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How #JobAlert helps you to achieve your #dreamjob?


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How #JobAlert helps you to achieve your #dreamjob?

  1. 1. VietnamWorks You
  2. 2. What is Job Alert Watchful Eyes of VietnamWorks help you to search for your desired job
  3. 3. How Job Alert works Job Alert monitors new job postings suitable with your skills and interested industries and deliver them to your mailbox
  4. 4. Why Job Alert ? Be the very first to know and apply
  5. 5. Why Job Alert ? Make job search more efficient and save time Do it SMART Do it QUICK
  6. 6. How to create Job Alert ? 1. Click on the button “Gửi Việc Cho Tôi" on the right top corner on VietnamWorks 2. Input Keywords or Industries 3. Create Job Alert
  7. 7. The quicker you respond to a job posting The more opportunities you would have Be the first applicant and make the difference with Job Alert