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In the press release, ACT claimed that the acquired        rights.    Meanwhile the declining fortunes of
business had an ...
Genesys Launches Genesys Meeting Center                     The Wainhouse Research Bulleting would like you to join
H.323 Version 4
RADVISION has released its H.323 Version 4.0
Development Solution that is in compliance with the
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TeleCon Preview Special
TeleCon is less than two weeks away. We draw your attention below to some of the special events ta...
The Wainhouse Research Bulletin   Page-6   Vol. 2 #40,October 10, 2001
                               Tuesday, October 23RD, 2001, Anaheim California
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WR Bulletin Vol 2 Issue #40 10-Oct-01


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WR Bulletin Vol 2 Issue #40 10-Oct-01

  1. 1. The Wainhouse Research Bulletin ONLINE NEWS AND VIEWS ON VISUAL COLLABORATION AND RICH MEDIA Please feel free to forward this newsletter to your colleagues. To be added to our automated email distribution list, simply visit SUBSCRIBE NOW! IT’S FREE! Andrew W. Davis, but I can assure you that my office is littered with TANDBERG Goes Wireless miles of cables, and the concept of wireless is TANDBERG has introduced a new version of its growing on me daily. sexy videoconferencing system, the all-in-one Wireless videoconferencing will dominate several TANDBERG 1000, this time putting even more main application areas – primarily the small room, “all” in the “all in one.” The new TANDBERG executive office, shared office environments, and 1000, which replaces the 9-month-old TANDBERG enterprises where portability is valued. 1000, has a PCMCIA slot (also known as PC card) built in to the top of the rear bezel. The slot takes ! (Kristin Blix) any one of several wireless Ethernet (802.11b for you techies) cards available. In addition, ACT Acquires PictureTel’s 1414c TANDBERG has ensured secure network Videoconferencing Service Delivery Business connection with advanced encryption support (standard with 802.11b). ACT Teleconferencing, a full-service global provider of audio, video, data and Internet Here’s What I Think conferencing products and services, has acquired PictureTel’s videoconferencing bridging business, This is the marriage of two which has operated recently under the 1414c brand great concepts – wireless name. Note: the release did not say that ACT networking, and a portable, acquired 1414c, which for legal reasons it did not. sleek, videoconferencing The deal is sized at around $9 million comprising system. The TANDBERG 769,731 unregistered ACT common shares, $1 1000 is a completely million in cash, and $2.5 million in a two-year integrated system with an unsecured note bearing interest at 10% per year. LCD screen and multiple Total ACT shares outstanding after the transaction network interfaces including will be approximately 7.8 million, representing a IP, ISDN and now also 10% increase in the Company's issued share base. wireless LAN. The compact size of the TANDBERG Included in the acquisition are three primary video- 1000 makes it highly conferencing service delivery centers in portable and therefore Massachusetts, the UK, and Singapore, as well as a uniquely suited for use on a network of service delivery points in Australia, wireless LAN. With Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Mexico and 802.11b, the only cable Japan. These centers control a network of 27 running out of the conferencing system is a power bridges and three streaming video service facilities cord, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see the and software that support video conferencing Norwegians conquer that problem either (although meetings and live, on-demand streaming events solar power doesn’t work too well in Norway for at across the globe. least half the year). I don’t know about all of you, The Wainhouse Research Bulletin Page-1 Vol. 2 #40,October 10, 2001
  2. 2. In the press release, ACT claimed that the acquired rights. Meanwhile the declining fortunes of business had an estimated 2002 revenue run rate of PictureTel were taking a toll on the video bridging $8 million per year with a customer base of services business, with several major customers approximately 400 multinational corporations, defecting to the services competition. consisting primarily of Fortune 500 companies. The estimated 2001 revenue growth rate for the acquired In July 2001, PurePoint and a few key engineers customer base was 75%. Prior to the acquisition, were shipped off to First Virtual Communications in ACT’s videoconferencing bridging business was a strategic alliance that gave PictureTel an equity generating about $2 million revenues per year. position in FVC. What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been In October 2001, the bridging business itself has been