Fusion Applications Administration Overview


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Fusion Applications Administration Overview

  1. 1. Jade Global, Inc.Fusion AdministrationOverviewVihang AstikSr. Consultantvihang.astik@jadeglobal.com6/18/2013
  2. 2. Agenda• Responsibilities of Fusion Apps Administrator• Required Skills for Fusion Apps Administrator• Architecture Design of Oracle Fusion Apps• Starting and Stopping Fusion Applications• Security Configuration• Q & A
  3. 3.  Installation and Deployment Management & Availability Security Configuration Debugging/Troubleshooting Cloning Backup & Recovery Patching (Fusion Applications Patch Manager, AutoPatch, AD Controller)Responsibilities Of Fusion Apps Administrator
  4. 4. Required Skills for Fusion Apps Administrator Oracle Database 11g Administration Oracle Weblogic Server 11g Administration Oracle Directory Services 11g Administration Oracle Identity Manager 11g Administration Oracle Access Manager 11g Administration Oracle SOA Suite 11g Administration Fusion Applications: Install and Configure Identity Management Fusion Applications: Installation and Administration
  5. 5. Fusion Applications Architecture - Overview
  6. 6. Fusion Applications Architecture - Overview• Product Families– Fusion CRM– Fusion HCM– Fusion SCM– Fusion Finance,etc.• Fusion Middleware Infrastructure Components– Oracle Fusion Middleware Extensions for Applications (Applications Core)– Oracle Enterprise Scheduler– Oracle Enterprise Crawl and Search Framework (ECSF)• Oracle Fusion Middleware Components– Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF)– Oracle Business Intelligence– Oracle Data Integrator– Oracle HTTP Server– Oracle Identity Management– Oracle SOA Suite and Many more• Oracle Database• Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Applications Control• Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control
  7. 7. • Is complex task that involves invoking commands for multiple components ina single or multiple hosts• May take several minutes• Essential for regular maintenance activities (patching, backup, etc.) as well asfull operation of the Fusion Applications environment• Fusion Applications ship with a tool called fastartstop which makes thelifecycle processes a lot simpler• You can use this utility to start all the domains or a selected domain• While the utility starts and stops the domains, it does not start and stop OracleIdentity Management and the Oracle DatabaseStarting And Stopping Fusion Applications The Right Way
  8. 8. • Oracle Fusion Applications• Oracle Fusion Middlewarea. Administration Serverb. Managed Serversc. Node Managerd. Oracle Business Intelligence Suitee. Oracle Enterprise Schedulerf. Oracle HTTP Serverg. Oracle SOA Suiteh. Oracle WebCenter Portal: Spacesi. Oracle WebLogic Server domain for a product familyj. Oracle WebLogic Server cluster for a product family• Oracle DatabaseComponents involve in Starting and Stopping FA
  9. 9. fastartstop Utility SyntaxThe fastartstop utility is available from the following directories:(UNIX) APPLICATIONS_BASE/fusionapps/applications/lcm/ad/bin(Windows) APPLICATIONS_BASEfusionappsapplicationslcmadbin(UNIX) ./fastartstop.sh -Start|-Stop|-Bounce|-StartBIPS|-StopBIPS-all|-domains domain_name,domain_nameN,domain_nameN|-BIPServerComponents-all|-domains"domain_name(server:all,server:managed_server_name|AdminServer),domain_name(server:all,server:managed_server_name|AdminServer)"|-BIPServerComponents [-componentType OHS |-componentDomaincomponent_domain_name][iasInstance=instance_id][iasComponent=component_id][-processType=component_type] [-clusterType soa]-username user_name-appbase FA_ORACLE_HOME[-loglevel log_level][-timeout timeout_period][--help]
  10. 10. fastartstop Utility Examplesfastartstop.sh –Stop/-Start -all -username FAAdmin-appbase /fusionapp/appsbase-loglevel INFO-timeout 30./fastartstop.sh –Stop/–Start -domains "SCMDomain(server:all)" -usernameFAAdmin -appbase /fusionapp/appsbase -loglevel FINER./fastartstop.sh –Stop/-Start -domains CommonDomain -username FAAdmin-appbase /fusionapp/appsbase./fastartstop.sh - Bounce -domains"SCMDomain(server:soa_server,server:AdvancedPlanningServer_1)" -username FAAdmin -appbase /fusionapp/appsbase-loglevel FINER
  11. 11. Start and stop Fusion Middleware Components• wlst.sh to start and stop Fusion Middleware Components$IDM_MW_HOME/oracle_common/common/bin/wlst.sh >nmConnect(nm_user,nm_password,nm_server,nm_port,IDMDomain,IDMDomain_path);> nmKill (soa_server1);> nmStart(soa_server1);• OPMNCTL will be used to start and stop OID/OVD$IDM_INSTANCE_HOME/oid_inst1/bin/opmnctl stopall$IDM_INSTANCE_HOME/oid_inst1/bin/opmnctl startall
  12. 12. Start and stop Database and Listener$ORACLE_HOME/bin/lsnrctl stop/start$ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqlplus / as sysdba > shutdown immediate> Exit$ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqlplus / as sysdba > startup> Exit
  13. 13. Fusion Application Security overview and configuration• Uses the services of the Oracle Platform Security Services (OPSS) to secureapplications• OPSS is a security platform that provides enterprise product development teams,systems integrators, and independent software vendors with a standards-basedenterprise-grade security framework for Java SE and Java EE applications• Oracle Fusion Applications leverage Oracle Identity Management for foundationsecurity services• Security is directly provided to Oracle Fusion Applications by a service-orientedsecurity (SOS) framework.
  14. 14. Create User in FA EnvironmentOIM Login Page
  15. 15. User Welcome Page
  16. 16. Administration Page
  17. 17. Creating New user
  18. 18. User Welcome PageAssign Roles to Users in FA Environment
  19. 19. Administration Page
  20. 20. User Search Page
  21. 21. User Tab
  22. 22. Roles pop up
  23. 23. Roles assigned
  24. 24. Summary• What are the Responsibilities of Fusion AppsAdministrator• What are Required Skills for Fusion Apps Administrator• Overview of Architecture Design of Oracle Fusion Apps• How to Start and Stop Fusion Applications• Security Configuration i.e., User and Role configuration
  25. 25. Questions