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Industrial Marketing


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Industrial Marketing

  1. 1. MM-402: Industrial Marketing Max Marks. 100 External: 70 Internal: 30 Time: 3HoursNote: - The examiner will set eight questions in all. Question No.1, Comprising of seven short answertype questions, shall be compulsory. In all, the students would be required to attempt five questions. AllQuestions will carry equal marks.ObjectivesThe objective of this course is to lay a foundation for an understanding of the complex dimension of theIndustrial MarketingCourse contentsNature and scope of International Marketing: Differences between Industrial Marketing and consumermarketing; understanding Industrial Markets; Organizational Customers; Classifying Industrial products;nature of demand in Industrial Markets; Industrial Buyer Behavior; Industrial Purchasing System:Industrial Marketing Research: Industrial Marketing Strategy: Strategic planning. Assessing MarketingOpportunities, segmentation of Industrial Markets, Product Positioning: Product Decision and Strategies;Industrial Services; Industrial Pricing: Price Determinants, Pricing Policies, Pricing Decisions,Formulating Channel Strategy; Logistics Management; Industrial Marketing Communication: Sales forceManagement, Advertising and sales promotionSuggested readings1. Reader Robert R. Industrial Marketing Analysis, Planning and control Englewood Cliffs, NewJersey, Prentice Hal Inc. 1991.2. Vitale; Business to Business Marketing; Thomson Learning, Mumbai.3. Havalder Krishna K, Industrial Marketing, TMH, New Delhi.4. Corey E Raymond, Industrial Marketing: Cases and concepts, 3rd ed. Englewood cliffs, NewJersey Prentice Hall Inc. 1983.5. Gross AC Business Marketing Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1993.6. Hill, Richard etc. Industrial Marketing. Homewood Illinois, Richard D. Irwin, 1975.7. Webster, FE. Industrial Marketing Strategy, 2