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How To #Conduct An #Interview #InStyle


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#Interview is not only about #jobseekers but also about how #employers will make their first #impression with the potential #talents. If #employers can conduct an amazing #interview, it could be the very first step to approach and win back a #talent for your team. It also helps you to #increase the #brandawareness of your company as candidates could probably #sharetheexperiences with their friends and contacts. #Checkitout some #tips of #VietnamWorks to conduct an interview in style

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How To #Conduct An #Interview #InStyle

  1. 1. How To Interview In Style
  2. 2. Before the Interview: 4 steps to go
  3. 3. #1: Research and Learn about the candidate
  4. 4. #2: Prepare responses for lists of frequent questions Profile Industry Structure Vision Mission Working Environment Culture Candidates usually ask frequent questions related to company
  5. 5. #3: Prepare list of questions you want to ask
  6. 6. #4: Print Resume and Required Documentation Resume Candidates Evaluation Checklist Required Test
  7. 7. What NOT to bring into the interview
  8. 8. During the interview: 4 steps to go
  9. 9. #1: Make first impression       
  10. 10. #2: Ask Question: about hard skills and soft skills    
  11. 11. C.A.R Technique
  12. 12. #4: Allow candidate to ask questions
  13. 13. Prepare for Awkward Situation
  14. 14. Finish the interview   
  15. 15.