Capture Attention Faster With Your Video Marketing


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A goldfish has an attention span of nine seconds. Your target audience? Just eight!
What you do with the first few seconds of your video matters; learn some of our best practices and tips for capturing your target audience's attention faster!

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Capture Attention Faster With Your Video Marketing

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  4. If a five second ad is driving you berserk...Imagine the effect of a 30-second video intro!
  5. With today’s short attention spans, you have to get to the video goods fast!
  6. Ditch the “BurgerMethod” High school English may have taught you that the meat of your story is delivered between “intro” and “conclusion” buns ...but this isn’t true for video content.
  7. ComScore’s research shows the average video length has shortened from nearly 7 minutes to just under 5 in the last year and a half: MIN MIN
  8. FUN FACT: The typical attention span of a web user is a second less than that of a goldfish, clocking in at 8 seconds. Drop Off: The loss of viewers after the first few seconds of watching video QUESTION: What are you gonna do with your 8 seconds?
  9. When crafting your messaging, become selective and concise. Reduce the length of your scripts and make sure the first sentence qualifies viewer interest.
  10. Reduced a 1:06 minute promo video to 43 seconds Cut the script from 11 points to just 6, and Retained 65% of the audience through to the very end of the video
  11. HERE’S WHAT THE DATA LOOKED LIKE: There was an initial drop off where we lost 20% of the audience after the first 7 seconds, but this is actually what you want when narrowcasting your message.
  12. ORIGINAL INTRO – SUPER BROAD & NON-DESCRIPTIVE: “We’re proud to present the leader in enterprise cloud computing…”
  13. REVISED – SPECIFIC TO QUALIFY LEADS: “Vidyard is introducing native video tools throughout the Salesforce Experience.”
  14. By summarizing our main point right away, we qualified leads’ interests immediately. Anyone who wasn’t interested bounced in 7 seconds, but that left us with 65% of leads we could actually focus on converting.
  15. THE MARKETING MORAL HERE: Keep the attention of your niche audience with highly targeted video content instead of gaining millions of uninterested viewers who drop off instantly. You have a chance to convert the niche. You’ll never get the drop offs! (so lose ‘em quicker)
  16. Targeted, short video scripts help retain your audience:
  17. Design them with drop off in mind Qualify your leads immediately based on targeted interests Ensure content is concise and entertaining enough tO get viewers to the end
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