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  1. 1. In challenging times, finding ways to work more See Hello to efficiently is simply good business. That’s what video-enabling your organization means. Everyone The New Way with access to business-quality video for the most natural communication. of Working. Face-to-face rather than place-to-place. Make decisions at the speed of thought and bring experts into a meeting at a moment’s notice, no matter where they are. See customers as soon as a need arises. Keep employees happy working from home, and managers happy with their availability. Get everyone on the same page. See Hello to doing more with less, transforming your organization and being greener. Everyone, See Hello to video. 2
  2. 2. Tandberg EX90
  3. 3. You can see a proven return on investment Customers like TNT have already experienced the ROI of video first-hand. TNT launched video as part measured in mere months. An executive system of its Planet Me program to become the first carbon typically costs about as much as just two of neutral mail and express delivery company in the world. the international trips it will eliminate—a fact that Our solution will help them save nearly €11.5m on travel over four years, and is on target to deliver an ROI of is sure to please any finance manager. And in 71%. TNT’s aim is to have our video available not just to the time it would have taken to travel to and senior executives, but to everyone in their organization. from the airports, another sale could have been closed and a promise for a family dinner kept. Do more with less. Please take a moment to calculate how your organization may benefit from deploying video at 5
  4. 4. Transform your organization. See Hello to See Hello to critical response time less downtime There is more to video and telepresence than money saved—there is money earned and competitive advantage. By removing the delay of travel and providing expertise anywhere in the world at anytime, these organizations have been inspired to implement new, more efficient business processes. Roughly every 45 seconds, someone in Statoil, one of the world’s largest oil and the United States suffers a stroke, but gas companies, connects platforms in the availability of critical care neurologists the Norwegian Sea with support centers falls well below demand. Specialists On on the coast through their Integrated Call uses video to put emergency trained Operations. Video helps shore-based neurologists at a stroke patient’s bedside experts diagnose problems immediately within minutes of entering the hospital. from thousands of miles away, significantly With video, they are able to provide timely reducing downtime. According to Statoil, intervention and claim a success rate some issues that used to take two months with stroke patients that is two to three to resolve now take two weeks. times higher than the national average. 6
  5. 5. See Hello to See Hello to See Hello to See Hello to clearer communication more balance greener design scaled expertise More than 30 million Americans are deaf Vodafone, a network operator active Global architectural and design firm, Volkswagen uses video to train more or hard of hearing and turn to businesses, in more than 29 countries, represents Woods Bagot distinguishes itself by its than 200 dealerships on the latest repair hospitals and government agencies superior expertise in mobile telephony. unique “one global studio” model in which techniques, eliminating the travel costs and for critical services. Deaf Link delivers Innovation is the key to its culture. the company leverages its expansive lost service revenue of sending the local the power of video to these organizations Vodafone implemented video as a way worldwide talent pool to collaborate as technicians to training. This has helped so they can better serve this group by to increase quality of life for employees a global team on projects. By joining cut repair times by 50% and travel and connecting them instantly with American who spent too much time on the road. Sydney, Dubai and San Francisco as part communication expenses by 30%. Overall, Sign Language (ASL) interpreters. At the same time, video helped Vodafone of a pilot program, they saved $440,000 video supports a 300% improvement in reduce travel costs by 30%. on travel costs in just one year, but more complex repair turn-around time. importantly, the firm has optimized collaboration across the globe. 7
  6. 6. You can reduce your carbon footprint and increase Almost 80% of global workers believe that working Be greener. employee satisfaction. The fact is, if a single company enabled 100 employees to work from home one day per week, 103,080 fewer pounds of carbon dioxide would be emitted into the atmosphere each year. That’s the for an environmentally ethical organization is important. We at Tandberg are proud to offer a green technology. equivalent of saving trees covering an area the size of We are personally committed to ensuring the sustainability five and a half football fields. of our internal practices and processes. We have conducted an internal audit on our own environmental That’s also good news for employees on two fronts. friendliness, and strive to exceed the relevant directives A recent study found that telecommuters reported more for corporate and social responsibility. job satisfaction, less motivation to leave the company, less stress and improved work-family balance. Tandberg Movi with PrecisionHD USB camera Please take a moment to read more about how your organization can reduce its carbon footprint at
  7. 7. Tandberg E20
  8. 8. An open door policy Improve From the highest level of an organization to the road warrior, everyone can benefit from face-to-face communication. And it becomes more powerful when that experience extends to customers and partners collaboration. outside of the organization. Tandberg makes this possible through solutions that are all standards- compliant and interoperable. One size does not fit all Video endpoints that fit the lifestyle / workstyle of the user. From telepresence for the senior executive to a video IP phone for a new employee, Tandberg has the broadest range of endpoints in the industry. Absolute quality Business meetings require video quality not available Everyone understands the direction in consumer-minded products. Unprecedented quality and feels part of the same team. In short, is now possible—High Definition—using commonly video and telepresence have the power available IP connections. In addition, rolling video out to thousands of employees requires the centralized to unify the organization. To accomplish management, security and reliability of the this, a few things need to be in place Tandberg solution. that only Tandberg can provide. Desirability A social anthropologist, customer focus groups and the influence of quality Scandinavian design contribute to the connection our customers have with their Tandberg video. The sleek, organic design is coupled with usability, made simple with a highly intuitive menu system and a dial plan that enables one touch dialling. 11
  9. 9. Whether you have two or two thousand A Tandberg solution-based approach means video systems, you need to be confident that organizations can add new standards they’ll work for every single call. compliant technologies and capabilities, easily and transparently, at any time—with no disruption to the end-user experience. This translates into future-proof investments and an unparalleled video experience for end users and IT professionals alike. At the core of this seamless performance is the video network. Start by identifying the applications of video and telepresence you need to support. Build a solid foundation of reliable call control and centralized management. Add intelligent network Be confident. features as the need arises. Tandberg infrastructure makes video reliable, secure and scalable. Video Communication Server— the heart of the video network, providing call control, secure firewall traversal and interoperability with Unified Communications and VoIP systems. New scalability and redundancy in video communications. Tandberg Management Suite — manage the entire video network centrally for on-site and remote video systems. Support, deploy, and schedule at a moment’s notice. Multipoint Control Units — join multiple video and voice participants into a single conference in crystal- clear High Definition. Telepresence Server— an industry first, bridging the worlds of telepresence and standards-compliant video. Extend the reach of telepresence meetings to all employees. Interoperability brings in third-party vendors seamlessly. Recording and Streaming —record video content. Stream, archive and make available to anyone, anytime. 12
  10. 10. Tandberg Profile 52”
  11. 11. Imagine your workspace simplified with just a PC, a The Tandberg UC Gateway solution delivers High Unify & mobile phone and video. Through seamless switching callers reach you, not your device. Communication is face-to-face and natural, with video set as your preferred selection. Definition interoperability between Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 and any standards compliant video device, ensuring the most scalable and resilient solution in the industry. integrate. This very human approach to communication is already possible through Tandberg technologies and its partnerships. And at the heart of the solution is the Tandberg Video Communication Server (VCS), which provides interoperability with VoIP technologies for a complete unified communications environment. Tandberg has partnered with industry-leading service providers, software leaders and IP telephony leaders Tandberg’s leading solutions and pioneering approach to ensure tight integration and the best video to standards and interoperability make us the partner experience possible. of choice for technology industry leaders and customers alike. Tandberg makes the technology invisible, with features such as FindMe, which automatically follows preset preferences on how best to reach the user. Tandberg InTouch interface Tandberg E20
  12. 12. Our priority is ensuring our customers have the best We’re passionate about having our systems used, not just video experience possible. Great or small, your video installed. That’s why we offer a program to support usage investment can be maximized and protected through and adoption of video throughout your organization. services. Tandberg and our global certified partner network fulfill customers’ support needs from decision The Video Champion program offers free tools to get through deployment. everyone in your organization excited about the ways they can use video—and show them how easy it really is. Total Service offers Tandberg customers total performance, peace of mind, simplicity and low • All the materials needed to successfully roll out video cost of ownership to deliver a faultless meeting • Tips and techniques, ideas and inspiration environment for business continuity and immediacy. • Online forums invite users to meet fellow champions Delivered by Tandberg and a certified network to share their successes and conquer their challenges of people, processes and equipment, Total Service is available on a global scale, 24x7x365, with local implementation. • Local site surveys and installation • Network assessment and provisioning • On-site and remote support • White glove concierge services Take a moment to see how you can drive better usage and adoption of video throughout your organization at Feel supported. 16
  13. 13. Tandberg Telepresence T3
  14. 14. Our Leadership Change • Market share leader in endpoints and infrastructure • An innovator in video since 1989 • Installed bases in over 90 countries • Dual headquarters in Norway and New York communication. • Wide range of industry expertise • Serving over half of the Fortune 50 • Serving 21 out of the 25 world’s largest banks • Serving 65 of the top 100 universities • 2009 Global Market Leadership Award (Frost & Sullivan) • 2009 Telepresence Provider of the Year (European CEO magazine) • 2009 Design Excellence Award (Norwegian Design Council) • 2008 Global Video Conferencing Company of the Year We’ve got a history of and future in innovation. (Frost & Sullivan) We have been a world leader and visionary in the development of video communications since 1989. Our People • Strong culture of core values We’re driven by a strong culture and a keen sense • Global, high-touch sales team of corporate social responsibility. We strive in • Consultative sales engineering and support • Experts that understand your business and every way to understand your business and help help you design the solution that’s right for you you to achieve your goals. With innovative products • An experienced partner network to cover every need, extensive experience and • Worldwide service and training • 2009 Top 100 Best Places to Work in Europe unrivalled expertise, Tandberg is uniquely positioned to be your trusted partner for the future. Our Technology • Creates a natural communication experience • A total solution that grows with you • Scalable from two systems to enterprise-wide deployment • Standards-compliant for integration • Commitment to utility-like reliability and interoperability • Investment protection 19
  15. 15. Seeing is believing. An experience is far more powerful than words on a page. Visit Tandberg or one of our valued partners for a demonstration. Never look back.