Challenges for scm today's


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A short review about SCM (supply chain management) and the challenges

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Challenges for scm today's

  1. 1. Challenges for SCM today’s global competitive Environment Submitted by : Vina Prisita M NPM 1.427.R004 Ihr Logo
  2. 2. Content  SCM definition  SCM development  Functional areas of logistic  Customer requirement of logistic  The core of SCM  Value stream mapping  Conclusion Here comes your footer  Page 2 Your Logo
  3. 3. SCM definition (definisi SCM) SCM is process that enganged in creating, distributing, and selling products. Here comes your footer  Page 3 Your Logo
  4. 4. SCM development SCM (creating, distributing, and selling) Methodology - To remove inefficiencies - To excess costs - To excess inventories Benefit - Reduce costs - Increase customer satisfaction - Better utilize assets - Build new revenue Here comes your footer  Page 4 Your Logo
  5. 5. Functional areas of logistics Success SCM Logistic Functional areas of logistic Consistencies requitment to logistic by customer Here comes your footer  Page 5 - Network design - Information technology -Transportation - Inventory and Storage - Warehousing - Materials handling, loading, unloading - Packaging and re-packaging Your Logo
  6. 6. Customer requirement of logistic SCM Logistic Customer requirement - Quick response - Complete > Accurate order - Appointment - Shipment preparation - Bar coding - EDI - Carrier selection Here comes your footer  Page 6 Supplier import - Fewer orders - Small + more frequent orders - Vendor carries inventory - Higher warehousing costs for shipping smaller order - Penalties for not meeting the customer reaviirement - Possible lost of business for not meeting the customer requirement Your Logo
  7. 7. The core of scm SCM 5 key issues of logistic : - Movement of product - Movement information - Time / service - Cost - Integration Logistic Here comes your footer  Page 7 Your Logo
  8. 8. Value stream mapping Current condition of SCM Visualy described Value stream mapping Analyzed Flow of product Flow of information Integrated Here comes your footer  Page 8 Your Logo
  9. 9. Definition of value stream mapping.  Is a picture of the process or what is used as a process. Example of value stream mapping  The current value stream map.  Waste identification.  Future state value stream map Here comes your footer  Page 9 Your Logo
  10. 10. Conclusion SCM Identification of problem an opportunities Strategy and measuring Key part Put the process, people and technology in a place Put the process, people and technology in a place Here comes your footer  Page 10 Your Logo Integrated management of supply chain from suppliers to customer
  11. 11. 7 challences for todays scm  Make the logistic aligned with and support the corporate plans  Developing process to respon to the different requeirement of each customer  Now customers are dictating to their suppliers how will they handle their orders  Transportation cost, inventory or information technology can impact to the design and operationof logistic  To understand what each of customer and why (communicate internally and work together  Unclear mission of company  To learn the operations and logistics cycle time Here comes your footer  Page 11 Your Logo