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ONLINE solutionz

  1. 1. Newsletter Q4 - October, November, December - 2008 ONLINE solutionz for all your conferencing needs INSIDE THIS ISSUE: • THE VALUE OF VIDEO CONFERENCING (page 1) • TELEPRESENCE (page 2) • VIDEO CONFERENCE 101 (page 2) • SERVICE UPDATES (page 2) • PROMOTION: Digital Signage (page 3) • GREEN INITIATIVE (page 3) • PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: Polycom & Tandberg (page 4) • ACCESSORY HIGHLIGHT: Revolabs & VBrick (page 5) In the world of commercial real estate, there is a new shift in how business is being done. With travel costs on the rise, “Green” initiatives in the forefront, and technology ever improving, commercial real estate firms are adopting the newest industry trend – video conferencing. Straying away from the traditional face-to-face meetings, commercial real estate firms nationally and internationally are increasingly conducting business by video conferencing to save time and money, and to increase their productivity associated with domestic and international business trips. And helping to heighten this trend is the newest technology behind video conferencing – Video conferencing also offers the decision-making process, and telepresence – the most life-like a “competitive advantage” over better manage distant operations. technology that makes one feel as other firms who are not using With the value associated with if they are in the same room with the same technology. With this video conferencing on the rise, it someone who is hundreds, if not technology, firms are now able to is no wonder real estate firms are thousands, of miles away. enter into new markets, speed up making the move.
  2. 2. Changing the Industry “Telepresence” is enhancing the video conference industry and changing the way the world’s largest firms are doing business. Telepresence, which offers users life-size, panoramic images of meeting participants, is captured with multiple high-definition cameras and high-quality audio. Life-size participants appear on a large, high-definition screen with no delay between audio and visual transmissions. Voices can be heard simultaneously, spatial audio technology creates the impression that individual voices originate from where the speakers are situated on the screen, and multiple cameras give participants the impression they are looking one another in the eye. For more information on TANDBERG and Polycom telepresence solutions, contact your local Solutionz representative. Q: Can I stand my Polycom HDX 9000 vertically Q: Does the TANDBERG Gatekeeper support third in a cabinet? party MCUs? A: No, the HDX 9000 series was designed to be rack- A: Yes, the TANDBERG Gatekeeper will provide firewall mounted and has the cooling ports on the side. If traversal on behalf of any H.323 MCU. This functionality you stand it vertically, you block half of the cooling is an optional software module for the TANDBERG vent. The recommendation is not to do this. On the Gatekeeper. cabinet, the environmental specs are for 40o C. Since there is no air flow out of the cabinet and no heat flow either, it will certainly heat up, causing damage to the equipment. Prime  Call Starting November, 3, 2008, Solutionz and Polycom will no longer offer free Technical Support for video or network products that are out-of-warranty SERVICE PROGRAM or not covered by a valid service contract. Don’t get stuck. Renew your Service Contract today! Contact Prime Call at (888) 815-0322
  3. 3. SAVE 20% O N DIG ITAL S IGNAG E SOFT WARE It’s communication made simple and simplicity made powerful. Introducing Digital Signage – a plasma display and software system that allows you to schedule, transmit, display, and deliver unique content to your lobby, break/lunch room, store, eatery, etc., all on a plasma screen and controlled through your computer. Imagine… It’s 5:30 PM. Time to end your long day at work. You shut down your computer, leave your desk and head for your office’s front door. As you enter your firm’s reception area and begin saying “good-night” to others also leaving, you notice on the large plasma screen display that traffic is co-worker was named “Employee of Real-time information for you and “red-lined” (0-14 mph) for your normal the Quarter,” that heavy rain may delay your office staff and visitors. Always route home. Without this information your flight tomorrow forewarning you “on”, always informing. you would have been tied up on the to take some work to do while waiting, 405 Freeway and completely missed Purchase one of our 27” or larger and you even notice the promotional the Open House at your child’s school. plasma screens and we’ll give piece about your firm’s services you are you 20% off your Digital Signage Now quickly planning your alternate trying to push. Time and costs saved, software. Deliver and communicate routes that are also shown on the arguments avoided, and your sanity your message your way. Contact screen, you also notice your firm’s stock intact! Solutionz at (888) 815-6128 for price is at an all-time high, that your more details. Currently, everywhere you turn you hear “the Green to bring you a free benchmarking and best practices talk: how can I reduce my carbon footprint?” But what assessment on going green. By simply contacting do you really know about Going Green? Solutionz, you can setup a free consultation to learn how collaborative conferencing technologies (audio, You have probably already asked yourself whether data/web and video) meet the needs of your your firm has a desire to increase productivity, organization and how your organization’s reduce travel costs, reduce time spent out of adoption and usage of these technologies the office, and be environmentally sensitive. compare to other organizations who And your answer to all these questions have successfully adopted collaborative is more-than-likely a firm “yes”. But conferencing. You will discover how you’ve stopped there because even video conferencing can have a major though you want to go green, you impact in reducing your firm’s carbon don’t know where to start or how to footprint and in achieving your measure the potential benefit it will “Going Green” goals. have on your firm. Stop wondering and act today by Wonder no further, because Solutionz calling Solutionz and ask about our free has partnered with Polycom and TANDBERG Benchmarking and Best Practices Assessment.
