A Recipe for a Successful Conference Campaign


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Want the secret to a stellar trade show or conference campaign? Try out our tried and true tips for an upcoming industry event and see the effect video can have!

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A Recipe for a Successful Conference Campaign

  1. 1. Vidyard Presents: A RECIPE FOR essful Succ A CONFERENCE CAMPAIGN y Joe B lata Ge
  2. 2. If you’ve invested in a booth at a conference you have one main goal: Generate Sweet Leads!
  3. 3. To generate these gourmet leads, you’ll need to: Drive traffic to your booth to convert visitors to leads in person Open a communications channel independent of the conference
  4. 4. Some marketers forget about the secondary communication channel to support in-person efforts, but there’s no guarantee a prospect will drop by to meet you in person. A targeted email campaign can make all the difference at conferences.
  5. 5. First, you’ll need these campaign ingredients : To support conference goals and a targeted email campaign, you should craft the following assets: A campaign landing page A spicy video you make exclusively to communicate your attendance at the conference
  6. 6. Let’s Start with the Landing Page When creating your landing page, be sure to include the following: Entertainment: Use a hook to entice visitors to read through your info; that’s where the video comes in! A summary of who you are and what you do
  7. 7. An announcement that you’ll be at the conference Where you’ll be located in the building A summary of presentations you’re involved with at the conference
  8. 8. An example of an optimized landing page featuring video: Here’s a landing page we created for our Dreamforce campaign: (click to visit and watch the video)
  9. 9. Use an Entertaining Video You’ll notice the video we include. Videos sit front-and-center on landing pages and serve as the feature amidst all other info. Optimize your video feature by: Adding an optional email gate for lead generation Including a pop-out call to action or contact form leads can engage with
  10. 10. Promoting Your Campaign Along with traditional distribution: Email, Twitter, Facebook, blog posts, LinkedIn, etc. we’ve had luck with the following channels: Twilio: A service that immediately connects prospects to your team by phone YouTube retargeting ads: Remind your prospects you have a booth with a pre-roll ad on YouTube (use the bloopers or cutting room floor footage of your feature video as your ad!)
  11. 11. Promotion Continued … Automated InMail: LinkedIn InMail has a much higher response rate than email because it’s done through connections you know and is a peer-to-peer method. The downside is you can only send one at a time (we’ve found a workaround, but we’ve gotta keep some secrets).
  12. 12. Tips to Rock Your Conference Campaigns: 1. Use video: Increase CTR in email and generate awareness to drive booth traffic 2. Offer a method to contact sales: Why wait if someone is interested pre-conference based on your video message?
  13. 13. 3. Provide a branded conference map: Drive awareness of your location in a fully-branded map of the conference space 4. Schedule meetings with prospects late in the funnel: Conferences are busy, focus on meeting up with late-stage prospects in-person
  14. 14. Want More Info? Check out my blog post with more detailed info on this topic here: www.vidyard.com/blog Contact Info joe.gelata@vidyard.com Subscribe to our blog here.