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A7 cloud orange


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A7 cloud orange

  1. 1. Green Cloud and Software:A Telco ViewSymposium INEOV « Innover par lesusages : logiciel et green IT »Grenoble, 7 juin 2011Thierry Coupaye (PhD), Alexandre Lefebvre (PhD)Orange Labs, Grenoble © Orange Labs, Research & Development 2011
  2. 2. Agenda  Orange, cloud computing & green IT  A few facts about “green IT”, “green cloud”, “green data centers”  A R&D cloud project with an software-managed energy concerns 2
  3. 3. France Telecom Orange On the move At home  Europe leader for broadband Internet (ADSL) with around  N°3 in Europe for mobile with 193 millions 13,4 millions customers around 133 millions customers customers in  8,4 millions residential home  Around27 millions broadband 32 countries gateways Livebox, key mobile customers with access to component to get access to Orange world mobile portal. broadband services  N°1in Europe for IPTV (ADSL) with over 3.2 million customers At work  WithOrange Business Services, one of the leaders in the world (220 territories)  Providestelecommunication services to more than 3 750 MNC (Multi National Companies) 3 3
  4. 4. Orange involvement in Cloud Computing1. evolution of hosting offers for enterprise market “Cloud Computing is here to drive the IT ecosystem so traditional ICT providers cloud services offers (XaaS) must transform or die.” for multinational companies, large national accounts, Yankee Group, 2008 and medium and small enterprises2. evolution of mass market services platforms and networks •  personal communications, audiovisual, storage,, healthcare, gaming, M2M, transport… “Cloud computing holds enormous potential for telecom service providers if •  network virtualization, network services virtualization they get aggressive about driving technological innovation there.” Telephony Online, April 2009.3. evolution of information systems –  network and service provisioning and management, customers management, business intelligence, billing… –  human resources, inventory (network, suppliers), finances… ’’Le Cloud Computing est dans notre4. embodiment of Future Internet Architecture ADN’’. Orange Business Services, Dec. 2009 4 © Orange Labs, Research & Development 2010
  5. 5. Opportunities for Orange in Cloud Computing  Optimized (cost, flexibility) ITN business support infrastructures  Provide on-demand provisioning, reliability and security on the enterprise market  Provide storage services for user generated content on the residential market  Leverage ubiquity of mobile devices  Leverage network assets  Green computing   orporate Social Responsibility C   ost/competitive advantage C Source: BT web based survey, 20095
  6. 6. Data Center Energy Consumption (1/2)6
  7. 7. Data center energy comsumption Source: US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 20067
  8. 8. Energy Savings Strategies Source: IDC8
  9. 9. Software to help save energy  EnergeTIC collaborative project – –  3 modes: reactive, anticipative, continuous –  includes pattern detection and prediction  CoolIT collaborative project –  shows necessity of software for taking decisions and placing tasks on the infrastructure 9
  10. 10. Example of the CloudForce project  CloudForce labelled by Minalogic, Systematic, SCS –  Project proposal under evaluation  Goals –  open PaaS platform to manage the lifecycle of complex distributed applications –  from Think to Build to Run –  multi-IaaS compatibility –  self-management and elasticity at runtime –  open source dissemination of results through OW2  Includes flexible and customizable components –  Use of Entropy for energy savings 10
  11. 11. Entropy: VM manager for clusters11
  12. 12. Entropy: VM manager for clusters12
  13. 13. Some (controversial) issues  Is data center really the problem?  Is cloud really “greener”?  Recycling?  What about renewable electricity?  Does industry really care about sustainability (“green washing”)? 13 Source: Greenpeace, Make IT Green report, 2010
  14. 14. Merci !14