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What Klipfolio’s Marketing Team Learned from Spending $100K on Facebook Ads


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For a young and growing digital marketing team like Klipfolio’s, the idea of having an ads budget seemed like a dream. So when they were given a $100K ad budget they were positively giddy. And unbelievably nervous. This webinar is the story of that campaign, wrinkles and all.

Watch this webinar for practical tips and tricks aimed at small-to-medium sized teams looking to tap into the massive potential of Facebook Advertising:

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What Klipfolio’s Marketing Team Learned from Spending $100K on Facebook Ads

  1. 1. What Klipfolio’s Marketing Team Learned from Spending $100K on Facebook Ads
  2. 2. Jonathan Taylor Digital Marketing Manager, Klipfolio Gary Allen Product Marketing Communications Manager, Unbounce Greg Kelly Product Marketer Vidyard
  3. 3. What we learned from spending $100,000 on Facebook Ads
  4. 4. Let’s start at the beginning...
  5. 5. We’re a scrappy, lean digital marketing team Challenges: Need to grow I Sustainability I Measureable I Low CPAs
  6. 6. We’d heard of success But it seemed remote.
  7. 7. Case Study: PageCloud’s Facebook Presale Quick Stats ● Epic Presale ○ $1.2 million USD in revenue ● Video! ○ Used video from successful TechCrunch Disrupt pitch ○ 25 million video views ● Most successful pre-sale campaign for a Canadian software company
  8. 8. Accepted into Facebook’s Startup program Committed $10,000 on initial program Launch small number of landing pages First time using Unbounce May 2016 - 1st Experiment
  9. 9. Defining Success Generating trials at a rate that is acceptable to the business What is Cost-per-Action ● Action defined within Facebook ● For us, Action = Trial ● CPA maps nicely to Cost-per-Lead ● Target: $50 / Trial
  10. 10. Average CPA was $49/trial Landing page conversion rate: 12% Total trials: 205 Program was a success Initial Success
  11. 11. Time to celebrate, right?
  12. 12. Our success got noticed What if... ● Facebook Ads was a sustainable avenue of growth ● Challenged by business to grow trials within target CPA ● A home run campaign ● Given $100K
  13. 13. Check Point 0$
  14. 14. BOOM. We started spending like mad men.
  15. 15. CPAs would double and triple overnight. Two major issues: 1. Ad frequency 2. On-page conversion rates Big problem...
  16. 16. Check Point
  17. 17. Our scrappy team needed a system
  18. 18. We looked at the data, and saw something interesting...
  19. 19. Ad Frequency What is Ad Frequency? ● The average number of times someone sees your ad ● Calculation: ○ Impressions / Reach ● Annoyance factor ● Ad fatigue
  20. 20. Facebook is an interruptive advertising platform. Unlike AdWords, you don’t have intent on your side. You’re competing against memes, your mom, and political discussions. We forgot something.
  21. 21. Ad Frequency and CPAs are closely related. Ads launched. Frequency = 2.5 Ads go stale. Frequency = 4.5 New creative. Frequency = 2.5
  22. 22. Solution: A creative refresh
  23. 23. Lesson: Build a process for creative refreshes Our process ● Week 1 ○ Design new creative ● Week 2 ○ Test new creative ● Week 3 ○ Pick winning variants ● Week 4 ○ Analysis and deconstruction
  24. 24. Check Point
  25. 25. Of course, we wanted to set our sights even higher
  26. 26. On page conversion rate What is Conversion Rate? ● The number of conversions on your landing page ● Calculation: ○ Conversions / Conversions ● Audience-Product fit ● Ad parity
  27. 27. Initially, we were happy with our LPs ● Solid 12% on-page conversion rate ● Follows industry best practices ● Even featured in Unbounce’s Q4 2016 Lookbook
  28. 28. What if… we turned CPAs into a lever of growth?
  29. 29. Always be CROing
  30. 30. We drove up conversions ● Improved conversion rate to 14%
  31. 31. But we also ticked off our customers...
  32. 32. Check Point
  33. 33. Be human. Use Video.
  34. 34. Check Point
  35. 35. Time to create a process
  36. 36. Landing Page Testing Process
  37. 37. Unbounce makes testing easy.
  38. 38. Building In Unbounce
  39. 39. Building In Unbounce
  40. 40. Testing in Unbounce
  41. 41. Incremental Results Add Up
  42. 42. Check Point
  44. 44. Let’s Face It - Video Works!
  45. 45. Why Jonathan & Klipfolio Are Succeeding With Video Jonathan knew that: ● Video is the most engaging content type to drive conversion ● Unless he could track the impact of video on his marketing programs, the investment could not be justified ● Multiple marketing channels would require the use of video to
  46. 46. Take me to the results!
  47. 47. Final Report
  48. 48. Final Stats
  49. 49. Singles and doubles win the game Test, test, test Build a process and stick to it Creative refreshes are essential Unbounce is key for ease of use Copy, paste; ease of testing Vidyard for video engagement Video is critical for conversion Measure and analyze everything Identify problems and report your success Final Points
  50. 50. @knowbots @blogfaced @gregjameskelly