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  1. 1. Polycom® MGC Video Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) Video Conferencing BENEFITS Unified Conferencing • Unique Multimedia Solution Video, voice and data conferencing in one platform with integrated web collaboration A simplified approach to video, • Multi-Way Transcoding Endpoints connect at their optimal capabilities and conference voice, web and data conferencing. connectivity is improved Polycom redefines multipoint video conferencing with a premier • Full Audio Transcoding Improved multi-network, reliable and easy-to-use video conferencing bridge audio quality that comes standard with your system and gateway. Polycom’s Video MCU is built on the industry-leading • Advanced Continuous Presence MGC platform, the only solution to provide video, voice, web and Customize your meetings with 23 layouts data conferencing over multiple networks – IP and ISDN – using to choose from one platform. • Virtual Conference Suite Reservationless/Adhoc This single platform approach provides customers with investment conferencing capabilities protection, cost effective resources, and a single management • Data Collaboration Support solution for unified conferencing. For mixed networks (ISDN and IP) conferences • Comprehensive Management Suite Browser-based and desktop-based applications tailored to meet all your scheduling and management requirements
  2. 2. MGC Video Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) Multipoint Video Solutions Advanced Multipoint Features Available just for IP for Every Network – IP and ISDN The MGC platform provides enhanced conferencing features Today, many video conferencing regardless of the network you are using. The multi-network users are migrating to IP or new capability of the MGC platform also enables a similar feature set users are implementing IP only across all networks, providing better utilization of resources, video networks. Polycom has investment protection and ease of use for the end user. developed video multipoint features specifically for MGC Platform Benefits IP networks. Features such as IP • Same feature set across all networks Continuous Presence and QoS are • Cost effective and easy migration from ISDN to IP included with Polycom’s multipoint • Support of video, voice, web and data from one platform IP solutions and deliver enhanced • Flexible support for IP conferencing. - IP Only Also to ensure interoperability with - ISDN Only Cisco Networks, Polycom’s Video - Mixed MCU is certified on the IP video • Scalable conferencing solutions track for the • Feature-Rich Cisco AVVID Partner Program. • Easy to Support Leading Solutions for IP: - QoS Support for IP Networks - IP Continuous Presence - T.120 functionality for IP sites - Cisco AVVID Certified Transcoding Advanced Carrier Class IP T1/E1 Continuous Presence Architecture FEATURES SUPPORTED ON ANY Virtual Conference Management NETWORK Suite and Scheduling ISDN ATM T.120 Data Lecture Mode Collaboration Polycom’s Video MCU - Taking Advantage of the MGC Platform and Providing the Unified Conferencing Experience
  3. 3. MGC Video Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) Specifications Transcoding QoS for IP IP Continuous Presence Polycom Transcoding Benefits: Polycom’s Video MCU provides Packet IP Continuous Presence comes standard • Simplifies Calling Commander, an inherent QoS service with every IP Video MCU • Shortens Call Set-Up Time available with the MGC Platform. • Improves Call Connectivity Rates Packet Commander, IP precedence • Two layouts available: 2-way and • Provides Optimum Conference and IP DifSrv support are standard a traditional quad layout Quality features that provide IP quality of • Flexible layouts – change layouts • Eliminates the Need for Endpoint service – a requirement for Network on the fly Pre-Certification Managers implementing voice and • Flexible windows – Fixed windows • Improves Connectivity for Adhoc video over IP networks. or voice-activated windows Video Conference Calls • High quality IP Continuous Presence What does Packet Commander do? with 30 fps support End users can focus on the meeting • Reorders incoming packets if they content not meeting setup arrive to the MCU out of order Lecture Mode • Intercepts any duplicate packets Lecture Mode provides the conference The Polycom Video MCU provides • Optimizes audio and video packets lecturer with more flexibility. Lecture complete Transcoding. Transcoding is a by inserting a blank video frame Mode allows the lecturer to view all unique core technology of the Polycom to uphold the integrity of the video the participants of the conference while Video MCU that enables the MCU to stream or inserting white noise the participants only view the lecturer. intelligently recognize all the inherent to uphold the integrity of the This is another feature that makes capabilities of endpoints and connect voice stream video conference meetings more like them at their OPTIMAL capability. • Monitors the video and audio face-to-face meetings. streams and synchronizes the Polycom Transcodes: video and audio packets Lecture Mode Features: • Networks – IP/H.323, ISDN/H.320 • A lecturer can view participants Advanced Continuous Presence • Network Speed – 128kbps up to in Continuous Presence 2Mbps Continuous Presence allows you to view or voice activated conference • Resolution - QCIF or CIF multiple sites on the screen at the same • A lecturer can choose the time • Video Algorithms – H.261 and H.263 time, making your video conference interval of switching between • Frame Rate - 7.5fps - 30fps meetings seem more like face-to-face participants • Data Rates - 6.4 - 46.4Kbps MLP, meetings. Polycom’s advanced • Available with Transcoding and 64 - 128Kbps HMLP continuous presence is unique because Continuous Presence • Audio Algorithms Polycom provides the most Continuous • Suspend Lecture Mode when one (Standard on all Systems) Presence layouts and allows the user to of the participants begins to speak - G.711, G.722, G.722.1, G.723, dynamically modify their multipoint • Activate or de-activate during G.728, Siren 7 video call depending on the meeting. the conference Polycom Advanced Continuous Presence Features: • Available for any network type – IP or ISDN • 23 different layouts available including self view layout and same view layout • Landscape or portrait layouts • Change layouts on the fly • Modify each Continuous Presence window either fix a site into a certain window or allow the window to be voice-activated • Supported in lecture mode • Supports sites running up to 30 fps
  4. 4. Polycom® MGC Video Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) Video Conferencing Virtual Conference Suite T.120 Data Collaboration Technical Specifications Virtual Conference Suite is a set of T.120 Data Collaboration is an integrated Audio Support: features that simplify conferencing and solution within the MGC Platform, • G.711a, G.711u, G.722, G.722.1, provides users with reservationless requiring no additional server. Data G.723.1, G.728, Siren 7 conferencing capabilities. Collaboration with T.120 allows users to share applications and documents in Video Support: Virtual Conference Suite Features: real-time during your videoconference. • H.261, H.263, H.263+ • Meeting Room – Resources on the MCU are available to the user • Available for mixed network Network Interface Support: whenever they need to have a videoconferences (IP and ISDN) • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet conference. This allows end users to • 2 PRI Interface ISDN & Dedicated, have reservationless/adhoc meetings Management & Scheduling Options T1/E1 without reserving resources on the The Polycom Video MCU provides a • 4 PRI Interface ISDN & Dedicated, MCU in advance. complete suite of management and T1/E1 • Single Number per Conference – scheduling solutions. • 8 PRI Interface ISDN & Dedicated, The MCU will set aside one number T1/E1 for the conference instead of giving • MGC Manager – a windows-based • V.35/RS-449/EIA-530 each participant or site a different management and scheduling package dial-in number. - Included with the MGC Platform. 8-Slot Chassis: • Auto Detect – Detect participant • WebCommander – a web-based • Height 40.8cm (16 inches) capabilities without predefining the management and scheduling package • Width 38.1cm (15 inches) conference. • The MGC platform includes a fully • Depth 50.2cm (19 inches) • Auto Extend – If the sites in a featured API for fast integration with • Optional 19 inch rack mount kit conference have not disconnected third party applications • Power – 120-230VAC, 50/60Hz from the call, the MCU will automatically extend the conference. 16-Slot Chassis: • Auto Terminate – If all the sites in the conference have disconnected, the • Height 40.8cm (16 inches) MCU will disconnect the conference • Width 58.4cm (23 inches) and free up the resources. • Depth 50.2cm (19 inches) • Weight 43Kg • Power – 3 load sharing 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 48 DC • NEBS Compliance © 2002 Polycom,Inc. All rights reserved. Polycom and the Polycom logo design are registered trademarks of Polycom,Inc. in the U.S.and various countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Specifications subject to change without notice. Please consult your Polycom representative for specific feature availability Polycom, Inc. 4750 Willow Rd., Pleasanton, CA 94588 (T) 1.800.POLYCOM (North America) +1.925.924.6000 (F) +1.925.924.6001 Polycom Network Systems, 9040 Roswell Road, Suite 450, Atlanta, GA 30350 (T) +1.770.641.4400 (F) +1.770.641.4499 Polycom EMEA, 270 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire, England SL1 4DX (T) +44 (0)1753 723000 (F) +44 (0)1753 723010 Polycom Hong Kong Ltd, Rm 1101 MassMutual Tower, 38 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong (T) +852-2861-3113 (F) +852-2866-8028 Part No. 3726-07395-001. Rev. 07/02