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VietnamWorks- Vietnam Leading #Online #Recruiting Provider


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VietnamWorks is the largest #online #recruitment provider in Vietnam.
For JobSeekers, #VietnamWorks provides thousands of new jobs every month from the biggest companies in Vietnam, and the finest resources for career advancement to help jobseekers get their dream jobs.
For employers #VietnamWorks offers access to the largest professional jobseeker community in Vietnam, which means more #talent and better talent than any other source.

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VietnamWorks- Vietnam Leading #Online #Recruiting Provider

  1. 1. Ho Chi Minh City: 66% VietnamWorks We help people achieve their dreams
  2. 2. Ho Chi Minh City: 66% WhoWe Are
  3. 3. For Job SeekersWe Provide
  4. 4. For Employers We Provide
  5. 5. WhereWe Are
  6. 6. Our Mission:We help people and companies achieve their dreams
  7. 7. Our History We are the very first, the oldest and the best NOW! Our 12 years Experiences Makes The Differences!
  8. 8. Our People are Our Dream Makers Be a Dream-Maker!
  9. 9. Our Office
  10. 10. @VietnamWorks
  11. 11.