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The Think Tank (T3)


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Zeenat Jahan's talk is basically focused on the Power of the Mind and how we can transcend even crippling challenges with the help of the right attitude. Her talk during our World Bipolar day conference was motivating and inspiring.

Published in: Healthcare
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The Think Tank (T3)

  1. 1. The Think Tank(T3) Zeenat Jahan World Bipolar Day 1st Apr 2018
  2. 2. Pain & Suffering
  3. 3. Live In The NOW Past brings regret/guilt – Forget & Forgive Future brings Fear/Insecurity Live Today.... Leave Tomorrow
  4. 4. Drop Expectations Choose Acceptance
  5. 5. Take Accountability
  6. 6. Disability is in the Mind… Not in the Body!!!
  7. 7. Heena – 1st Day at school
  8. 8. Any Questions???
  9. 9. Thank you…   