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Vidur Bhardwaj


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Mr. Vidur Bharadwaj from 3C Company: After, extensive research on the next level of Green Technology, Vidur along with his architectural team showcased India’s first Net Zero Energy Home – “Shunya” during CII IGBC Conference New Delhi.

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Vidur Bhardwaj

  1. 1. The Vidur Bhardwaj Company The Vidur Bhardwaj Company was founded by Mr. Vidur Bhardwaj with the objective of focusing on green and sustainable architecture. Vidur Bhardwaj is the motivating force behind Green Development, in the age of ‘neo-design & architect’ in Delhi and NCR. The company combines building orientation and façade design with energy efficient technology, renewable energy sources, and environmentally friendly materials. We push architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future. Our firm focuses on the long-term environmental impact of maintaining and operating a building, and reducing energy consumption and creating a more pleasant environment. Green buildings balance environmental responsibility, resource efficiency, and energy efficiency with community sensitivity and occupant comfort. The company designs the buildings ‘green’ by adopting energy efficient and environment friendly techniques. We’re highly customized for every single project and every single site.