sold to ACT, completing the dissolution task. This is the final dismantling of the ill-fated PictureTel empire prior to its being subsumed into Now, with the pending acquisition of PictureTel by Polycom. Some day, some business historian will Polycom, the sale of the video bridging business to put together the saga and we will all wonder how it ACT reinforces the joint commitment of PictureTel could have happened. PictureTel got into the and Polycom to not compete with their channel bridging service business somewhere in the early or partners and gives the new, post-acquisition mid 1990s, in response to European customer Polycom a clean, clear business charter. Things are requests for a worldwide service. Things ran pretty indeed looking up. well until the late 1990s when things inside PictureTel in general began to unravel. One last note, PictureTel's videoconferencing service delivery business is a great fit for ACT, In June 1998, PictureTel acquired streaming which is a service provider. No channel conflict or company Starlight Networks and renamed their resource allocation problems here. never-finished product the eVideo application ! (Liza Rygg) server. Meanwhile a team internal to PictureTel was developing a streaming video server dubbed eVideo3000. All of these were lumped together in a concept then-CEO Bruce Bond dubbed VCN, Video Now Available! Collaboration for the ‘Net. Some of you may remember the full page ad in the Wall Street Journal for VCN. Problem was - you can’t really collect revenue for a concept - you need a product or a service. Later, the Starlight services company, which was never really integrated into PictureTel proper, was combined with the bridging services operation, and the combined operation was dubbed 1414c in April 2000. The eVideo3000 product was renamed PurePoint. This put PictureTel squarely in the position of having a hardware company selling through channels, many of whom were competing with PictureTel’s own services company. Meanwhile 1414c’s revenues were almost exclusively bridging revenues. Conferencing Clients: Video & Web Clients In October 2000, Starlight was essentially sold off for Group and Personal Conferencing for a song, with PictureTel cutting its cash burn rate and keeping some product and technology use Complete details including an Executive Summary Available at The Wainhouse Research Bulletin Page-2 Vol. 2 #40,October 10, 2001
  3. 3. Genesys Launches Genesys Meeting Center The Wainhouse Research Bulleting would like you to join us in thanking our sponsors who help keep distribution of Genesys has taken another leap towards that the WRB free: Integrated Collaboration Environment (ICE) in the Collaborative Systems LLC sky with its Genesys Meeting Center (GMC), a new First Virtual Communications service that is intended to focus on small unattended Genesys Conferencing meetings that involve audio and web and data Gentner Global Scheduling Solutions conferencing (and will be expanded into video in the InView future). GMC brings together several key elements, Ivron Systems including integrated audio and web capabilities that PictureTel can be managed through a single web interface, Polycom synchronized streaming of audio and video (not fully RADVISION automated yet), and automatic archiving for Ridgeway Systems and Software subsequent streaming playback. And the pricing is TANDBERG potentially disruptive to the web conferencing V-SPAN market, dominated by PlaceWare and WebEx. VBrick GMC is pricing its web conferencing service (as an Zydacron add on to the company’s audio conferencing The fine print: Sponsorship of the WR Bulletin in no way customers) at $39.95/month per concurrent meeting. implies that our sponsors endorse the opinions expressed in the Bulletin. Nor does it imply that the Bulletin endorses their If you don’t want to sign up, you can pay $0.40 per products or services. We remain an equal opportunity critic. user per minute. Here’s What I Think Click to Meet Meets Exchange First Virtual Communications has announced a new Genesys, through a string of over 20 mergers version of Click to Meet for use with the Microsoft combined with internal growth, has emerged as one Exchange and Outlook environment for messaging of the leading service providers worldwide. The and collaboration. Click to Meet for Exchange company is on track to do nearly $200M in revenues version 2.1 is the first major product release this year, more than twice the sales of year 2000. following the merger of First Virtual We’ve said this before and we think it is still true – Communications and CUseeMe Networks. It the future of audio conferencing is web conferencing combines previous CUseeMe Videoware technology (and vice versa), and Genesys, with its recent with the Click to Meet platform for a more acquisition of Canada’s Astound, has the best web comprehensive solution to videoconferencing and conferencing technology around. GMC, with its rich