  4. 4. FREE VIDEO CONFERENCING FOR STUDENTS & TEACHERS : New Polycom RMX 1000 Conference Platform! Looking for a high performance multi-point conferencing solution for small- to medium-sized organizations or branch sites? The new Polycom RMX 1000 is the perfect solution. A scaled-down version of the RMX 2000, a multi-point video conferencing bridge, the RMX 1000 brings together signals from multiple points, enabling your organization to act as its own service provider for conference bridging. Polycom Converged Management Application (CMA) The CMA is a video conferencing network management device that can run integrated systems ranging from desktop video to telepresence through one central point. In fact, the central appliance can control every component in the video network, including hardware and software endpoints, bridges, and streaming servers. For more information on two of Polycom’s newest product launches, which now make video meetings as simple as making a phone call, and managing the system just as easy, read Polycom promises simple video conferencing networks for partners, published on Also look for an interview with Solutionz CEO, Kirk Fernandez! New Capabilities Released on the TANDBERG Codian ISDN Gateways TANDBERG Codian ISDN Gateway products, including the IDSN GW 3201 Series and MSE 8321 ISDN GW blade for the MSE 8000, are further enhanced with software Release 1.4. This highly competitive product set moves even closer to fully encompassing all the key features of the recently discontinued TANDBERG ISDN Gateway, while delivering additional innovative benefits. New Capabilities of Release 1.4 include: • Security enhancements such as encryption for the ISDN leg of calls as well as secure web-based management • TCS-4 enabling direct extension dialing, bypassing the auto-attendant for faster call routing • Chair/floor control pass-through for feature rich multi- point conferencing (Continued)
  5. 5. Revolabs Introducing a wireless RF remote control for the Fusion Wireless Microphone System with touchpad and digital display and stored memory for quick dialing. The Tabletop Dialer is a nice upgrade to the IR remote control that ships with the Fusion Systems. Revolabs Fusion Wireless Microphone System includes all of the necessary cables to plug into any of the major video conferencing solutions, including Polycom, Sony, and TANDBERG. It includes a remote control to control the sound volume throughout your conference room. Decide on where you want to put the Fusion system, whether you want to place it vertically or horizontally, plug in the cables, and you are ready to have great wireless audio in any conference room! VBrick: Broadcast, Share, and Store Your Video Conferences Stream – VBrick’s reliable, scalable, and easy-to-use video appliances allow you to stream your video conferences – live – on your network or even over the Internet. Store – Record, manage, and store any video conference on the Polycom RSS 2000, TANDBERG Content Server, or directly on your VBrick Appliance and archive each and every video conference you conduct. Expand – Stream your meetings at multiple bit rates to offices around the world, or even use your existing Polycom or TANDBERG system as a webcasting studio. Solutionz and VBrick: Strategic Partners Working together, Solutionz and VBrick deliver enterprise-wide video solutions SOLUTIONZ CONFERENCING INC. that connect your video conference and your streaming infrastructure. VISIT US: Did you find this newsletter helpful? There is so much more to see. Please visit us at: SOLUTIONZ CONFERENCING INC. Corporate HEADQUARTERS (888) 815-6128 Online Solutionz is a free newsletter from Solutionz Conferencing Inc. The names, logos, and taglines identifying Solutionz products and services are proprietary marks of Solutionz Conferencing Inc. All other non-Solutionz marks are proprietary of their respective owners. © 2008 Solutionz Conferencing Inc. All Rights Reserved.