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How to Generate Leads with Interactive Video CTAs


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Using video is a great way to engage your customers and prospects—but how do you channel engagement into action? Interactive calls-to-action (CTAs) or ‘events’ are one great way to drive specific, desired outcomes from your video viewers. Find out how you can leverage interactivity in your own video content leveraging the Vidyard platform.

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How to Generate Leads with Interactive Video CTAs

  1. 1. How to Generate Leads from Video Using Vidyard's Interactive Player
  2. 2. What are Vidyard Interactive Events?
  3. 3. What are Vidyard Interactive Events? Vidyard Interactive Events are areas of the player that have been created to actively engage your viewers. • Can be fully customized using HTML, CSS, or Javascript • Can happen at any point in time in the video • Meant to drive a specific, desired action from the viewer while they are watching your videos
  4. 4. How to Leverage Interactivity
  5. 5. Getting Started with Interactivity 1. What is the nature of your video content? 2. What is the ideal next step for a lead after watching? 3. Which Interactive Events are going to best drive desired outcomes?
  6. 6. What is the nature of my video content?
  7. 7. Video Content in the Funnel Awareness Consideration Decision • Company Overviews • Thought Leadership Webinars • Info Bytes • Product Overviews • Solution-based Webinars • How-To Videos • Customer Testimonial Videos • In-Depth Product Demos
  8. 8. What is the ideal next step after watching?
  9. 9. Typical Ideal Outcomes Awareness Consideration Decision • Download whitepapers or other content, subscribe to newsletter • Learn more about specific products • Examine customer stories • Identify intention/persona • Initiate an opportunity • Request product information
  10. 10. Which Events are going to get the job done?
  11. 11. Events in the Awareness Stage Annotation Form for newsletter sign up Annotations to drive product exploration Fullscreen for whitepaper downloads
  12. 12. Events in the Consideration Stage Fullscreen webinar gate with Marketo Form Choose Your Own Adventure to self-segment
  13. 13. Events in the Decision Stage Link for starting an inquiry Annotation for requesting specific product information
  14. 14. How to Create Interactive Events in Vidyard
  15. 15. Types of Vidyard Events • Full screen: Stops the video whenever the event is set to occur; take up the entire size of the player • Webinar gates • Post-video links • Annotation: Appears while the video continues to play; can take up as little or as much of the player space as necessary • Buttons to other content/pages • Subscription forms
  16. 16. Summary 1. Vidyard Interactive Events are areas of the player that have been created to actively engage your viewers. 2. Plan out your interactive events based on: 1. What kinds of videos you have 2. What your specific desired outcomes are 3. Which events will best get those desired outcomes 3. Easily create Interactive Events with the Vidyard Events Library
  17. 17. More Information Check out the Blog