Convegni 2013/ Marco Amosso, Lombardini22 - Ristritturazione In Brera


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Convegni 2013/ Marco Amosso, Lombardini22 - Ristritturazione In Brera

  1. 1. Our mission is to add value tothe projects entrusted to us.We work side by side with theclient from briefing up to thetesting phase finishing withthe end product. We help theclient to define his objectives,with options and alternativescenarios.We do not settle for secondbest and we like working withdemanding clientsCONTENTS• Company Background About us The two brands Strenghts• Insightful Solutions Approach Sustainability Results• Expertise in Refurbishment Experience What We Do Main Projects
  2. 2. ABOUT USLombardini22 is a leading architecture and engineering company,a laboratory in continuous turmoil, a space open to contaminationand the territory, which generates curiosity and energy around it.It is an international and multidisciplinary group of professionals,addressing the real estate market with an approach based onthe full involvement of the client in leadership and control of theproject and the inspired interaction of diverse skills.Lombardini22 operates with two brands: L22 e DEGW Italia.
  3. 3. THE TWO BRANDSL22 is dedicated to architectural design and engineering for majorinternational clients on major projects in the Retail, Office andHotel markets. A company that has earned a prominent place inthe panorama of Italian designers and today is also active abroad,especially in the Mediterranean area.DEGW Italia helps large companies design workspaces. It is aleader in the strategic consulting on ways of working and theinteraction between physical space and business performance.Thanks to its experience, DEGW Italia provides a valuablecontribution to understanding the relationship between people,work processes and designing spaces to improve businessresults: People, Place, PerformanceL22 and DEGW, manage projects in an integrated and multi-disciplinary way and share the same values.
  4. 4. 96963525ARCHITECTSSTAFFP E O P L EE N G I N E E R S21 DEGW ItaliaPARTNERSSTRENGHTS• More than 90 professionals• Consolidated turnover of 6.1 million in 2011• Multicultural team with strong service orientation andinternational knowledge• Architects and Engineers work together in integrated designprocess• Unique approach for workplace solutions that enableorganizational change and success• Experience in achieving LEED Certification• Sustainable optimisation of design strategies for energygeneration and distribution
  5. 5. APPROACHLombardini22 make complex issues simple. We help clients tocapitalize on a vital dynamic: the relationship between people andthe design of physical place, to enhance performance.Lombardini22 values an integrated and multidisciplinary approachto projects thanks to an international team of professionals and arich variety of skills and expertise.Lombardini22 help to deliver tangible and sustainable businessvalue. Through rigorous and clearly structured evidence andthrough an ability to really listen to the aspirations, strategic needsand practical commercial concerns of our clients.
  6. 6. best practicecarbon footprintbriefingegneria impiantisticacertificazioneprotocolliGreen Building Council Italiasistema "edificio—impianti"ProgettazioneintegrativaLEEDSUSTAINABILITYEnvironmental sustainability of what we design is in the projectright from the start.Having within the structure a group of environmental engineershelps make us all very environmentally conscious.The different professional disciplines, architecture, MEPengineering, structural engineering, Fire prevention and Health& Safety all guide the design choices to achieve the goal of anintegrated building system.Lombardini22 is a member of the Green Building Council Italiaand of US Green Building Council and has 3 LEED AccreditedProfessional. Lombardini22 helps define best practices anddevelopment of certification systems in our country and developsan efficiency energy modelling of buildings through recognizedsoftware by ASHRAE / LEED as Equest, IES-VE, EPLUS.
  7. 7. RESULTSMaximizing energy efficiency means minimizing managementcosts but also reducing waste by building sustainable: this isa mission and a goal that Lombardini22 reached designing airconditioning systems serving the 11,000 square meters of officespace in the first building of the Energy Park.Lombardini22 is designing more than 216.000sqm buildings thatwill obtain a LEED certification for the following projects:• Segreen Business Park• Nestlè HQ (CI)• Alcatel HQ (CI)• Angelini HQ (NC)• Generali Pestagalli45• Greenwich Energy Modelling• Rina Energy Modelling
  8. 8. EXPERIENCEOld and inefficient buildings are the norm in the Italian andEuropean Real Estate market. This explain why L22 and DEGWhave developed strong “hands on” experience in refurbishment.Landlord, Developer and Tenants look for modern and efficientbuildings, energetically savvy, with low carbon footprint, flexibleenough to host the new ways of working.L22 and DEGW have been involved in many refurbishmentproject, mixing hospitality, retail and office spaces in a way thatcreates value for the owners and for the community where thebuildings are located.
  9. 9. WHAT WE DO• We give new life to old and inadequate buildings• We find a meeting point between investment and economicperformance, both aesthetic and energy• We make complex requalifications, with defined budgets, onbuildings of historical and architectural interest• We enhance the existing architectural elements to obtain anaesthetic and functional renewal• We put great care and sensibility to energy consumption• We enhance Real Estate properties through the merging ofoffice and commercial• We create value for owners, tenants, investors and the territory
  10. 10. VIA BRERA - MILANThe building is exactly facing the Brera Accademia of BeauxArts. Its redesign involved a major commitment with thePublic Administration to overcome the limitations imposed theauthorities to protect the monumental area, without jeopardizingthe objectives of the owner. The objective of the owner was todevelop a modern and sustainable office building, improving theoverall image, in a strategic position.In the redevelopment of the entire building, all of the officefloors have been maintained. Moreover a new retail area hasbeen developed at ground level and underground, completelytransforming the perception of the building at pedestrianlevel. The addition of retail space, rented to brands as Gucci,Brooks Brothers, Sergio Rossi and retailers of similar calibrehas dramatically improved the rent per square meter and theprofitability of the refurbishment.
  11. 11. Client: Generali Real EstateOn behalf of: Alleanza ToroLocation: Milan – ItalyArea: 7.080 sqmServices: Technical Feasibility,Architectural, M&E and StructuralDesign (Concept, Scheme and DesignDevelopment)
  12. 12. BEFORE
  13. 13. AFTER
  14. 14. SEGREEN BUSINESS PARK - SEGRATE, MILANCBRE Global Investors wanted to renovate the former 3MHeadquarters. The space was highly inefficient and difficult toadapt to the changing needs of international companies. Thedeep floorplate was creating dark areas, without adequate naturallight.The idea at the basis of the restructuring was simple. L22proposed to slim down the deep floorplate of the original building,with a new facade and the creation of a balcony. With thisoperation we have been able to reduce the surface area of theoriginal building and to use this surface to build another buildingof 12,000 sqm of quality office space. The new building hasbeen designed in front of the original building and this createsan internal “piazza”: a pedestrian lively space for interaction andleisure.Segreen Business Park has obtained LEED Gold certification.
  15. 15. Client: CB Richard Ellis Investors Sgr EULocation: Segrate, MI – ItalyArea: 29.100 sqmEnd of works: 2012Certification: LEED GoldServices: Architecture, Engineering,Health & Safety and Work Supervision.
  16. 16. BEFORE
  17. 17. AFTER
  18. 18. ORACLE H.Q. - MILANThe property in Viale Fulvio Testi was a compact volume of 5grounds above ground and 2 below ground. The idea was tocompletely renovate the building in order to attract importanttenants. During the project it became clear the possibility totransform one of the underground floor into quality office space.This has been obtained thanks to a ground movement around thebuilding in order to improve the quality of natural lighting.The facade has been completely renovated with a newdoubleglazed insulated curtain wall, with a low thermaltransmittance value, resulting in a net improvement in energyperformance of the building, as well as the visual impact, thanksto the use of slender profiles. The façade module has beendefined at 1.5 meters from the previous 1.2 meters above, withthe precise functional purpose of adapting to a more flexibleinternal distribution.
  19. 19. Client: OracleLocation: Milan – ItalyArea: 10.000 sqmEnd of works: 2009Services: Architectural Services, Brief,Interior Design, Project Mngmt, SpacePlanning New Ways of Working &Quality Supervision
  20. 20. BEFORE
  21. 21. AFTER
  22. 22. CORSO EUROPA 22 - MILANA modern building designed in the ‘60 by renowned MilaneseArchitect and Designer Vico Magistretti, a few steps away fromthe famous Fashion District of Milan, needed a new facade andsome restructuring to create a more functional and efficient officespace.The intervention has been delicate and respectful, in order to getthe necessary permits and a more general consensus among thedifferent stakeholders.The facade is the same as Magistretti but with new windows anddoors that create a play of full and voids all over again. At the rearthe combination office-window is replaced by a more functionalcurtain, fully glazed, which gives brightness, depth and quality oflife in the working space.The building gets a full Class B Energy Certification.
  23. 23. Client: Ventidue SRLLocation: Milan – ItalyArea: 3.000 sqmEnd of works: July 2012Services: Architectural Design,Construction Management, DesignCoordination, Executive Coordination,Project Management
  24. 24. BEFORE
  25. 25. AFTER
  26. 26. ALLIANZ - VIA TURATI, MILANThe pixel facade in the centre of MilanIn an environment that mixes history with modernity,Lombardini22 upgraded an office building, owned by Allianz, aproject that doesn’t revolutionizes the existing, but transforms itwith a new facade of pixel-like extruded bow-windows, the rightbalance between economic investment and energy and aestheticperformance.
  27. 27. Client: Allianz Subalpina spaLocation: Milan – ItalyArea: 3.000 sqmEnd of works: 2010Services: Architectural Design ofExternal and Internal Facades
  28. 28. BEFORE
  29. 29. AFTER
  30. 30. ARMANI LUXURY HOTEL - MILANThe Armani Hotel is located in the centre of Milan, with the mainfacade in Via Manzoni, it’s classified as a modern luxury hotel withunique charm thanks to the exclusivity of the location, its historicallegacy and its design.The project comes from an old building, hosting during differentdecades various retailers and also a Cinema. The ground floorhosts an Armani Concept Store, NOBU Restaurant, ArmaniPrivè and Armani Cafè. None of this retail activities have beeninterrupted during the refurbishment, even if major structuralworks have been done.Three new floors have been added on the top of the building,hosting restaurants, Bar and the SPA. Roof gardens andlandscaping have been created.
  31. 31. Client: Emaar Hotels & ResortsServices: 5 star+Location: Milan – ItalyArea: 17.000 sqmOpening: November 10, 2011Services: Design Coordination,Architects of Record
  32. 32. BEFORE
  33. 33. AFTER
  34. 34. FIUMARA NUOVA - GENOAA new look to revive the commercial assets of ING.A typical case of repositioning a retail center marked by time. TheFiumara Entertainment Centre in Genoa has been redevelopedcreating a new attraction thanks to a new image, strong andcommunicative.The challeng was to achive the maximum result with a very limitedbudget. A stimulating and challenging environment, a challengethat Lombardini22 has taken on, cutting a new tailored suit forFiumara Nuova “the retailored retail” which reopened its doors onthe 1st of December 2010.
  35. 35. Client: ING Real EstateLocation: Genoa – ItalyArea: 6.000 sqmEnd of works: 2010Services: Restyling, Construction,Administration
  36. 36. BEFORE
  37. 37. AFTER
  38. 38. FRECCIA ROSSA - BRESCIAPrime location, close to the city center, in an old industrial area ofBrescia that hosted a steel company and a piping company. Thechallenge here was to create a new quality space, out of a brownfield environment, with a strict budget in terms of time and moneyand a very demanding client like SONAE SIERRA.Tribute to Mille Miglia, Freccia Rossa mall is inspired by the worldof cars and speed. A rich mix of commercial activities, food court,leisure and recreation area with cinema and Family EntertainmentCentre organized in a dynamic pattern, designed as a race track,with access on two levels. Escalators and ramps connecting theparking below.Freccia Rossa has more than 120 activities, an open food court,a 3.300 sqm PAM supermarket, a multiscreen cinema , a FamilyEntertainment Center and a Virgin Active Fitness centre.
  39. 39. Client: Sonae Sierra, AIG, CoimpredilLocation: Brescia – ItalyArea: 29.700 sqmEnd of works: 2008Services: Construction ObservationAssitance
  40. 40. BEFORE
  41. 41. AFTER
  42. 42. COOPERAZIONE 21A lightweight renovation of a building owned by Cordea Savills.The objective of the project was a general upgrade of thebuilding’s image by improving its visual impact and circulationsystem. The property consists of two buildings: the highest isa unit of 4,000 square meters spread over 5 floors, 2 lifts andplaced on a lot with 108 parking spaces. The steps of theprocess of rehabilitation focused on the ground floor, on the newimage of the external vertical connections and on the façade.A new control system has been added to the MEP systems toreduce operating costs. All this constitutes a repertoire of works- made of a small investment - which improves the environmentalimpact (noise, air, water), and brings new accessibility and betterquality of living space.
  43. 43. Client: Cordea Savills sgr spaLocation: Bologna – ItalyEnd of Works: 2011Area: 4.000 sqmServices: Architectural, M&E andstructural design, work supervisor,safety coordination.
  44. 44. BEFORE
  45. 45. AFTER
  46. 46. RIVOLI 130From “Palazzo delle Torri” to “Business Income Generation”An old building in the neighbourhood of Turin, not occupied anymore and owned by Cordea Savills. The idea of the client was tocreate a great and flexible workplace of a declining building, givingit a new look, space and services of high international standard,new attractiveness to the contemporary market.Lombardini 22 designed a new metallic shading system,upgrading the image of the building and making it morecontemporary. L22 also studied the way to divide the differenoffice spaces, in order to attract multiple tenants, mainly operatingin the automotive industry, strong in the area.The idea was to upgrade the “Palace of Towers” in Rivoli (sonamed for the eight towers that mark the elevations) and turn itinto a new Business Income Generator: BIG, a nick-name thatmarks a new life-cycle.
  47. 47. Client: Cordea Savills sgr spaLocation: Rivoli, Turin – ItalyYear: On goingServices: Architectural, M&E andstructural design (concept, schemeand development design), worksupervisor, safety coordination.
  48. 48. BEFORE
  49. 49. AFTER
  50. 50. TORTONA 33The objective of the project is not only to revitalize the building butto integrate the area in front in a new urban design, eliminatingthe limitation today represented by the existing fence and creatinga square, at the junction between Via Tortona and the axis of ViaStendhal.The restyling is focalized on renewing the look of the property andthe general revitalization of its ground floor.The architectural design of the interior spaces is aimed atreorganizing the existing office space introducing the theme offlexibility in order to be used by a single renter or divided per flooror part of the floor into two different units ensuring the minimumrequired area of 500sqm for each tenant.
  51. 51. Client: BNP Real EstateLocation: Via Tortona, Milan – ItalyArea: 11.000 sqmDate: 2013Services: Feasibility Study, ConceptDesign.
  52. 52. BEFORE
  53. 53. AFTER