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Online pmp training

  1. 1. Online Preparation PMP® Certification PMI – Project Management Professional ( PMP®) 35 PDUs Program
  2. 2. Online Preparation PMP® Certification Highlights of the Program• Assistance with processing your PMI application.• 35 Contact Hours Required taking the PMI - PMP® Certification Exam• Highly acclaimed training program content.• More than 16+ online PMP® Simulation Exams worth 3000$ for FREE• Unlimited support from our faculty after training• Student PMP®- Memory Sheet© (knowledge of necessary formulas and process information).• Tons of free PMP® Practice Questions and Answers. 35 PDUs Program
  3. 3. Online Preparation PMP® Certification Eligibility for PMI-PMP® Exam Educational Background Project Management Experience Project Management Education Minimum five years /60 months unique non- overlapping professional ProjectHigh School diploma associate ‘s Management experience during which at least 35 contact hours of formal educationdegree or global equivalent 7,500 hours were spent leading and directing project tasks* OR Minimum three years /36 months unique non-Bachelor’s degree or global overlapping professional project management 35 contact hours of formal educationequivalent experience during which at least 4,500 hours were spent leading and directing project tasks* 35 PDUs Program
  4. 4. Online Preparation PMP® Certification Session Overview • Introduction • Project Management Framework • Project Management Process • Integration Management • Scope Management • Time Management • Cost Management • Quality Management • HR Management • Communication Management • Risk Management • Procurement Management • Professional & Social Responsibility • Exam Preparation Guidance 35 PDUs Program
  5. 5. Online Preparation PMP® Certification Preview of the course 35 PDUs Program
  6. 6. Online Preparation PMP® Certification Difference Between PMP® and CAPM® PMP CAPMPMI certifies project managers who lead and direct PMI certifies project team members as Certifiedproject teams as professionals, or PMPs. Associate in Project Management, or CAPMs.•Number of questions: 200 •Number of questions: 150•Time allowed: 4 hours •Time allowed: 3 hours• Educational background: Category 1: •Educational background: High school diploma, Bachelors degree and Category 2: High school or global equivalent diploma, or global equivalent •Requires 23 hours of project management• Requires 35 hours of project management education from R.E.P education from R.E.P •Exam Fee: $225.00 for PMI members and $300.00•Exam Fee: $405.00 for PMI members and $555.00 for non-membersfor non-members •Maintenance Requirement: Re-exam after 5•Maintenance Requirement: Collect 60 PDUs in 3 yearsyears 35 PDUs Program
  7. 7. Online Preparation PMP® Certification Overview of Project Management Knowledge Areas (9) Process Groups (5) Integration Management Initiation Scope Management Time Management Planning Cost Management Execution Quality Management HR Management Monitoring and Controlling Communication Management Closing Risk Management Procurement Management 42 Total processes across all the process groups and knowledge areas 35 PDUs Program
  8. 8. Online Preparation PMP® Certification Initiation Process GroupThe initiating process group formally starts a new project/phase by officially authorizing the project andproject manager with the information necessary to begin the project.There is a formal project selection process or evolved selection criteria for selecting projectsOnce a project is selected, it is chartered and therefore authorized 35 PDUs Program
  9. 9. Online Preparation PMP® Certification Planning Process Group• Planning gives one an ability to repeat the same project. Since projects are unique this is an important part of project management.• It involves walking through the project and getting organized before it is actually done• If it cannot be planned, it cannot be done• Time spent on planning must be appropriate to the project needs• Everyone needs to be involved during planning process 35 PDUs Program
  10. 10. Online Preparation PMP® Certification Closing Process Group• Project is not completed even if all the activities are completed. It gets completed in the closing process group.• Completion of product scope is not completion of project.• Closing involves administrative closure, documentation of lessons learned, formal release of resources etc 35 PDUs Program
  11. 11. Online Preparation PMP® Certification Contact Us Now ! For more information, contact: us @: Visit us @ : Other Online programs we offer: • PMI – ACPSM (PMI Agile Certified Practitioner) • CAPM® (Certified Associate in Project Management) • PgMP ® (Program Management Professional) 35 PDUs Program