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HRM – 406: Global Human Resource Management                                          Max. Marks: 100                      ...
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Syllabus of ghrm


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Syllabus of ghrm

  1. 1. HRM – 406: Global Human Resource Management Max. Marks: 100 External: 70 Internal: 30Time: 3 HoursNote: - The examiner will set eight questions in all. Question No.1, comprising of seven short answertype questions, shall be compulsory. In all, the students would be required to attempt five questions. AllQuestions will carry equal marks.Objectives:The objective of this course is to develop a diagnostic and conceptual undertaking of the cultural andrelated behavioral variables in the Human Resource Management of global organizations.Course ContentsHuman and cultural variables in global organizations; Cultures in organization and Hofstede’s study;Structural evolution of global organizations; Cross cultural leadership; motivation and decision making;Cross cultural communication and negotiation; Human Resource management in global organizations;Selection, source criteria for international assignment; Compensation and appraisal systemSuggested Reading1. Adler, N. J. : International Dimensions of Organizational Behaviour, Kent pub. , Boston, 1991.2. Bartlett, C and Ghoshal, S. : Transnational Management: Text, Cases and Readings in CrossBorder Management, Irwin, Chicago, 1995.3. Dowling, P. J. etc,. : International Dimensions of Human Resource Management, 2nd ed.,Wadsworth, California, 1994.4. Hofstede, G. : Cultures Consequence: International Difference in Work Related Values. 2ndedition, Sage, London, 2001.5. Marcis, D and Puffer, S. M. : Management International: Cases, Exercises and Readings, WestPublishing, St. Paul, 1994.6. Mead, R. : International Management : Cross Cultural Dimensions, Blackwell, Cambridge, 1994.7. Ronen, S. : Comparative and Multinational Managements, John Wiley, New York, 1986.