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B3 fort zed


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Published in: Technology
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B3 fort zed

  1. 1. FortZEDThe Fort Collins (net) Zero Energy District Dr. Sunil Cherian CEO, Spirae, Inc. Ineov - 7 June 2011 320 Vine Dr., Suite 307 | Fort Collins, CO 80524 | +1 970.484.8259 | 1
  2. 2. Presentation Overview  Spirae Overview  Smart Grid Market Trends in the U.S.  Fort Collins Zero Energy District (FortZED)  Renewable and Distributed Systems Integration (RDSI) Project  Conclusion 2
  3. 3. Spirae Introduction Based in Ft. Collins, Colorado Established in 2002 Privately Owned Spirae Virtual Development Center in Kochi, India Danish subsidiary,, established in 2010 Co-Own and Operate InteGrid Laboratory with CSUIndustry initiatives: NERC Smart Grid Task Force Colorado CleanTech Industry Alliance Northern Colorado Clean Energy Cluster Fort Collins Zero Energy District (FortZED) Active participation and frequent speaker at Industry events 3
  4. 4. US Smart Grid Drivers Clean Energy (RPS) Standards, US ARRA Security, Smart SGIG/SGDG Innovation Grid Grid Upgrades 4
  5. 5. Types of Smart Grid ProjectsSmart Grid projects can be broadly classified into: AMI, Demand response, and Customer Information Portals Distributed Generation, Renewable Energy, Storage, and EV Integration Reliability and Security of Supply Distribution Automation Regional Energy Districts Cyber-security Microgrids Market Integration 5
  6. 6. Types of Smart Grid Projects Regional Energy Districts  FortZED/RDSI Project 6
  7. 7. FortZED: Power to the Community A Public-Private Grassroots Effort WA ME MT ND OR VT ID NH SD MN WI NY MA W RI Y MI CT NE IA PA NJ NV OH DE UT IL CA CO IN MD KS MO WV VA DC KY TN NC AZ NM OK AR SC MS AL GA TX LA FL
  8. 8. The Community• 60 miles north of Denver• At the foot of the Rocky Mountains• 140,000 population• Home of Colorado State University – a source of research and development in clean energy• Home of the Northern Colorado Clean Energy Cluster and numerous clean energy companies
  9. 9. Our Current Grid• Relies mainly on centralized power generation• Requires little consumer involvement• Provides consumers with limited energy choices• Responds slowly to power quality issues• Focuses on protecting assets following faults• Is more susceptible to attacks and natural disasters
  10. 10. The FortZED Smart Grid• Incorporates power and storage from many distributed sources• Enhanced communication facilitates more efficient operation of the electric distribution system• Encourages active consumer involvement• Gives consumers access to more energy choices• Resolves power quality issues more rapidly• Focuses on prevention and automatic problem detection• Is more resilient to attacks and natural disasters
  11. 11. The PartnershipsKey players on the growing FortZED team include:• Fort Collins Utilities• Colorado State University• Advanced Energy• Brendle Group• Eaton Corporation• InteGrid Laboratory• New Belgium Brewing• Spirae, Inc.• Woodward Governor Company
  12. 12. FortZED/RDSI – Project Objectives WA Long Term Project Goal: ME OR ID MT ND VT NH  Zero Energy District: A Zero Energy District is MN NY MA W Y SD WI MI CT RI one that creates as much thermal and electrical NV UT NE IA IL OH PA NJ DE energy locally as it uses.CA CO IN MD KS MO WV VA DC KY TN NC AZ OK NM AR SC DOE-RDSI Project Objectives: MS AL GA TX LA  Peak Load Management: Active management of FL peak loads on a substation using Distributed Energy Resources.  Import/Export Control: Dynamically control active and reactive power exchange at interconnection points using DER.  Intermittency Management: Balance intermittent renewable production with demand management, conventional generation, and fast-acting loads/generation. 13
  13. 13. RDSI Project Partner Sites Project Total - 4,010 kW Generation - 760 kW Load Shed 14
  14. 14. Spirae’s Bluefin™ Product Platform AMI/ Spirae Bluefin GIS CIS MDM Applications Distribution Network Operations – Data/ Process Integration Enterprise Node Spirae Bluefin OMS DMS SCADA Enterprise Spirae Bluefin Spirae Bluefin™ Embedded Embedded Intermediate Nodes SubstationSpirae Bluefin™ Spirae Bluefin™ Spirae Bluefin™ Spirae Bluefin™ Spirae Bluefin™ Nano Nano Nano Nano Nano DER Asset Nodes 15
  15. 15. Capturing Benefits Peak Comparison Graph - September 9, 2009 10000 9000 Feeder Peak System Peak 8000 7000 Site Peak 6000Load (kW) 5000 Site PV Production Peak Feeder 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 Time (hr) 16
  16. 16. Conclusion BenefitsSmart Grid infrastructure requires: Value Added Applications• Balanced approach to integrating Demand Intermittency Service Information Tech and Power Tech Management Management Providers• Infrastructure for value-added applications Service Delivery Platform• Multiple value streams from Enterprise Ancillary Markets Integration Services common resource portfolio• Alignment between policies, Active Network Management markets, operations, and benefits Reliability Operations SecurityThe FortZED project demonstrates:• Scalable infrastructure Distributed Energy Resources• Integrated energy project DER Grid Demand• Regional collaboration 17
  17. 17. Thank You! June 2011 Sunil Cherian, Ph.D. CEO, Spirae, Inc. +1 970.484.8259 sunil@spirae.com320 Vine Dr., Suite 307 | Fort Collins, CO 80524 | +1 970.484.8259 | 18