted Desktops vs Hypervisor Based Desktops Copyright © 2013, Propalms Network Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Client Computing Versus Server Based Computing ` Client based computing ` 1. Need to manage each client * e.g. Install / Upgrade / Trouble-shooting (may need to visit on-site which takes time) 2. Need to control policy * e.g. Unnecessary appl. Install / Data Backup / Data leak Server based computing 1. Only need to manage server * Provide latest apps to users Less trouble / Remote support (image rollback) 2. Centralized control policy * Systematically apply standard policy to clients ` `
  3. Benefits of Server Based Computing • Highly Agile Desktop/Application Delivery • Highly Available Desktops • Much Better Hardware Utilization • User Endpoint Independent Computing • Better Automation of Desktops • Quick Resolution to Support Issues • Lower Support Issues • Migration to new OS is simple and very cost effective
  4. Server Based Computing Solutions
  5. Use Cases: SHD vs DVD Key Points Shared Hosted Desktops Dedicated Virtual Desktops User Customization Shared Operating System (Win2003, Win2008), Shared Applications: Means less management but no per user customization. User can not control workspace. Every user has personal OS and Applications: Per user customization possible without much management. User can control desktop and workspace. Application Support Common applications works very well. Some applications can not work: Apps which needs admin rights, graphics intensive applications and Multimedia applications. Most applications are supported. Apps requiring admin rights are ok. Most graphics intensive applications and some multimedia applications won’t work. TCO Only Needs very simple infrastructure. Less Capital expense. Administration is easy. Needs bigger and complex infrastructure. More administration and training needed. Target Users Very good for common business users, using common applications like MS Office, Business Apps, Web portals, client server applications. Not much useful for power users Very good solution for full time desktop users with resource demanding applications, like developers, R&D, etc
  6. User-App Type matrix App Type User Type Common Applications Business Applications Frequent upgrading Apps Special Apps (XP Apps, admin apps) Resource Demanding Apps User Specific Apps Remarks General Business User SHD Or DVD SHD Or DVD SHD Or DVD DVD DVD - Employee, Sales, Purchase, Office Admins, Marketing Power Users SHD Or DVD SHD Or DVD SHD Or DVD DVD DVD DVD Developers, Admins, IT, R&D Mobile User Local Install but SHD Available Local Install but DVD Available - Laptop Users, Executives, Sales iPad User SHD Or DVD SHD Or DVD SHD Or DVD DVD DVD DVD iPad, Android users Remarks MS Office, Portals SAP, Tally, ERP, Salesforce Custom apps Custom Apps Design applications, R&D Apps Developer/ tools
  7. Benefits of Shared Hosted Desktop • Easy to Setup – Requires only Microsoft Terminal Services and Terminal Services Management Solution (Propalms TSE) – Can start with a single hardware • Based on standard, proven, well known and understood Microsoft Terminal Services • Requires least infrastructure • Easy to Manage – Its simpler to manage a Windows server than 10 products to implement dedicated virtual desktops • Choice to deliver just applications or full desktop • Real Application/Data Centralization – Unlike dedicated virtual/physical desktop, applications/data are not fragmanted • Simple Application Deployment & Licensing • Maximum utilization of server hardware resources • Only few server license for AV, Backup solution etc. required
  8. Any Special Reasons to Choose Dedicated Virtual Desktops? • Not all applications can be centralized with Terminal Servers – Some applications can run only on Windows XP – Some applications require administrative rights to run, e.g. custom apps, trading application – Resource intensive applications (Engineering and research applications) • Power Users need dedicated desktop – Power users like R&D engineers will need dedicated desktops where they can do independent computing • Migration from Windows XP to Windows 7 to Windows 8 to Windows Blue ? – Administration cost – Loss of productivity: Profile migration – Incompatible applications
  9. Challenges with Dedicated Virtual Desktops • Costly Affairs • Most of the Physical desktop problems gets transferred to virtual machine based desktops • Need almost 6-7 products to build and manage such an infrastructure • Costly and more hardware required to setup • Need expert to manage and maintain such a setup • Data/Application is still fragmented across virtual machines • Application licensing is a big challenge • Same amount of endpoint security products required; Antivirus, backup solution, etc.
  10. TCO – First Year 0 1000000 2000000 3000000 4000000 5000000 6000000 7000000 8000000 9000000 Physical Desktops Dedicated Virtual Desktops Shared Hosted Desktops
  11. TCO over 5 Years 0 1000000 2000000 3000000 4000000 5000000 6000000 7000000 8000000 9000000 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Physical Desktop Dedicated Virtual Desktops Shared hosted Desktops Considering 20% AMC cost, 4 times power savings with thin clients and depreciation rate at 6% per year Assuming 5 year life of desktop h/w (unlikely)
  12. Company Overview • Propalms Network Pvt. Ltd. • Independent Software Vendor • Microsoft GOLD Certified Partner (Global arm in UK) • Global provider of Application Delivery Solutions • 4 Years of presence in India • 200+ customers in India (3000+ globally) • Product development & support from Pune • 100+ trained resellers and SI
  13. Our Philosophy VISION Simple Secure Virtual Computing! MISSION To provide highly cost effective software solutions alternative to market leaders like Citrix, Cisco ,Juniper, others and to provide new products for ubiquitous access from any device and location such that application delivery from centralized locations makes more sense to SMBs and SMEs, helping them achieving better productivity and resource utilization from local and remote work forces.
  14. Product Family ONEGATEHyperVDITSE Propalms has multiple products which have been designed specifically to meet the application and desktop delivery challenges facing customers both today and in the future. Our unique offerings allow customers to pick the solution that best fits their needs. Our products can be used individually or collectively to deliver both applications and desktops to local and remote users. PROID Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Products Network Security and Access Control
  15. Product Family Propalms Solution Family Propalms TSE for Application Virtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (HyperVDI) delivering MS Windows based applications & desktops to any device Propalms OneGate for Secure Access over private and public network Propalms ProID for strong One Time Password authentication Propalms HyperVDI for Hypervisor Based Virtual Desktops
  17. TSE – Shared Hosted Desktop Solution – How it works Propalms TSE works in a similar way to Citrix XenApp allowing secure access to applications from any device, at anytime from anywhere. • Save over 50% compared to Citrix • Simpler to manage than Citrix Application Launch TSE App Server TSE Web Server TSE Client Enabled PC/Thin Client Application List returned to user Who are you? What applications are you allowed to use? User Logon
  18. VDI – Dedicated Virtual Desktop Solution – How it works Propalms VDI is a simple Virtual Desktop Management and Delivery solution. • Easy Desktop Deployment • Reduce Support • Reduce TCO • Save thousands over Citrix, VMware VD 2 VD 3 Standard Host OS Hardware VD 1 OS Virtualization Layer Virtual Desktop Is launched Virtualization Platform Connection Broker / Management Console VDI Client Enabled PC/Thin Client Best Desktop for user is selected Ongoing Status and Performance Check User Logon
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