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The future of video marketing


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Curious as to the future of video marketing?
CEO and cofounder of Vidyard, Michael Litt, goes beyond trends in this SlideShare to discuss how your company will manage, distribute, and track video marketing assets in the not-so-distant future.

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The future of video marketing

  2. As marketers experiment and advance with video, i’ve noticed there’s a wide spectrum of activity and progress.
  3. As William Gibson said, "The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.” 2020 2030 2045 2046 2058
  4. While not everyone is advancing at the same rate based on priorities, budgets, and other factors, eventually video will be ubiquitous. Based on what I see happening with top brands, here’s my TOP 10 predictions for the future of video marketing:
  5. THE FUTURE OF INTERNET IS VIDEO The media evolution looks something like this: Print Radio Television Internet Online Video
  6. As Brent Weinstein, Head of Digital Media at United Talent Agency tells Forbes, “Online video today is what T.V. was a couple of years after it came onto the scene.” Source: Forbes: Future of Content: The Power of Video by Lori Kozlowski
  7. T.V. was understood to be different from film in that it was episodic. It took decades for T.V. to gain respect as a medium, but Weinstein thinks digital will experience a much faster adoption. Everyone’s now familiar with the episodic content and consumption patterns dictate that, as millennials use YouTube to find quickly consumable information, online video will take over.
  8. B2B marketers will want to have a video presence to take advantage of this shift toward episodic, entertaining, helpful, and concise brand content. Which leads me to my next point…
  9. 2 Don’t believe me? Just look at brands like Red Bull, Salesforce, and the Home Depot. The way they have used video on their websites and YouTube position them to appear like media companies.
  10. RED BULL DOESN’T LOOK LIKE THEY SELL AN ENERGY DRINK… Their site looks like a news outlet with stories and app experiences.
  11. Salesforce is becoming a media company with the content on their website. � This B2B giant has a dedicated space for event videos and a strong YouTube presence with over 710 videos and 34,600 subscribers.
  12. With over 43,000 subscribers and hundreds of videos, the Home Depot have created an awesome video experience. � They’ve established themselves as a how-to expert and are boosting their SEO. Google “how to install a toilet” and see what happens…
  13. 3 Every employee is becoming a content producer From Vine to Instagram, your employees have access to video tools and you’ll want to make sure they have some sort of media training or understanding of what content you want. associated with your brand.
  14. #4. Every company will employ a Director or VP of Video Strategy Large companies are hiring leaders to take ownership of the video experience. Their job is to shape the media experience, provide a strategy based on current trends, and be accountable for the ROI on video assets.
  15. #5. Sales teams will rely on video as a resource Forget heavy text-based assets. Moving forward your content producers will be writing concise scripts for persuasive video assets to provide to sales. �Sales will have tools to share video in new ways and they’ll need video addressing every part of the buying cycle.
  16. #6. The press release will become a video! When you think about the purpose of a press release: To inform the media of an event To educate the press about your business, and To gain publicity based on interest Concise, compelling videos just make sense to get your news picked up!
  17. Just as most companies communicate their value with an explainer video, in the near future, every company will use video in their press releases to brief the media in a convincing, engaging way.
  18. #7. Event campaigns will center around video assetS Want to inform a conference crowd you’ll be at a major industry event? Send a personalized video message as part of a an email campaign! These types of video invitations and campaigns will become commonplace.
  19. #8. Marketers will reach customers in their living rooms Set-top boxes are bringing the Internet to the living room. Gen Y’ers don’t buy cable or satellite subscriptions. They rely on YouTube and the Internet. A well placed video campaign will find your customers as YouTube takes them down the rabbit hole from the comfort of their couch.
  20. #9. Your video content will find your prospectS The banner ad…it’s dead. Contextually relevant/earned media is king. And soon you’ll be able to have your videos appear as recommended content.
  21. If you’ve ever read a Forrester report and the associated, suggested content seems really relevant, you know what I’m talking about. Our company is working with major brands to get video to appear in the recommended listings based on metadata and relevance. (optimized thumbnail and all!)
  22. #10. Video viewing data will be integrated across the organization (MAP, CRM, Support, etc.) Big data is a focus for many organizations, and now that it’s here to stay, the next step is to make it more detailed and accurate. Video can help you do just that.
  23. Based on the analytics available, we’re able to tell what videos attract individual prospects and customers, the content they are watching, and what they are not watching. This info will be integrated across the organization to marketing & sales automation platforms, service and support clouds, Engineering, and R&D.
  24. You’ll consolidate your video marketing data with your MAP & CRM to: Score your leads based on viewing history Send automated, relevant and personalized follow up to the most qualified leads, and Gain increased insight into customer behaviour for more contextual conversations with clients
  25. As you can see, video is presenting some massive opportunities for brands. Let me know what you think of my predictions and make a few of your own with a comment!
  26. Also, feel free to get in touch – I love chatting about video marketing! Michael Litt CEO & Co-founder of Vidyard Follow us on SlideShare Subscribe for blog updates Subscribe to the bi-weekly newsletter Follow us on Twitter