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The Story of Viisi by Tom van der Lubbe (Co-Founder)


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The story of Viisi´s journey to self-organisation (Holacracy) by Tom van der Lubbe, Co-Founder:

Purpose -> People first -> Customers second -> Shareholders last

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The Story of Viisi by Tom van der Lubbe (Co-Founder)

  1. 1. The Story of Viisi Tom van der Lubbe Let’s change Finance.
  2. 2. The Story of Viisi Purpose People First Radical Transparency Golden Rule Primus Inter Pares Let’s change Finance.
  3. 3. Founded: December 2010
  4. 4. Let’s change Finance. Purpose We want to change the world of finance; make it better, more sustainable and more focused on the long term
  5. 5. ● People first - Our own Viisionairs come first: When they are happy, the rest will follow automatically ● Clients second - Every day we do our utmost to make our customers happy ● Shareholders last - Financial health in order to increase our long term impact Viisi’s “People First” model
  6. 6. Let’s change Finance. “Radical Transparency” Everything is public, unless it is harmful
  7. 7. Let’s change Finance. “Golden Rule” Treat others, like you want to be treated The rest is common sense There are no other rules
  8. 8. Salary model
  9. 9. Let’s change Finance. Primus Inter Pares First among equals
  10. 10. Further information & contact details Podcasts: On Salaries and purpose in self-managing organisations Can Business learn from the State Radicale transparantie als fundament Email: LinkedIn: