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Account Based Sales Opportunity Generation for Enterprise/ B2B SaaS


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Use Inside Sales On Demand to create account based sales opportunities for your SaaS Account Executives.

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Account Based Sales Opportunity Generation for Enterprise/ B2B SaaS

  1. 1. Account Based Sales Opportunity Generation for B2B/ Enterprise SaaS By Raj Nadar, Inside Sales On Demand Reach out:
  2. 2. What is Account Based Sales Opportunity Generation • When you have a few customers or from your interviews with potential customers (if you don’t have many customers yet), you know, at least superficially, who would buy your products. We call it an Ideal Prospect Profile (IPP). • Account Based Sales Opportunity Generation, then simply is the set of activities you do to reach out to individuals that fit the bill for your product (s). Of course, experimentation is allowed, even encouraged, so you keep uncovering new IPPs for what you have to offer.
  3. 3. Who is IPP • With IPP, you generalise and find the meta for your existing customers or of people most excited about your product from the interviews you’ve conducted (when you don’t have many customers yet) • Define really clearly but balanced in a manner that you do not narrow your focus too much to get any meaningful number of people for the math to work for you. • For example if you sell a recruitment software, your IPP could be: Geography: United States, Company Size: 50 employees plus, Designations: Manager and above of Recruitment, Hiring, Recruitment Technology, Industry Vertical: Computer Sofware, IT Services, FMCG, eCommerce
  4. 4. What does ISOD do? • We take this IPP, and get cranking. • We create the list of people sticking with the IPP. • We then use proprietary emails sent over a period of upto 45 days till such time they become interested in exploring what you are selling. • We pass these sales opportunities to your sales teams as soon as possible.
  5. 5. Why is ISOD effective • We care about you long term, so we do things to make sure we adhere to gmail rules in a manner that helps your email reputation • We create sales opportunities as against sales appointments. Customers who have used any other service in the past, appreciate this single change the most. • Any new project takes 2-3 months to stabilize and start producing predictable sales opportunities instead of 6-12 months. • Monthly rolling contracts instead of annual contracts.
  6. 6. Expectation Setting • After the initial 2-3 months, sales opportunity conversion of 1-1.5%. So if we are reaching out to 1000 people a month, your sales teams gets their hands on 10-15 sales opportunities from this channel. • 9-12 month ROI cycle. Depending on your deal sizes, you may even hit ROI within the month, but this is a good expectation to set. • USD 2400 per month for reaching out to 1000 people (as per the IPP defined by you) per month.