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Emergency Vietnam visa at weekend from Switzerland


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Getting rush Vietnam visa from Switzerland in 1 or 2 hours
What would you do if you have just been informed NOT to board the flight to Vietnam unless you have an authorized visa approval in hand (or visa stamped on the passport)? Time is running out and you do need help from a professional Vietnam visa agency to arrange your visa approval letter in 1 or 2 hours.
Who need super urgent Vietnam visa in Bern, Geneve, Switzerland?

Many visitors (including Swiss citizens and foreigners residing in Switzerland) are falling into such the bad situation of being denied to board the flight to Vietnam since they haven't got an authorized visa approval letter or visa stamped on the passport. Now you are getting stuck at one of international airports in Switzerland without Vietnam visa approval letter in hand. The airports where you can find the internet services to make an online visa application easily:
- EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg
- Geneva Cointrin International Airport
- Bern Airport (Bern-Belp Airport)
- Lugano Airport (Agno Airport)
- St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport
- Zürich Airport (Kloten Airport)
There are 2 options that you can do now: cancel the flight to catch the next one or apply for a super urgent Vietnam visa service. Of course, you have to pay more money for the service. However, the cost of changing your flight and possible canceling your reserved trip to Vietnam far outweighs the price you pay for this. If there is a chance, why you don't try?

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Emergency Vietnam visa at weekend from Switzerland

  1. 1. Emergency Vietnam visa at weekend from Switzerland
  2. 2. Rush Vietnam visa from Switzerland Who need rush Vietnam visa? - The travelers, who are not exempted from Vietnam visa, forget to apply for visa to Vietnam before arriving the country; - The Swiss citizens who thought that visa on arrival is made in the airports directly without any pre-approved paperwork; - The Swiss travelers who don’t think they need a Vietnam visa, actually they do need; - People who have to take part in a sudden business in Vietnam; - The Swiss people who need to attend the funeral of an immediate family member.
  3. 3. Rush Vietnam visa from Switzerland How long does it take? With our emergency and special service at, your visa can be done within: - 8 hours (Rush visa service): visa approval letter delivered in a day - 4 hours (Urgent visa service): the approval letter will be ready in a half of day. For morning request, visa will complete at 12:00 PM latest and for afternoon request, it is ready at 5:00 PM latest. - 2 hours (Emergency service): the letter of approval will be done within 2 hours from the time of payment completion.
  4. 4. Rush Vietnam visa from Switzerland How much does it cost? Normally, a visa on arrival made in 36 - 48 hours at the cost of US$ 17 per visa only. In case a rush Vietnam visa needed, some USD will be added up to normal rate: - For 8 hours, urgent processing (same day visa processing), US$ 15 added to normal rates; - For 4 hours, super urgent processing, US$ 30 added up to normal rates; - For 1 - 2 hours, emergency processing, US$ 60 will be added up Moreover, emergency Vietnam visa can be processed at the weekend, holidays or in non-working time.
  5. 5. Rush Vietnam visa from Switzerland How to apply for rush visa? From Switzerland, the rush Vietnam visa can be made online through some simple steps below: STEP 1 – Check your flight time and current Vietnam time Some airlines will check your visa approval letter prior to boarding the flight. Thus, you need to estimate how much time remaining and check current Vietnam time to make an appropriated visa application (2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours or overtime processing)
  6. 6. Rush Vietnam visa from Switzerland How to apply for rush visa? STEP 2 – Fill out the application form or send us an email You need to fill out the application form at with the required information and check it carefully before submitting. You can also send the offline application form to our email including: full name, your date of birth, gender, nationality, passport number, visa type and the proposed entry date.
  7. 7. Rush Vietnam visa from Switzerland How to apply for rush visa? STEP 3 – Making a payment The payment can be made by PayPal, Western Union or via bank wire transfer. Normally, all the banks in the countries will not work at the weekend. Therefore you might need Internet banking service or PayPal instead.
  8. 8. Rush Vietnam visa from Switzerland How to apply for rush visa? STEP 4 – Get the visa approval letter delivered and obtain the visa at arrival airport Once the payment completed, you will receive a notification of payment from PayPal and our confirmation as well. Depending on the processing time you requested, we will arrange the visa and deliver it timely. You also need to prepare 2 passport-sized photos, a fully filled "Entry and exit form" and some USD in cash for stamping fee.
  9. 9. Rush Vietnam visa from Switzerland Hanoi airport map for Vietnam visa on arrival
  10. 10. Rush Vietnam visa from Switzerland Ho Chi Minh city airport map for Vietnam visa on arrival
  11. 11. Rush Vietnam visa from Switzerland How the approval letter look like?
  12. 12. Rush Vietnam visa from Switzerland Contact us • Website: • Email: • Hotline: +84-912-685-141 • Address: 101 Lang Ha street, Dong Da district, Hanoi. • Follow us on Facebook: Twitter: