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  1. 1. CLEO Video Conferencing Quick Guide: Dialling ISDN Sites, including Museums and International Sites on ISDN Connections Calls Are FREE to IP Broadband Schools or Organisations Schools are reminded that all video conferencing calls between schools on CLEO broadband, or across the National Education Network to other schools connected by other regional broadband consortia are free of all call charges. Dialling schools in CLEO using E164 numbers is a simple process that doesn’t require your school to make any special arrangements, other than establishing a VC connection and registering your VC camera with CLEO. 1. Dialling Museums Connected By ISDN Who Are Outside Of CLEO To dial these museums you will need to use the Janet Video Conferencing Service (JVCS) ISDN Gateway and their Booking Service for Schools. How do I arrange this? Normally you will first need to reserve your conference with the provider directly (see their websites for more information), and at the same time, we strongly recommend for your first conference with museums outside of CLEO you ask either Jeff Haslam 07967-050356 (Cumbria Schools) or The Westfield Centre 01772-623222 (Lancashire Schools) to arrange the VC call through National Schools Booking Service for Schools (JVCS). If you are working with one of the CLEO Learning Consultants on your video conferencing sessions they will also be able to assist you with making calls to museums. From September 2006 JVCS will invoice schools directly for the call charges for ISDN calls booked through their service (calls will be approximately 2p/minute). More and more museums are now connected via IP broadband (free of call charges), so please check when booking your conference with them. Occasionally booking agencies e.g. Global Leap will also charge for their services helping you book sessions. Global Leap, a popular booking service for schools and museums, has introduced charges for schools from 1st April 2006. A national events booking service is due for development later this year to assist schools in the future. CLEO does not charge for sessions with any of the following museums. CLEO is working with the museums on developing new sessions for schools in the CLEO region: Helmshore Textile Museum & other Lancashire Museum Service sessions The Beacon, Whitehaven Judges Lodgings The Wordsworth Trust Tullie House Art Gallery & Museum See our website for more information What Other Charges Might I Incur? Remember – calls costs to other CLEO or IP broadband sites are always free. A few VC content providers will charge for their sessions e.g. Space Centre e-missions, although they are
  2. 2. often eligible for e-learning credits. Your school will be invoiced by these VC content providers or organisations directly. 2. Dialling Other Organisations And International Sites Who Are Connected By ISDN To dial these types of schools and organisations you will need to use CLEO’s ISDN Gateway. If you wish to dial a school abroad or an organisation that is using ISDN for its VC connection (rather than IP broadband) you will need to make use of the CLEO ISDN gateway. This enables your schools VC call to be “bridged” across to their ISDN line. CLEO automatically provides all schools with an introductory credit limit of £10. If you are going to make lots of ISDN or international calls you will need to apply to CLEO to have this limit increased. How do I Set Up a Call Limit? CLEO covers the cost of the first £10 worth of calls made using its ISDN gateway. From 1st September 2007 schools will be recharged for calls in excess of the £10 inclusive minutes at the end of each term. In order to help schools ensure that they don’t incur excessive costs for international calls CLEO has implemented a facility that sets a total calls cost limit for your school. Once your schools call costs exceed your credit limit the service will not allow any future calls until authorised by the CLEO Project Office. Schools registering for VC for the first time will need to confirm to the CLEO Project Office whether ISDN calling is required and if you would like more than £10 worth of ISDN calls to be allowed for your school. If you do not apply for extra credit your ISDN calls will be limited to a £10 inclusive cap (you will not be charged for these inclusive minutes) Schools can avoid call costs to ISDN sites if the ISDN site calls your school, however if you are building international relationships with schools abroad you will probably wish to cover the call costs or agree to take turns in initiating the calls. REMEMBER – calling other schools on broadband either within CLEO or across the national education network (NEN) in other regional broadband consortia or Scotland or Northern Ireland is FREE How to Register for An Extended ISDN Call Limit Please ensure you complete the credit limit application form and ensure it has been signed by the Headteacher, Finance Manager or person responsible for budgetary control in your school. Then return the form to the CLEO Project Office or Fax: 01524-593515. Please note that each camera will need to be registered with CLEO so that we can issue it an E164 number (Video conferencing telephone number). You can download a registration form from the video conferencing section of the CLEO website. In the future you will be able to complete the details we require using an online form.
  3. 3. Indication of Call Charges Through the CLEO ISDN Gateway The following table gives example call rates to ISDN lines in commonly required countries. Rates are per minute and per ISDN channel i.e. 64K Sample 30 minute call Calls Made to: Call Rate £/minute cost £ CLEO Broadband Schools Any call rate 0.000 0.00 Other RBC Broadband Schools Any call rate 0.000 0.00 ISDN-LANCS-LOCAL 64K 0.011 0.33 ISDN-LANCS-LOCAL 128K 0.022 0.66 ISDN-LANCS-LOCAL 256K 0.044 1.32 ISDN-UK 64K 0.019 0.57 ISDN-UK 128K 0.038 1.14 ISDN-UK 256K 0.076 2.28 ISDN-GERMANY 128K 0.110 3.30 ISDN-FRANCE 128K 0.110 3.30 ISDN-USA 128K 0.090 2.70 ISDN-SOUTHAFRICA 128K 0.630 18.90 ISDN-PAKISTAN 128K 0.840 25.20 All calls are charged on a rate per 64K channel Calling at higher call rates incurs increased call charges Rates used by CLEO - current as of 28th April 2006 (subject to change) Please contact you the CLEO Project Office or your LA ICT Support Service for the necessary call prefix in advance of arranging an isdn or international call, or if you wish to request costs of calls to other countries.
  4. 4. CLEO Video Conferencing Service Application for ISDN Call Credit Limit School Name: School Number: Address: County: Postcode: Tel Number: Name of VC Contact in School: Name of Person Authorising Credit Request: (Headteacher) Position: Signature: Date: Credit Limit Required: £ (All schools receive £10 worth of calls Invoice / Journal Transfer (please circle) paid by CLEO) Objective code: Subjective Code: For CLEO Admin Purposes: Details Checked: Credit Limit Set Up: £ Headteacher Information Checked: Date Confirmation Letter Sent: