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Key Considerations For Selecting a Laboratory Data Analytics Solution


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Laboratory-driven analytics solutions can empower decision-making to improve clinical, financial, and operational outcomes, but first you need to know what to look for in a software provider.

Here are the essentials to consider when evaluating laboratory data analytics solutions, to make sure you're getting the insights you need for your key performance indicators, as well as maximizing the return on your analytics investment.

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Key Considerations For Selecting a Laboratory Data Analytics Solution

  1. 1. Key Considerations For Selecting A Laboratory Data Analytics Solution RELEVANCE [] Is the product designed and built for laboratories and healthcare institutions? [] Does the software provider understand LIS systems and the database structure, governance, etc., of the systems? [] Can the system also be used in Pathology, Blood Bank, or other areas of your business? EASE OF USE [] Is it easy to use and intuitive? [] Does it enable your (nontechnical) users to quickly create meaningful analysis and drill down into detailed information easily? [] Are you able to create dashboards and graphs that you would be comfortable sharing with executives or customers? RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) [] Does the product provide targeted dashboards and data relevant to your key performance indicators (KPI)? [] Is the system customizable to create and include the KPIs that matter most to you? AGGREGATION /FLEXIBILITY [] Does the product have the flexibility to pull data from systems/sources other than the LIS that may become important to you? [] Can the product grow with you as your needs continue to expand? TIMELINESS [] Do the reports run in a reasonable timeframe? [] Are you able to share reports with colleagues quickly? [] Do the reports automatically run so that you don’t have to rerun or recreate them every time? EASE OF IMPLEMENTATION /MAINTENANCE [] Is it light-touch on your constrained LIS / IT team? [] Can the product be implemented without having to purchase additional capital equipment, people, etc.? [] Will sufficient training, support, and resources be provided to your staff? [] Are upgrades, maintenance, support, and hosting included? LEARN MORE ABOUT VIEWICS’ ADVANCED LABORATORY ANALYTICS SOLUTIONS