media collaboration. Click to Meet supports single interface to multiple media conferencing both desktop and room-based conferencing systems types, and with its focus on reservation-less services, as well as a variety of networks types, including IP, is aimed squarely at the sweet spot of the market. ISDN and ATM. For audio conferencing enthusiasts, GMC offers a wide range of web controls, eliminating the need for ! (Tanya Prather) years of DTMF training. While GMC doesn’t embrace video yet, which annoys video-centric Spectel-Multilink is Now Spectel people like myself, the truth is that video is a minor The more things change, the more they stay the part of the service provider universe and that web same! Spectel will maintain dual headquarters in conferencing is growing by leaps and bounds Andover, Mass. And Dublin, Ireland. because it is a low-cost, network-friendly, easy-to- use, and highly effective communications vehicle. ! ! The Wainhouse Research Bulletin Page-3 Vol. 2 #40,October 10, 2001
  4. 4. H.323 Version 4 RADVISION has released its H.323 Version 4.0 Development Solution that is in compliance with the latest ITU H.323 standard – version 4.0. ! (Sandra Fathi) A Comprehensive Two-Day Tutorial of Wheeling & Dealing Streaming Media Technologies & Markets November 8-9 2001 – Washington DC Wire One has entered into a co-marketing agreement with Everest Broadband Networks. Wire Details at One customers requiring last-mile connectivity to the Glowpont network can now use Everest’s People & Places scaleable, IP-over-Ethernet, service (at up to 100Mbps). In a separate announcement, the e-StudioLive, Joe Bane, VP of Alternate Channels company said that Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center will equip 12 institutions across the Letters to the Editor state with Polycom interactive video systems provided by Wire One. Andrew: Avistar and Syntegra, the global consulting and I thought your comment regarding Gentner being systems integration business of British "known for its excellent customer service, something Telecommunications have announced a joint that could buy them market share" was highly marketing and resale agreement for the integration relevant to our little industry and highly appropriate. and sale of Syntegra’s ITS voice trading platform I often come across poor customer service from both and Avistar’s video operating system. the leading manufactures and value added reseller community, and it seems as tho customer service is Vianet Technologies has signed a letter of intent to not a priority within their business model? Those merge with Comm - Services Corporation. within our industry guilty of this will grow of course by constantly discounting their prices – a foolhardy and fragile approach, but one which is common place. Save These Dates Wainhouse Research Summit 2002 April 2-3, 2002 The Web Link Database: Sheraton Boston Hotel. Over 14,000 click-thrus served ! Our categorized, searchable Industry Web Links Our first summit, which focused on “The Future database now contains over 325 Internet web links, of Conferencing”, was a sellout, so make your and if your favorite link isn’t there, submit it! plans early. The next summit will focus on Bookmark “Achieving Success with Rich Media Conferencing.” Wainhouse Research will be Vendors: Our link database is consistently producing over 500 looking for some interesting end-user speakers click-thrus a week. Are you getting your share? from all types of large and small companies, Add a description and logo with an Enhanced Link plus a select number of experts to shed light on and get your message across. the remaining mysteries. Additional details The Wainhouse Research Bulletin is published by Wainhouse Research soon in the WRB and on LLC, 112 Sumner Road, Brookline, MA 02445. Tel 617-975-0297. Email to Free subscriptions are available at Copyright 2001 by Wainhouse Research. The Wainhouse Research Bulletin Page-4 Vol. 2 #40,October 10, 2001
  5. 5. TeleCon Preview Special TeleCon is less than two weeks away. We draw your attention below to some of the special events taking place within the confines of the world’s largest show dedicated to conferencing and collaboration technologies and applications. Wainhouse Research at TeleCon 2001 Analysts from Wainhouse Research will be actively participating in this year’s TeleCon show in Anaheim. We hope some of you will take the time to come up and introduce yourselves. Look for us at: Oct 22 9-5pm Andrew Davis & IP Conferencing Tutorial, with colleagues Brent Kelly and Andy Nilssen Mike Pihlman… details below Oct 22 9-1159am Marc Beattie Streaming for Business Workshop Oct 23 1230pm – 145pm Andrew Davis Panel moderator with representatives from Polycom, PictureTel, Sony, TANDBERG, VTEL, Zydacron Oct 23 1230pm – 145pm Marc Beattie Session moderator on the future of streaming media Oct 23 330pm – 445pm Andy Nilssen Session moderator on managing digital assets