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Nuggets of Video Marketing Know-how: Top Marketers Tweet Their Tips


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Collecting advice, examples, and best practices from video producers and marketers, we wanted to get everyone's stories of video optimization with the hashtag #MKTGSTORY.
Read the advice and contribute your own marketing story!

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Nuggets of Video Marketing Know-how: Top Marketers Tweet Their Tips

  1. 1. Nuggets of Video presents: Marketing Top Marketers Tweet Their Tips Know-how
  2. 2. When it comes to video, we’ve found there are two types of marketers
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  4. 4. And those who know that you need to optimize your content to realize any ROI. You need to hone your skills, hire real storytellers, and make your message count.
  5. 5. So we asked marketers to share their tips & tricks with the hashtag #mktgstory(y’know, so everyone can learn)
  6. 6. - Jacob Collins, Videographer at Kapost it all starts with production... Don’t just hire a videographer, hire a creative who knows the craft and has something unique to contribute #mktgstory Hire a videographer who thinks like a producer #mktgstory
  7. 7. - Jacob Collins, Videographer at Kapost BACKUP! 2 external backup drives for footage & program files, set to be backed up every Friday. #mktgstory Jacob also reminds marketers to backup their footage to avoid losing work. whew, that’s a good tip!
  8. 8. In terms of writing your video scripts...everyone agrees with short n’sweet. - Amanda Maksymiw Content Marketing Manager at Lattice Engines Every second counts. It's difficult to maintain anyone's attention. Try to get to your message early and keep it short, simple. #mktgstory
  9. 9. The first ten seconds of your video are critical... Don't waste them with a logo sequence. Get to the point. #mktgstory - Simon Spykeman Video Marketing Strategist at SpykerMedia
  10. 10. You should also make video the star I love KANAs simple, sleek landing pages. Their videos are front and centre. They’re the feature! #mktgstory - Ian Hutchinson Video Marketing Specialist at Vidyard
  11. 11. Oh, and ‘’viral’’ isn’t the goal. (Check out Kathy’s article) For B2B video: Go Relevant, Not Viral for Bottom Line Impact! #mktgstory - Kathy Cabrera Writer & Producer at Red Clip Video
  12. 12. - Kasey Bayne, Director of Business Development at Kashoo Many marketers are also realizing B2B doesn’t mean boring! We use video @KashooOnline to show that accounting peeps don’t have to be boring #mktgstory
  13. 13. - Jon Spenceley Community Marketing Manager At Vidyard we use the following best practices: We split-test the splash screens on all of our videos to drive more click-throughs! #mktgstory
  14. 14. - Nina Blagojevic Product Marketing Manager We make the most of webinars by cutting them up into shorter segments and repurposing content in our marketing collateral #mktgstory
  15. 15. - Tyler Lessard Chief Marketing Officer We use video viewing history and completion rates to drive better lead scoring and nurture programs #mktgstory (Read more about this approach here!)
  16. 16. - Jennifer Pepper Content Marketing Manager Connect your video stories to one direct action viewers can take. Don’t end a mid-funnel piece without a compelling CTA #mktgstory
  17. 17. Here is a few extra best practices: Add email gates to videos for lead capture Feed video data into your MAP & CRM for enhanced nurturing campaigns Track viewer behaviour & engagement data
  18. 18. For more on video optimization watch the not-so-fictional story