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The Genesis of a Book:

  1. The Genesis of a Book
  2. Puneet Bhatnagar “You have the ability to transform people’s lives with your writing.”
  4. Alexander Gounder Ink My Web (a Digital Agency) Tech brain behind the website- reaching out to the community
  6. Appreciation drives creative growth
  7. Was this leading to something new?
  8. Dr.Amit Nagpal He armed me with the invaluable weapon of inspirational storytelling. The ability to touch people’s lives..
  9. Jennifer Sertl ...and I wrote ……. Read her magnificent Foreword !!
  10. Sharing my journey, reaching out with compassion to my community set me free… A shift from victim to observer
  11. . A dark monster had engulfed me earlier…
  12. …as I gingerly took a step forward…
  13. …and I kept growing in confidence
  14. Until the monster was rendered harmless
  15. . And I now ask, “Bipolar, where are you?” as it sulks in a corner of my consciousness
  16. My Fellow Travelers
  17. Meenal Jaiswal Photographer Portfolio Shoot, Book Design Support and morale booster all the way…
  18. Udipti Jaiswal Cover Design and inner Illustrations Asst. Professor, Graphic Design Amity University, NOIDA
  19. The Publisher
  20. A Baby is born! Author Website
  21. And the Journey continues.. Let’s Walk Together……onward