Oct 23 200pm – 315pm Marc Beattie Session moderator on wireless technologies Oct 23 & 300pm – 345pm Andrew Davis Presentation on the industry status, the IP Pavilion sponsored Oct 24 by TANDBERG Oct 24 200pm – 315pm Andy Nilssen Session moderator on using the web for rich media communications Oct 24 500pm - 540pm Andy Nilssen Analyst Roundtable moderated by e-learning’s Gene Smarte IP Conferencing Tutorial Agenda October 22, 2001 Topic Start Time 0. Welcome 900 1. Intro to IP Conferencing 905 2. Quality of Service Issues 930 3. Network Infrastructure Issues 945 Coffee Break 1020 4. Demo – 1 1035 5. Panel Discussion – Why is this so hard. What are the technology issues 1135 users need to face; and what are the real solutions. Representatives from: Polycom, RADVISION, Spectel, TANDBERG, VSPAN Lunch 1215 6. Network Management 1300 7. Conferencing Support Servers and Services.. directories, scheduling etc 1330 8. Service Providers Issues 1410 Coffee Break 1430 9. New Forces Affecting the Future 1445 10 Demo 2 1500 11. Panel Discussion – Getting started. What are the first steps to take. What 1600 are the pitfalls. What about overlay networks vs. converged networks. Representatives from GBH, Sprint, SPL, VTEL, Wire One Adjourn 1645 The Wainhouse Research Bulletin Page-5 Vol. 2 #40,October 10, 2001
  6. 6. The Wainhouse Research Bulletin Page-6 Vol. 2 #40,October 10, 2001
  7. 7. IMCCA USERS’ CONFERENCE Tuesday, October 23RD, 2001, Anaheim California Co-Located with TeleCon Registration and Continental Breakfast Breakfast sponsored by Forgent Opening Remarks and Keynote Introduction Dr S. Ann Earon, IMCCA Chairperson Keynote Presentation: Polycomj’s Bob Hagerty will address the future of conferencing and collaboration. Bob Hagerty, CEO, Polycom AUDIOCONFERENCING…..End user customers will Anne Hardwick, Virginia Dept of IT discuss their deployment of audio conferencing, the Pam Callen, Bank Of America benefits and applications and what they wish to see from Spencer Freund, California State University-Sacramento vendors in the future Phyllis Ford, Toyota Motor Sales USA Jamie Poindexter, University of Wisconsin MULTIMEDIA/WEB…Presentations from several end- Ira Weinstein, Principal, C-Tech Consulting Group users on their selection of, deployment, and use of web Judy McKee, Phondementals conferencing and online collaboration tools. Ron Miazga, Vopak USA VIDEOCONFERENCING….Learn from end users the Dr. S. Ann Earon, IMCCA Chair Person decisions they made, how the technology is being Brian Borucki, GE Medical Systems utilized, and what they plan to do in the future Ken Studebaker, State Farm Sharyle Price, Pacific Healthcare STREAMING… Learn how users are deploying Clarence Burke, GlaxoSmithKline streaming, the benefits of the technology, and the trials Russ Cary, SAS and tribulation of deployment. Butch Brock, Eastman Chemical IMCCA user forum attendee lunch and speaker Lunch sponsored by TANDBERG EDUCATION ….This panel will present examples of the Gerald J. Richter, COO, Community of Agile Partners in use of a range of technologies to enable multi- Education institutional cooperative programs in higher education Karen Hicks, Director of Academic Services, CAPE and between higher education and the K-12 sector, The Thomas Treadwell, Prof, of Psych, West Chester U emphasis will be on technology as the basis for building Michael S Feinberg, Miranda Media Networks new collaborative strategies and new models of teaching Lynn Rejniak. Director, Research & Development, and learning/ University of South Florida GOVERNMENT…. The Navy and Marine Corps have Dave Morgan, Fleet Combat Training Center merged training facilities into a single network. This Dennis Chennault, Marine Corps, Distance Learning session will explore technical strategies employed, Center, Quantico efficiencies gained, and describe the variety of programs Mike Valetutti, President and CEO, AGT now offered world wide to sailors and marines. Jean Jones, Program Manager, AGT HEALTHCARE…. Videoconferencing has been accepted Toni Aloso, Pfizer by the Healthcare/Pharmaceutical industry; but, how are Bob Meli, Johnson & Johnson they using it? This session will explore everything from Gail Fish, Novartis drug development to education to diagnostic medicine. Ken Bigrave, GlaxoSmithKline VENDOR PANEL… Participate in this audience driven Dr. S. Ann Earon, IMCCA Chairperson panel of conferencing and collaborative communications Fran Flood, CEO, Gentner Communications vendors as you quiz them on their current and future Barry James Folsom, CEO, Placeware directions with technology. Walter Sebastian, VP, Sony Kristin Blix, VP Marketing, TANDBERG Phil Keenan, Accord IMCCA Reception Reception Sponsored by Polycom Cost to attend the IMCCA Users Conference is free for TeleCon registrants and $525 for non-registrants. Visit or for further information. All handouts sponsored by AT&T. The Wainhouse Research Bulletin Page-7 Vol. 2 #40,October 10, 2001