Wine tour presentation


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A brief presentation of Lycée Maillol's European Section's visit to Dom Brial.

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Wine tour presentation

  1. 1. Dom brial Wine tour January 9th, 2012
  2. 2. A visit to dom brialOn the 9th of January 2012 the European section fromthe vocational part of Lycée Maillol went to visit avineyard in the nearby town of Baixas.We were showed the entire process of wine making,from the harvest to the finished product.We would like to share with you some photos from thevisit and tell you what we learned.
  3. 3. HarvestingHere we can seea Roussillonvineyard beforethe harvestseason.
  4. 4. HarvestingDuring our visit wewere showed howdifferent types of soilmake different typesof wine. Soil withdifferent levels ofsand, rocks and clayhas different effectson the vines and thewine they produce.
  5. 5. HarvestingHere we can see thebranches of the vinesbeing cut, which isnecessary, becausethe harvest needsspace to grow.
  6. 6. HarvestingThe various stages of budding.
  7. 7. HarvestingIt is necessaryto spray forweeds, so thatthe vines cangrow freely.
  8. 8. HArvestingAs the grapes ripen the harvesting will start.
  9. 9. HarvestingMidnight grape harvests aresometimes done becausethe grapes are delicate andvulnerable to the heat of theday. Night harvesting thusdecreases the risk ofoxidation.
  10. 10. Wine making processHere we can seea machinedesigned forsorting grapes.This is actually aprototype whichcan select thesizes of grapes,the sugar leveland thickness ofthe skin.
  11. 11. Wine making processThis picture showsthe fermentationprocess of winemaking, where thewine is stored ingreat tanks. Thestep after thefermentation isbottling.
  12. 12. Wine making processHere we can see awooden winebarrel. A cap is putin the centre of thebarrel, or a Loninjection is done toprevent bacteriafrom entering thewine. The woodused is oak.
  13. 13. LabelingThe empty wine bottlescome by thousandsonto a conveyor belt,one by one. Theconveyor belt drive thebottles to a machine tobe labeled. Lastly thebottles are filled withwine and put on sale.
  14. 14. Smell, taste & appearance• On the picture we see different types of wines; white wine, rose wine and red wine.• When the intensity is pale, the wine is young and when the wine gets older it darkens.• Regarding the brightness, it is important to watch the border and the colors. You must put the glass up to the light to observe the transparency and the brightness.
  15. 15. Smell, taste & appearanceThe Picture showswine glasses andone bottle of whitewine. By looking,smelling and tastingthe customer canget a better idea ofwhat the wine hasto offer.
  16. 16. Smell, taste & AppearanceIn this picture we can seea big barrel of wine infermentation. We couldsmell strong odors ofmixed wines (rosé, white& red). Here the winesferment to obtain a distinctflavor. The final step offermentation is done inlittle barrels with littleadjustment.
  17. 17. Smell, taste & AppearanceIn this Picture we cansee the wine cellar ofDom Brial. There aremany barrels as hereis where all thebarrels of Dom Brialare kept. Little dosesof sulfur are put in thebarrels to fightbacteria. The oakgives the wine tanninflavor and maturesthe vine.
  18. 18. PresentationWe will show you the differentways Dom Brial presents itsproducts. On the picture on theright you can see one of the waysto present the wine• In the store the wine is placed on shelves to attract the customers. We can see a lot of different colors from red to orange.
  19. 19. Presentation Another way to present wine• In this picture we can see the different kinds of wine in alignment. So customers know all the wines the vineyard sells.• The bottles are arranged according to price, from least expensive to most expensive.• The cheapest are younger wines and the most expensive are older wines.
  20. 20. PresentationSelf-service wineAs you can seecustomers caneven buy wine bythe liter in DomBrial.
  21. 21. Thank you for watching