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Can Curation Make You a Better Blogger


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How curation can increase your authority and expand your influence.

Copyright Oliver Starr, Pearltrees, 2011. Used under a CC attribution:

Published in: Technology
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Can Curation Make You a Better Blogger

  1. 1. Can Curation Make YOU a Better Blogger?How curation can increase your authority and expand your influence Presented by Oliver Starr, Chief Evangelist, Pearltrees
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  3. 3. Curation:Cu*ra"tion (ku-ra-shun)the selection of, care for and presentationof the objects entered into a collection
  4. 4. some finer points on the topic...
  5. 5. Aggregation is not...
  6. 6. curation
  7. 7. Thinkmuseum...
  8. 8. notwarehouse
  9. 9. Almost Everyone is a Curator!
  10. 10. Don’t Believe Me?
  11. 11. Did you select your outfit today?
  12. 12. The Curation Continuum
  13. 13. “I’m looking for “I want to know more about “I know exactly what I’m something fun/ something in particular” looking for” Interesting” Curated ContentSerendipitous Discovery Targeted SearchHighly Random Sweet Spot for Expanding Influence and Reach Highly Specific
  14. 14. Why is Curation So Important?
  15. 15. 5 Takeaways...
  16. 16. Curation is one of thefundamental principals of the Web
  17. 17. By adding curation to your skill setyou can improve the quality (andincrease the quantity) of the contentyou create and distribute
  18. 18. Curating allows you to produce (andeven crowd-source) meaningfulinsight without depending completelyon your own original content
  19. 19. By understanding the various curationtools you’ll be able to use them inappropriate ways - It’s a shortcut to expanding your influence!
  20. 20. By making it easy for your audienceto curate the content you create, youbecome part of a larger conversation Once you become a majorcontributor to this larger group your influence expands as does your authority!
  21. 21. Thank You