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IOS- Now & Then


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It has been 7 years since the very first #IOS shown up. When #Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Conference kicks off next Monday, June 2, users from around the world will be able to see what the company announces an in-depth look at the latest in #iOS and OS X. This's good time for us to have a quick review and see what #Apple and IOS have changed our lives in the last 7 years!

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IOS- Now & Then

  1. 1. IOS NOW & THEN Dedicated For IFAN and IOS Developers
  2. 2. iPhone OS 1.0 1. Released with the Original iPhone June 29, 2007. 2. Did not include iTunes or App Store 3. Established the core iOS UI 4. Mobile Safari 5. Update- 1.1.1-1.1.3 • Released with iPod touch • Allowed for web clips and multitouch on the keyboard • Included iTunes Music Store (not in screenshot)
  3. 3. Think Different! First ever touch screen mobile phone operating system First ever on screen keyboard Custom shortcut by double clicking the Home button Spotlight Search Introduced
  4. 4. iPhone OS 2.0 1. Released with the iPhone 3G 2. Included the wildly popular App Store and added support for MobileMe and Micrsosoft Exchange 3. Native 3rd-party apps 4. Updates- 2.1.0-2.2.0 • iPhone OS 2.1 • Fixed battery life and speed issue • Added Genius playlists • iPhone OS 2.2 • Added Google Street View and Podcast downloads
  5. 5. Think Different! Contact Search and Import Move and Delete Multiple emails Language Support Characters of password are momentarily visible when typing.
  6. 6. iPhone OS 3.0 1. Released with the iPhone 3GS 2. Added cut, copy, and paste functionality, spotlight search, and push notifications for 3rd party apps 3. Also included Voice Control, video recording, MMS, USB and Bluetooth tethering, landscape keyboard, and Find My iPhone 4. Other notable changes- addition of in-app purchases, parental controls, a Compass app, autofill in Safari, and Parental Controls 5. Updates- 3.1 • Ringtone downloads • Voice Control over Bluetooth
  7. 7. Think Different! Video recording with the camera app. Autofocus in camera app Direct purchase in Itunes Safari passed with 97/100 points the Acid Test and with this release support HTML5 tags.
  8. 8. iPhone OS 4.0 1. Released with the iPhone 4 2. One of iOS’s largest updates 3. Added multitasking, sort of. Apps were able to save their state when they were closed and reopen to that exact state 4. Also added home screen folders, FaceTime video chat, a unified email inbox, spell check, and threaded email messages 5. Updates- • iOS 4.1 • Added Ping, Game Center, HDR photos, • iOS 4.2 • Added AirPrint and AirPlay • iOS 4.3 • Added Personal Hotspot and iTunes Home Sharing
  9. 9. Think Different! Support for retina display and IAd FaceTime arrived with video call. Ability to add the apps into folders.
  10. 10. iPhone OS 5.0 1. Released with the iPhone 4S 2. Another big upgrade 3. Added Siri on the 4S, Notification Center, iTunes Wi-Fi Sync, PC-Free, iCloud, iCloud Backup, Reminders, Newsstand, Reader in Mobile Safari and iMessage 4. Added some extra multitasking gestures for the iPad 5. Updates- • iOS 5.1 • Added Camera on lockscreen, Japanese Siri, camera face detection, and the ability to delete Photo Stream photos
  11. 11. Think Different! World meets Siri iMessage: users of Apple devices may send through Wi-Fi and 3G texts, photos, videos, locations and contacts to other similar devices. iCloud: cloud service from Apple allowing to back up Apple devices.
  12. 12. iPhone OS 6.0 1. Released alongside the iPhone 5 2. Newest iOS version to date (January 16th 2013) 3. Added Apple’s own Maps app. 4. Added the Reminders app, the Passbook app, and many other improvements.
  13. 13. Think Different! Facebook intergration Apple Maps Turn-by-turn navigation by voice Icloud Tabs Paranoma Photo
  14. 14. iPhone OS 7.0 1. Skeuomorphism is replaced with the flat design and simplistic approach for a digitally authentic interface. 2. Control Center replacing Settings. 3. The system font has changed to Helvetica Neue Regular. 4. Full Screen apps that make use of the system status bar and navigation bar. 5. Improved features in pre-installed Apps.
  15. 15. Think Different! Control Center Full multitasking for all apps IOS on the Car iOS 7 integrates Apple's ad-hoc WiFi sharing feature AirDrop New camera interface allows swiping between four different modes— video, photo, square photo, and panoramic photo—and offers live photo filter previewing
  16. 16. iPhone OS 8.0?
  17. 17. Think Different at WWDC! Learn more @ www.